Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. I am the Summer Grinch. I'm done with summer's weather, summer activities, summer bugs, summer food, summer songs, and my summer wardrobe. Flip flops, long periods of daylight, tomatoes, jersey corn and basil can stay. Otherwise, I'm ready to move on.

2. Five days into No Spend September, I've added 10 things to my Amazon Wish List. None of them are pressing items.

3. Five days into the September Squat challenge, today is a rest day. How are you doing?

4. Days until my car goes into the shop: one. Dear sweet baby wrench toting Jesus dressed in your mechanic overalls (are they a real thing, or only in movies?), do not let this break my bank.

5. Days until the season three premier of Homeland: 24. But who's counting? Me and everyone else who likes awesome things.

6. Days until Laura and Chris get married: 16!
7. I finally started reading Watership Down after numerous recommendations. What are you reading?

8. I love LOVE Park. Did you know it was designed by Kevin Bacon's dad? It was. It's great for people watching. I also like to offer to take photos for people in front of the fountain or Robert Indiana's iconic LOVE Statue. They get so happy and only spend 15 seconds deliberating if I'm going to steal their camera like in National Lampoons European Vacation.
9. I started gearing up to get mentally insane over pinning fall shit on Pinterest, until I thought about all the shit I pinned last year and never did. So that's my new fall Pinterest plan. I created a Fall Board, and I'll take my recipe/to do cues from there.

10. Ecard of the week from cousin Terri:
I vote for four day weeks every week. Don't you? Don't we all?


  1. Great thoughts!
    Yes, 4 day weeks every week!
    First day of squats for me....

  2. Me likey this week's Thursday Thoughts!

    I have not spent a dime (except for food/beverage for BBQ, but that was budgeted) so far. I have also not done squatting challenge. I shall start today.

    I had no idea Kevin Bacon's dad designed Love Park. That right there is just another reason to love bacon.

  3. I think Love Park looks lovely! And how is the squat challenge going?!

  4. i put my flip flops away and busted out my Toms shoes which always signals the end of summer for me :(

    and they actually leaked the first epi of Homeland on the net but it's just missing a few CGI parts (otherwise the epi is complete).

    Vodka and Soda

  5. So I saw your squat challenge, took a pic of it on my phone, and did it Tuesday and last night, only to see now that I read it wrong. I thought Day 3 was 2 and I got to rest today. Damn. Oh well, I will catch up!

    I'm excited for Homeland. I will have to re-pay for Showtime because Crazy Carrie is worth it.

  6. Watership Down has come to mind every year since I first read it... about a hundred years ago! When the rabbits come out in the Spring I always wonder about it, about the whole reabsorption thing, about what they think about...

    and I am ready for fall!

    and I may emulate you once again, this time with a spending freeze. Have to keep reminding myself I am unemployed as I add countless items to my Amazon wish list.

  7. I'm not squatting but I am trying to lift weights 3 times a week and i am beyond sore. what items did you add to your amazon wish list? I really need to stop spending money on dumb stuff!

  8. I think Fall pinning is my absolute fave.

    Also, I'm a summer grinch too! I'm done with the hot weather and cold drinks. Considering the fact that it's been over 90 degrees all week, I'm really REALLY a summer grinch now.

  9. I do the same thing with my Amazon wish list! It definitely helps. Can't wait for Homeland!!!!!

  10. Good idea on the Amazon wishlist. It might save me this month. Is September over yet?

    I am so torn about summer ending. On one hand, I am so ready for fall, but after fall comes winter and I am definitely not ready for that.

    I'm considering paying for Showtime so I can watch Homeland again. I wonder if that counts as frivolous spending this month, since technically it is an intangible item. Loopholes, I must find them.

  11. 1 - Ditto. X100.
    4 - They are real. K will be wearing them on Saturday as he replaces several belts & parts of which I do not know the name but have already spent several hundred. At least we're only paying for parts! (I never see mechanics in shops wearing the coveralls, though).
    7 - Sparta by Roxana Robinson
    8 - I always want to offer to take pics for people, but do not want to seem like the creepy camera thief.
    9 - I'm determined to start on Christmas projects now so they're actually done before December.

  12. I will begin squats today. Ugh. I'm reading The Shining, which I've never read but feel so familiar with it because the movie is one of my favs.

    Ditto on Summer activities.

  13. I'm a summer grinch too. I really like snow and winter, I'm crazy for it. Heat is not my thing.

  14. I have not read watership down...but one of our giant flemish rabbits at work is named after one of the characters and right this moment I cannot remember it...

    Cool story, Tiff. Sorry for the worst comment EVER!

  15. I read WD is high school and loved it. Time Warner just gave us back Showtime after haveing taken it away the last month, and I am so relieved I don't have to figure out some creative way to keep up with homeland!

  16. So many items on Amazon, so little money in my bank account to spend on said items. I am so ready for fall as well! Last night I was at Target and I saw that the candy corn M&M's are back. Of course I bought a bag and ate no less than half on the way back to my house.

  17. I should probably do something on my Pinterest boards myself....

    Also I love that you take pictures for people. That is so nice! And that park looks really cool.

  18. I am all for 4 day work weeks! I can't wait for Homeland to start agan, such a great show! I am all about fall and can't wait to actually accomplish some projects!

  19. Have been reading this week's blogs a day late and a bit late today. Vaca and college soccer tailgate organization! Whatever. loved yesterday's blog! I will watch Homeland, but it gives me the #HEEBIEJEEBIES and makes me paranoid LOL! Godspeed to an easy, inexpensive car repair. I say thank you to my Sophia explorer every time I drive her. A big cloud over our area so I am postponing my trip to the Sam's, otherwise,#LOVELYDAY
    (now I am singing that song in my head #BILLWITHERS)
    love your MOMMA

  20. I am doing good on the squat challenege...I'm not doing it. Well. I take that back. Going to the bathroom requires a squatting I get a few in a day. SCORE!

  21. Yep, I don't think I am going to make the freeze this month....I have NO WILL POWER!! Help me!!

  22. I'm with you, DONE with Summer. I want fall. I want to not want to go swimming because I'm cold.

  23. I'm over summer too and it's going to be 90 DEGREES today. Over. It. I didn't realize Homeland was starting so soon. Yay! I should read Watership Down too. I have a ton of classics still on my to-read list. I love that you offer to take pictures. I always do that too. You can't get a great monument or skyline in a selfie!


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