Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Week in Thanks

This week, I'm thankful for...
  • A strict regimen of generic zyrtec at night, sinus spray every morning and night, and Rite Aid sinus pressure & pain relief pills. This ragtag bunch of misfits keeps me going, I will not stray from the course. 
  • Hot coffee. 
  • Four day work weeks.
  • The return of soup for lunch.
  • The laughs that come from daily texts with Amanda. 
  • The Philadelphia Free Library.
  • Goodreads for allowing me to keep a running list of what I want to read without employing a clunky spreadsheet. 
  • My oldest friend Jen, who celebrates her birthday today. We've been friends since I was three years old, so that's 33 years. 
  • Baby bella mushrooms.
  • The return of scarves.
  • My parents. 
  • Essie Merino Cool nail polish.
  • Honeycrisp apples. I had my first one ever this week. 
  • Entertainment Weekly's fall TV guide. 
  • This hilarious blog post on Surviving Whole Foods
  • I cried laughing reading this blog post by Jen at Hysterical Casserole
What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. I just read that whole foods post... hysterical! Then I read your blog and laughed again, remembering it!

  2. Forever thankful for my life as a housewife! Just glorious. Always for my family/framily- loved ones. Our daily emailing! Good health.This week- Even tho it is cooling off, this weather is spectacular. Windows open, sunny! My Sean is 19 tomorrow-& in his sophomore year at Villanova- glad we did not hold him back a year!The Grease band concert this Friday at the Crossings Vineyard- my 1st concert since Don Henley with you and Lori years ago. Recovering completely from my anaphylactic yellow jacket sting reaction a week ago this morning. Many more I am sure. Thankful I give myself a pedicure and a manicure- soaking my tootsies right now. So lucky!
    Carpe diem!
    Love your MOMMA

  3. O girl my sinuses are killing me too!! I hope you get to feeling better:) I am so excited about scarves!!

  4. O girl my sinuses are killing me too!! I hope you get to feeling better:) I am so excited about scarves!!

  5. What great lists to be thankful for!!!! I too am grateful for the return of scarves and hot soup!! Happy Birthday to Jen!

    How have you seriously never had a Honeycrisp apple before? They are the bees knnneeeeeessss.


  6. You're the second person to talk about the Whole Foods thing so I had to read it and it is especially awesome because I am dealing with some people with rich white people issues now, ha!

    I hope you feel better soon and I think people who like mushrooms are just more special than those who don't.

  7. Was the honeycrisp the most amazing thing you have ever eaten? I will be severely disappointed if you say no.

    I am thankful for scarves and soup too, and casseroles and the Crock Pot. Those seem much more suitable for fall and winter than summer.

    I almost peed my pants reading that post by Jen. Holy shit (literally) was that so unbelievably funny. You could not even make up a story like that.

  8. Call me crazy but I don't get the hype of Honeycrisp apples. Then again, the only apples I'll eat whole and raw are Granny Smiths.

    The Whole Foods post was funny, but OMG that post by Jen was hilarious (and I could totally see that happening to me)!

  9. The Surviving Whole Foods post seriously made my week. Even the most die hard whole foods lover has to admit that it's 100% true!!

  10. The Whole Foods post is hysterical. I almost died when she talked about being 78% ugly and then eating chocolate.

    I am thankful for open windows, ceiling fans, and the return of long sleeved shirts and yoga pants, my official uniform of fall and winter. Covering up, FTW!

    I have never had a honeycrisp apple, though you're the 3rd person to mention them. I think maybe I should try it.

  11. Again with the mushrooms!

    I am thankful for cough drops. And your links to posts that will hopefully keep me entertained this morning :)

  12. So sorry you aren't feeling good. Hopefully you get it out of the way now, and you will be able to enjoy the holidays and the rest of the year!

  13. The Whole foods post was hilarious!

  14. Hope you feel better soon!! Scarves and soup are the best!! Honey crisps and pink lady apples are amazing!!

  15. the library is highly undersestimated.

  16. i too am so stoked about soup season!!!! I love soup

  17. I am thankful for scarves too! So glad it's getting chilly again!

  18. I am all for some permanent 4-day work weeks. Why can't we just work 4 tens?? I just got my life supply of zyrtec from the costco. I didn't realize how bad my allergies were until I took that sweet little pill.


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