Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My kind of people

If you are anything on this list, chances are I love you and am grateful for you. Check out the kind of people Steph loves at Insert Classy Here, I got this post idea from her.

My kind of people are people who...
-Make me laugh.
-Say what they mean and mean what they say.
-Wear striped socks.
-Prefer Dunkin Donuts coffee over all other coffee.
-Aren't afraid to be be ridiculous and laugh at themselves.
-Know actions speak louder than words.
-Are nice to dogs in general and to my dogs specifically.

My kind of people are people who...
-Do good deeds anonymously.
-Enjoy REO Speedwagon and admit it.
-Choose restaurants so I don't have to.
-Are perfectly happy with wine that costs under $9 a bottle.
-Know who they are and own it.
-Aren't afraid to stand up for what's right even when they're standing alone.
My kind of people are people who...
-Are grateful for what they have.
-Clean up after themselves.
-Don't believe the world owes them anything or that they're entitled to anything they haven't earned.
-Wear costumes at Halloween.
-Are as loyal as Michael Corleone expects people to be.
My kind of people are people who...
-Spread the word about good things they've found - vendors, restaurants, sales, products, whatever.
-Really like food.
-Have opinions and share them, even if they're unpopular.
-Are genuine.
-Know the value of being uniquely themselves and don't try to be like anyone else.
My kind of people are people who...
-Make themselves at home when they come over.
-Are on time.
-Read books.
-Tell the truth.
-Are comfortable going out to eat or to the movies by themselves.
-Don't define themselves in terms of alcohol consumption, don't need to consume to be fun, but are fun if they do consume.
-Give whatever they're doing their all.
-Are huggers.
What kind of people are your kind of people?

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  1. I love your suffragette pic! My kind of people is YOU, Snotty. Mwah!

  2. EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST! which is why i love you so!

    and i've loved REO speedwagon since i was in grade 7 and listening to "i can't fight this feeling anymore" on fucking repeat (when "repeat" meant stopping the tape, rewinding and then playing again) in my room, with the lights turned off, a pillow over my face as i was all mopey from some stupid boy who broke my heart.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Those are my kind of people too.

    I found myself saying, yup mmhmm word the whole way through.

    PS- People always think I'm weird when I say that I don't mind- in fact, I kind of enjoy- going to the movies or a restaurant alone. Glad to see I'm in good company!

  4. I love many of these things. But I am not a hugger. We can still be friends, right? I love people who know how to play along... with a joke, a mood, whatever it may be. I love someone who can go with the flow (because I definitely need help with that sometimes!)

  5. it's safe to say, you're kind of people are my kind of people.

  6. I agree with the Great Helene. You are my kind of people, for ALL the reasons you wrote above. Because I can't fight this feeling anymore.

    There. I said it.

  7. I'm just going to agree with you and say YES!!! I like all of those too.

  8. I LOVE this post! It sounds like we like to surround ourselves with the same kind of people. Especially people that pick out restaurants so I don't have to! Love the picture with the dogs on the couch, too cute! Now I need to get some Dunkin' Donuts coffee, specifically the iced Carmel kind with real cream and sugar. Mmm!

  9. Besides what you wrote?

    My kind of people are people who:
    -Sing loudly, even if it's off key
    -Support and lift friends up instead of dragging them down
    -Have goals, no matter how small
    -Embrace differences and are respectful of them
    -Can have fun without spending a dime
    -Don't mind when we go for months or years without speaking, don't take it personally, and we can pick up right where we left off

    That's all I've got for now.

  10. I love all of these! You are my kinda people! Who could not love those snuggly pups and Dunkin Donuts! Reading and hugging are my favorites!

  11. I would so copy this post but then I would have to copy your list too. I am your people.

  12. My favorite wine is $11, but it sometimes goes on sale for $9. Does that count?

    Also, I come from a whole family of huggers. Sometimes we scare new people. They either learn to hug along or run away.

  13. Cheap wine lessens guilt about drinking the whole bottle!

  14. Your people are my kind of people.

    My kind of people know the difference between your and you're and their/there/they're. My kind of people also read shitty books and watch shitty movies and don't apologize for it.

    My kind of people don't forget who they were before they had kids and don't let their kids consume their entire life.

  15. "Don't define themselves in terms of alcohol consumption, don't need to consume to be fun, but are fun if they do consume."

    YES. Most of these I can check off so I am basically your people.

  16. Are on time! Yes! And are nice to Hawkeye of course. You don't get me without my dog, we're a package deal. Better be nice to her.

  17. Well, I guess you love me and I am your kind of people because 90% of these things are me....except the Dunkin' Dounts coffee part...because I can't stand that warm nasty stuff! :)

  18. Love it! I will shout how much I love REO from the rooftops!!

  19. *waves my hand in the air I am some of these people!!! :) specially the part about coffee and making myself comfy!

  20. I pretty much love all of these <3

  21. I love this list, especially the under $9 wine kids. They are definitely my style. I also like kids who pick restaurants. I am a very decisive person except when it comes to food.

  22. I love this list, especially the under $9 wine kids. They are definitely my style. I also like kids who pick restaurants. I am a very decisive person except when it comes to food.

  23. I saved this post for my Saturday morning read :) and I'm happy that I did. I'm drinking DD right now and recovering from a few glasses of oh so cheap wine. I like your kind of people. Also, I just love you did this.

  24. Yes, yes, and yes. Especially vote, read books (I'm uncomfortable by people who just don't read), and don't need to consume to have fun. But especially "enjoy REO Speedwagon and admit it" AND go to their concerts! Haha!


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