Monday, September 30, 2013

The Weekend That Was - last in September style

We kicked off the weekend with a Mexican fiesta at Dad & Carol's. Ole!
Saturday morning bathroom cleaning and food prep: scrambled eggs with broccoli and cheese for this week's breakfasts. Turkey barley veggie soup for lunches.
I headed north for a wine tour to celebrate Aunt Carrie's 60th. Glorious weather and a fabulously fun day celebrating one of my favorite ladies. I was a good boozer and drank a lot of water, rendering me fit come Sunday morning. p.s. I think we encountered vampires. I'm not kidding.
I did a self mani & pedi (OPI Queen of d'Nile and Essie Penny Talk) and started Crazy Rich Asians.

One of this week's dinners: cowboy stew, recipe courtesy of my lovely work Kim - 1.5 lb ground beef browned and drained, 2 cans of mixed veg, 2 cans of rotel (drained), a can of black beans and 2 cans of minestrone soup. Heat through. I'll make corn bread to accompany this on Tuesday.

Sunday dinner and one of my favorite comfort foods - Judy's Chicken: season chicken breasts. Top with slices of deli cheese (I used Cooper Sharp). Cover with a can of cream of chicken soup. Top with sliced tomatoes (or if they're not in season, drain a big can of petite diced well and top with those). Final layer: melt a bit of butter and mix with Stove Top. Bake at 375 for 45 minutes. To be an extra fat ass, serve with buttery egg noodles and a side of green beans.

The return of The Good Wife.
The return of Homeland.

My TV-loving self is atwitter with glee.

Where did September go? What did you get into this weekend?

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  1. I really need to get into some good tv. I hear I'm missing a lot!

    I'm glad the winery tour was nice. Looks like a beautiful day!

  2. Looks like a fantastic weekend with lots of good food!

  3. I loved all your IG photos this weekend, looked like a faboosh time!! We made it through our spending freeze!!!!!

    Cowboy stew looks de-LISH!!!

  4. You mean Jusy's Chicken!

    I watched a boatload of TV this weekend, including watching The Good Wife last night. Trying to not get too far behind too early.

  5. Looks like you have perfect weather for the celebration! That cowboy stew sounds amazing!

  6. Beautiful weekend! Love the winery touring! Perfect way to celebrate. Just could not watch Homeland last night-too intense. I will watch it later. DVR'ed The Mentalist, too.-also intense. Thanks to the universe for this continued superb weather & for Rich's colonoscopy to be over already, and his healthy colon.
    Carpe diem!!!
    Love your MOMMA

  7. The wine tour sounds awesome and good for you for drinking water like a responsible adult! I always forget that part. Also, everyone's fall nails has me jealous. I need a trip to Target to freshen up my nail polish supply ASAP!

  8. I can't believe September is ending already! the wine tour sounds fun, I would not have been responsible tho.. good for you!

  9. I need to remember never to read your weekend posts when I'm hungry!
    Looks like a good weekend:)

  10. Wow looks like you had a great weekend. I love all of the pictures. If I could only document my weekend as well as you do I would be a-okay! Haha Vampires ...really?

  11. So, were the vampires hot? I always imagine Vampires to be flawless like they are on TV.

  12. I am jealous of your wine tour. I loved all of your IG pictures this weekend.

    Crazy Rich Asians keeps coming up as a recommendation for me on Amazon, but I have heard mixed reviews. What do you think so far?

    Did you get to watch Good Wife last night?!?!?

  13. a wine tour sounds like heaven right about now!

  14. I love winerys! What is Crazy Rich Asians? Lol

  15. YUM!!! I want some of Judy's Chicken now!! I think I have all the ingredients for this one!! Go me!!

  16. So jealous of all the food!! And I read it fast and thought the crazy asians were in reference to manicure... could happen.

  17. "To be an extra fat ass..." HA! Of course I would include that step :)

  18. What a great weekend filled with good food and good friends! The cowboy stew sounds amazing.

  19. I love your weekend summaries. It's awesome how you balance everything.

    I need to go on a wine tour. Or maybe I just need wine. Definitely one of those.

  20. Oh My GOSH. All of that sounds amazing. Excuse me as I bust out in a fatty chorus of "FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD"...and then run to the kitchen. It must be dinner time.


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