Friday, October 4, 2013

Five Frivolous Friday Things

1. When I'm home, I rarely sit for a long time. I'm always up doing things, making things, cleaning things. My dogs follow me and exhaust themselves. This is what they do when I'm sedentary. It cracks me up how very little they do all day.

2. The worst part of  this week was not the gut wrenching stomach illness that made me fear I'd poop my pants on the train, forcing me to take a sick day when everyone knows I hate using sick days on actual illness. The worst things were:
  •  I forgot my transit checks at my office when I left early on Tuesday and I was too physically exhausted to go back and get them.  I had to spend $11.50 on two train tickets. Motherfucker! That's like five days of DD coffee.
  • I psyched myself up to come back to work on Thursday. On the way in, ginger ale spilled all over my bag, soaking the fuck out of everything. As an added bonus, my train was 30 minutes late. Who has the physical abillity to stand for 30 minutes on a crowded train platform with a leaking bag after a few days of the stomach sicks? NO ONE.
3. This happened this week.

4. Local friends, I'm playing Coach Bingo on Saturday, October 19 in Levittown and Friday, November 1 in South Philly. Let me know if you'd care to join me at either one. Let's play some bingo, bitches.

5. I'm big into this book. What are you reading?
Happy first anniversary weekend to one of my favorite couples, the Sannellis!

I'm looking forward to a lot of recovery and lounge time this weekend. And you?

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  1. Oh no the stomach bug is the worst. So sorry you were sick. Hope you get lots of r&rbthis weekend. I may need to try that on my shower head!!

  2. Hope you're feeling better! I hadn't heard of that book; I need to check it out.

    Being at home most days now, it's amusing to find all the different napping places the cats have.

  3. Thanks for the shower head cleaning visual. I played Bingo last night for the first time in years! It was intense. Hope you keep feeling better every day.

  4. i pretty much never clean my shower head. doing that this weekend. and #2, im sorry! i am sick (not stomach, just nose and throat) and im so tired of it.

  5. Okay, I know I shouldn't pick favorites with the pups, but seriously I love Gus and little Miss! Seriously can't get enough of them. And Geege is a cutie, too, but the others just have hilarious facial expressions!

    So sorry you weren't the normal Steph this week. Maybe that's the only sickness you'll have for the year!

    Happy Friday! Thanks for the shout outs this morning, and for linking up! You always brighten our Fridays! Y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. Have a great weekend! We are planning on just relaxing this weekend. Nothing big.

  7. Ahhh love the pictures of the lazy pugs! I hate that you were sick this week, but looks like you were more productive than me. I have never cleaned my shower head. Perhaps I ought to? I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Every time I see pics of your pugs, I want one so bad, they are just too cute!! Seamus needs a buddy! You had a rough week, girl! Hope this week is very relaxing, well minus the Bingo portion!

  9. Ugh, stomach flu is The Worst. I'm reading Infreno, by Dan Brown.

  10. Stomach bugs are the worst! I am glad you survived. SUCKS about the bag, but I totally know how you feel.

    I love that Maisie turns her head opposite of the boys!

    PS - Bird is sitting next to me - saw the dogs and asked why you hit them in the nose. I'm sorry. I died.

  11. Ohhh hope you have some time to recover so you feel 100% again! Now I need to clean my shower head :)

  12. Hi Steph! I saw your awesome Halloween costume over on Susannah's blog and I just had to stop by and say hi. I sure am glad you didn't poop your pants on the train! LOL

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  13. Dang....that's the WORST...that feeling your are about to poop your pants!! Been there...several times. Hope you are feeling better!!

  14. Did the shower head thing work? Is it super clean now?
    I freaking love those photos of them. Especially the Geege tongue!

  15. I'm guessing that if you had pooped your pants on the train, you would have fit in with some of the other people on public transportation.

    Would you recommend the shower cleaning trick? Also, what is that crazy thing you have holding the bag on the shower head?

    Bingo is fantastic. There is a dedicated bingo hall here and different boy scout troops run bingo different days of the week and on the weekend and it is no joke. People take that shit seriously.

  16. I also hate using sick days when I am sick. I mean geeze. Did the shower head cleaning work? I have seen it on Pinterest but I am too lazy to try something that might not work.

  17. Aw such cute photos of the doggies! They almost look a little guilty about something .... : ) I'm totally interested (along with everyone else!!) if the shower head cleaning worked?!

  18. Clamps on the shower head = genius!! How clean did it get??

    Hope you are feeling better!!

  19. Sorry you were sick! I'd be so mad at myself for forgetting and having to pay full price for a train.


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