Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Thoughts are scarce today
My brain is on vacation
Why no e in serve?
Mum season is here:
Music, sequins, Mum Sundays.
Forgotten mum plants.
Appearing stately, 
Suburban is a toilet.
People piss wherever
Oh sexy girlfriend!
Hail children of the eighties. 
Long Duk Dong lives on.
Daylight fading fast,
I will set the dark on fire. 
Buy me this lantern.
Whistle me a tune
Even though birds can be assholes. 
The bird is the word. 
I opened with salt.
And I will close with bullshit.
How ya like me now?

Peace out. Tuesday sucks.
Tell your mom I said hello.
(Bad yo mama joke)

I'm being featured over at Southern Beauty Guide today - check it out! Thanks Chelsee!


  1. ha! i was watching 16 candles on tv the other day. SUCH AN AWESOME MOVIE!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Loving your haikus this morning. Can't remember the last time I wrote one.

    I woke up this morning hating Tuesday and then realized that there are many people whose Tuesday sucks worse than mine (like those at the Navy Yard and in Colorado), so I'm going to keep my mouth shut about it today.

  3. Love all of these!!! Great idea.
    Laughter is the best medicine.
    Any reference to 16 Candles makes me laugh!
    Beautiful day! Carpe diem it!

  4. Girl you crack me up! Love that lantern and Long Duck Dong lives on!!

  5. So funny and random and perfect for a Tuesday! And now I want to go to Ikea.

  6. O gosh girl you are too funny! I think most of us end convos with BS these days lol BTW I love the bird pic, that is too flipping funny haha Thanks for the mention! I hope you have a great day:)

  7. Actually going to Ikea this week. Iw ill look for your lantern!

    PS - How can you wear flip flops in the toilet aka Suburban Station?

  8. Hahaha I can't even handle this right now. I just snort laughed water all over my desk.

  9. I saw this meme or funny picture and this post made me think of it:

    "Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don't make sense

  10. writing haiku's when i am drunk is among my top favorite activities.

  11. This post made me laugh
    Long Duk Dong, Mummers, oh my!
    That is all I got.

  12. Long Duck Dong will forever live on and so will Jake & his red Porsche. I told my mom you said hi! ;)

  13. Haha - these are awesome. I haven't written a haiku in AGES. Probably since college, actually. I need to find a reason to use them in every day life...

  14. Much laughing I did.
    Haikus are hard to write, yo.

    If you stretch out "automobile", it's totally 5 syllables.

  15. Peed myself laughing!
    This post! I just can't even!
    I've never seen "16".

    And there you go. My opinion of this post and a true confession all in Haiku form. Booyah. Also, the blog looks pretty, I love it! No poem for that, though. Fail.

    Oh, no. One more thing. I have left comments on like, 12 other posts but it would seem that my phone eats them.

  16. LMAO I will close with bullshit

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