Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. You guys. I can now be counted among the people who can actually fold a fitted sheet. I don't have to ball it up like it's a homeless person's pillow anymore. Thanks to Bill, I watched a Martha Stewart video and now I'm all set. I was always like "who gives a shit?" and "life's too short to fold fitted sheets" until I saw how easy it is. It takes no more time than balling the sucker up. I store both folded sheets in a pillowcase and it's a solid stack now, not lumpy.

2. Dear Satan: take your heat and humidity and return to hell. It's September and I'm not in the mood.

3. So you know how I've been binge watching The Sopranos and let it take over my entire life for the past two and a half weeks? I wish I could watch all shows in their entirety. I'm not good at dealing with suspense. Binge watching means no season cliff hangers. The bad thing about watching shows so long after they're over is that you have to find people who watched the shows the first time and force them to remember the episodes so you can talk about it with them. You can't just put up a "Holy shit! Did you see tonight's episode of The Sopranos?" status. First world problems, yes? And sweet Jesus I have wasted a lot of space talking about The Sopranos this week. I have no excuse for myself. I should be in a downward shame spiral but I just don't give a shit. My mouth tastes like Downton Abbey and Homeland. I've been on similar binges before. Must watch it all, all at once. Gives me the precious. Four episodes left.

4. Spinach feta turkey burgers: 1 lb turkey, 1 box frozen spinach thawed and squeezed, one egg beaten, worcestershire sauce/onion powder/salt/garlic powder to taste, 2 tbs dijon mustard, whole wheat bread crumbs, feta cheese: mix well by hand, make patties, sear in pan with oil, bake at 375 for 20 minutes. Good for when you're feeling too lazy to grill or if you're like me: convinced the propane will blow and singe your eyebrows off, leaving you to look like Uncle Leo on Seinfeld.
5. Does anyone have any storage and organizational tips for a 6 foot tall cardboard Corona? It keeps dancing around the basement. I feel like karate kicking it wherever a fake beer bottle might have balls.
6. This book is really interesting. 

7. Truth.

8. I am very distressed that AMC cancelled The Killing AGAIN. One of the best shows on TV. Are you kidding me, AMC? You're dead to me. Until Mad Men comes back at least.
9. Meanwhile, in dog town...
10. Ecard of the week: Don't be the person people say this to. 
This week is going fast, no? Or is it just me?


  1. I watched the same video on folding fitted sheets. Totally easy! In fact I may use it as a secret hidden talent one day ;)

  2. Wait what?? They cancelled The Killing?! That's such a good show! And it's in Seattle which by default makes it 53567x better!!

  3. Wow those turkey burgers look amazing! I will have to try that.
    I am going to think about ideas for that cardboard beer bottle and get back to you. I love a challenge! ;)

  4. Love that card and I am adding that recipe to my meal plan next week!

  5. THAT VIDEO! THANK YOU! i used to just ball up my sheets because for real, HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO FOLD THAT SHIT?!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. Funny, I can clearly remember the day in 1975 in Valdosta, Georgia in the local laundromat where my friend Jan showed me how to fold a fitted sheet. It changed my life. For the better. Thank you Jan, wherever you are! (This may become a blog post... )

  7. The fitting sheet folding intriqued me. I may have to try it.
    Your Sopranos addiction is like you are reading a really good, LONG book til the end! So happy how Maisel is fitting in with the boys! Need to bring her some bones.
    Cooling off today, hooray!
    Carpe diem!
    Love your MOMMA

  8. I do the sheets and pillow case inside a pillow case trick from Pinterest and mine looks like shit. It looks like a perfect little rectangular package on Pinterest, and mine looks like a pillow case filled with lumpy shit. I might need to check out this video.

    Yes to the weather. What the fuck. It is schizophrenic here. Tuesday we had a high of 94 and the nighttime lows were in the 70s. Unheard of in September. Next week, we have our first chance at frost. Can't we get something in the middle? Like 60s or even 70s? Get your shit together, Mother Nature.

  9. this week has been going so slow for me. but, I love #2 and #5!

  10. I've returned to being a member of the human race. How I've missed you!

    1. Congrats! There are many fitted sheets you can come fold over here!
    2. AC should not be on in September.
    3. Bada Bing!
    4. YUM! That sounds delicious. I don't use our grill, gas scares me, too.
    5. I got nothin. Maybe put him next to Dutch?
    6. Noted
    7. Truth
    8. Never saw it
    9. So cute
    10. No one likes an itchy butthole.

  11. Can't the Corona bottle be stored flat against the wall behind the wall unit in the background of the photo?

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Can't the Corona bottle be stored flat against the wall behind the wall unit in the background of the photo?

  14. Can't the Corona bottle be stored flat against the wall behind the wall unit in the background of the photo?

  15. I'm a binge watcher too...lately it's been Revenge and Grey's Anatomy.

  16. Can I brag that my mama taught me how to fold a fitted sheet long before Martha's video? I never knew people just balled them up.

    I hate an itchy butthole.

  17. I need to watch that video...thanks!
    Our AC will hopefully be turned off today - eeeesh! This week has been brutal.
    Friday's ALMOST here - hooray!

  18. I am taking Martha's advice and just washing it and then putting it back on the bed!! Aghhh!! I need to do an Marathon The Killing viewing. I don't think I have seen it but I keep hearing about it.

  19. I need to watch the video from Martha. I bingewatched Shameless earlier this year and I don't know anyone who watches it plus the suspense from the most recent episodes is killing me. I feel ya.

  20. They cancelled The Killing?! I loved that show! Also, need to watch that video on folding a sheet- I love the idea of putting them in a pillow case.

  21. im a baller shot caller... dont ever fold no sheets.

    on another ball related note, i would like your balls there in my mouth.


  22. The burgers look fab, I want them. My mother wasn't able to teach me cooking skills, but she sure as heck taught me folding fitted sheets! I'm a pro. But, I rarely do it. I wash and put them right back on the bed every Sunday. I have an extra set, but I don't use it.

  23. I just lost my shit when I read that e-card {cleaning the last sip of my PSL off my face and desk}.

    I figured out how to do the fitted sheet thing a year ago and it saved my life, but I had to figure it out on my won. Damn it where was Martha when I was about to burn all fitted sheets.

  24. That sheets video is CHANGING MY LIFE!

  25. Just for you I will practice folding fitted sheets. If Martha can do it, so can I! <- put that on my gravestone.

  26. I AM ALSO TERRIFIED OF THE GRILL FOR THE SAME REASON!!! The husband tells me that I'm crazy for thinking it but I maintain that I'm not. So happy for the solidarity.

    I am SO angry at AMC. If they cancel Hell on Wheels, too, I will not watch anymore. Not even the Breaking Bad spinoff.

  27. Suzi - the spinach feta burgers rock. They freeze really well too!

  28. I also binge watch. Did the same with Downton Abbey and Homeland. TELL ME--where can you binge watch the sopranos??? I've been wanting to get on that but I thought they weren't on netflix?

  29. i'm calling for a fitted sheet tutorial, please and thank you!

  30. My mom could fold a fitted sheet like a pro. She tried to teach me a few times but I never figured it out. I have thought about using the tutorials on youtube, but I just think its one of those things that I won't learn now.

  31. I totally understand about the old TV shows - had the same problem with Friday Night Lights.

    I thought of you - they are opening a new bar in town called the Flying Pug. Gus should be the mascot.

  32. I totally suck at folding fitted sheets. I make Aaron do it.

    I can't believe they cancelled The Killing. After that finale?! Are you kidding me?!

  33. I watched that Martha video. I'm 100% positive I'd be just like the lady who couldn't get it. Haha!


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