Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What do you believe?

I believe I paint my nails better than the nail place.

I believe no deodorant comes close to working like Secret Clinical.

I believe seeing Dirty Dancing is a requirement of life for everyone, not just those with ovaries.

I believe in being a part of my community.

I believe pizza should be eaten weekly. 

I believe ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away.

I believe in always having too much food at a party over running out of food, and it's better to just provide more and not stress about it. 

I believe in knowing my neighbors.

I believe in starting my days with coffee and eggs. 

I believe in being grateful for everything I have.

I believe we all sin differently.

I believe my dogs are unique, funny little souls that fit perfectly with us.

I believe there would be less war if more women were heads of state.

I believe most problems stem from us worrying more about what other people are doing and not enough about what we're doing.

I believe Dunkin Donuts is fucking awesome for giving out free hot or iced medium coffees in Philly the day after the Eagles win. Check your apps, locals. 

I believe putting off until tomorrow what I can do today means I will be an angry troll with a lot of things to do tomorrow.

What do you believe?


  1. These are all good beliefs.
    I believe life is too short ot to do what you want.
    I believe there are too many good books to read to waste time reading a book you don't like.

  2. all of these things!

    i also believe in:

    -you create your own destiny
    -you are responsible for your own happiness
    -the day you start focusing on yourself is the day you stop focusing on others and the day your happiness will rule all

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Love your list. Also I totally agree with you about Secret Clinical...but have to wonder if it's made of gold or something considering how expensive it is. I believe in:

    - loud music in the car
    - that women handle having a cold much better than men
    - that a good book is the cure for a bad day

    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Another great topic. Agree with all!
    Ah, if everyone was kind and lived by the Golden Rule!! I believe anger and rage hurts our cells & try to immediately get the positive thoughts going. I believe we experience tons of miracles every day! #BEAWAREANDGRATEFUL
    Reading your blog & passing it along is a big highlight of my day!
    love you to infinity and beyond

  5. Love this!

    I also believe that my dog is a funny little soul who fits me perfectly.

    I believe in chocolate everyday.

    I believe that honey catches more flies than vinegar.

    I believe that a smile can change someone's day.

  6. I just started a draft of a similar post last night after seeing it on a couple other blogs. Great minds think alike apparently.

    I believe that there are certain things you should pay someone else to do, like paint my super high ceilings, clean my gutters, and paint my nails. I did not get your nail painting skills.

  7. I believe that if God wanted me to paint my own nails, He'd have NOT made me love coffee so much! I'm about to remove my self-polished atrocity and clip them to the quicks and be done with them for the season!

  8. I believe in saying please and thank you for (almost) everything.

    I believe my kids are awesome.

    I believe that being a strong woman is the best example I can set for other people.

    I believe that you get what you give.

  9. i believe in naps and popcorn. and that i could use a break.

  10. I believe our families would get along with the pizza aspect.

    I believe I am an angry troll a lot. When I plan the next day, somehow I believe extra hours will magically appear.

    I believe I need a DD close to me.

  11. Love this list! I believe -

    You can change the world with a smile
    Nothing good comes after "We need to talk"
    Everyday should contain deep belly laughs and puppy kisses

  12. I laughed outloud at the angry troll. My thing is when I want it done I want it done now so there is now waiting here. Amen to Dirty Dancing being a requirement of live. Those who have never seen it aren't living.

  13. I agree on most all of these. Unfortunately, I don't always practice that last one. Oops.

  14. LOL at the last one!

    I believe in lists, kitty snuggles, naptime, cupcakes for no reason, and that a Target trip isn't complete without a stop at the Dollar Spot.

  15. Love this! Never tried Secret Clinical. I remember using Certain Dry in high school! Did you ever use that?

  16. Have to disagree about nail polish, but then again, I have the painting skills of a toddler. Pizza is my weakness. And Dunkin Donuts is the mecca of coffee. Amen.

  17. I believe I would not survive with our weekly pizza nights on fridays!

    I also believe you are awesome. Boom.

  18. I believe that visiting your blog makes me hungry. For carbs and gluten, especially. :)


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