Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall To Dos

1. Seasonal purge and reorganize, focusing on jewelry storage as well as making sure I'm not hoarding things in rooms we don't use a lot (spare rooms, library).

2. Make homemade pumpkin spice latte.

3. Clean shower head by adding 1/3 cup of baking soda and 1 Cup of white vinegar to a gallon size bag and leaving it on the shower head overnight.

4. Make an alternative to cream of...soups.

5. Try three new casserole recipes and two new apple or pumpkin desserts.

6. See one movie in the theater and watch two new to me movies on TV.

7. Get back into an exercise regimen. No excuses. Complete 30 day squat challenge that I whiffed on in September.

8. Do not let the leaves win in the back yard.

9. Remove flowers and re-mulch beds, winterize outdoor stuff.

10. Book room for Kim & Esteban's wedding in Mexico and put deposit down for December 2014 cruise.

11. Vacuum window treatments.

12. Try baking french bread.

13. Dry clean winter coats.

14. Wash windows.

15. Roast pumpkin seeds.

16. Host Friendsgiving.

And you? What's on your list?

Harris Heart-to-Hearts


  1. First off, I hope you and the MFD had a fabulous night. Many, many, MANY more happy ones!

    As I look around my office, with crap strewn everywhere, decluttering sounds like a mighty fine idea. I also want to try that PSL recipe you posted to Brie's FB wall.

  2. I'm loving your fall list. It reminds me that I need to do a few things too... Have a great Thursday!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. you may come to my house and test out your plan. i would graciously be a willing guinea pig ok? thanks. :D

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Can you please provide a step-by-step tutorial on this shower cleaning? My brain isn't computing it but I probably need to do it too.

  6. Dry clean coats is such a practical and necessary thing to add to a fall list! So smart!

  7. That pumpkin latte looks awesome - please tell us how you like it! I'm going to Cape May in a few weeks and this could be a hit!

  8. I posted about fall today too! Great minds think alike! :)

    If you successfully make french bread, please post the recipe/tutorial? I'd love to try it as well!

  9. Can you please come and execute your fall to-do list in Grand Rapids, MI? I feel like by the time I get around to doing my fall list it is going to be December. I have no idea where this week, let alone most of September, went.

    I'm interested in how your cream of recipe goes. I am a little embarrassed to admit how much I use cream of something soup when I make winter recipes (usually in casseroles and the Crock Pot) and I know how bad they are.

  10. Lovely list. Positive energy to you to complete all or most.
    I am la-la-ing happily thru my life right now and loving it & I do not even feel like I am wasting my time.
    Fox Good Day weather forecast TEN more days of this "10" weather. If you have never seen the movie "10" with Bo Derek & Dudley Moore- watch it. Love the black & white photo of you and Mike Doyle that you instagrammed last night. I need to get busy on TBT# picks.
    Enough wandering thoughts.
    Carpe every diem.
    Love your MOMMA

  11. Love the list! Great reminder to clean the shower heads. Be sure and share any recipes! ;)

  12. Your list reminds me of a bunch of stuff I need to do too! My goal is to purchase some new home décor each month (our walls are bare and we have lived there over a year!) Also, I want to visit a pumpkin patch. I haven't been in years.

  13. The only thing on my fall to-do list is "not slap cheer director across the face". Everything else above that is a bonus.

    The bonus list does include picking pumpkins, completing 2-3 items on the pioneer project list, starting to winterize our house, and doing a couple of crafts that I've planned in my head but haven't actually executed. Also, make pumpkin black bean soup. It's SO good.

  14. lots of cleaning to do, I need to do that as well. our house is a MESS. also i need to try your at home pumpkin spice latte.

  15. Let me know how the shower head cleaning goes. I've tried it and it did NOT work. I'm sure the mixture would have cleaned it if I could have gotten the bag to actually stay on. Curious how you do it!

  16. I think you know #1 is my favorite :) I love roasting pumpkin seeds too, I always do a bunch of different flavors. Cinnamon sugar seems to be the favorite among my friends, but I like mine spicy!

  17. Super good list!!! I love that last one!!!! Sometimes that one is so much more fun than the family one lol

  18. I too want to make a pumpkin spiced latte. I have not figured out the recipe yet, but I know a few bloggers have posted them!

  19. The first thing on my to-do list is: Make a To-Do List.

    I'm with you on #1 for sure and I'm curious about the pumpkin spice latte.

  20. #3 legit works, if it cleaned jeremys bachelor head it can clean yours! ok this is going down hill fast peace out!

  21. #3 legit works, if it cleaned jeremys bachelor head it can clean yours! ok this is going down hill fast peace out!

  22. Haha, I love the "do not let the leaves win in the backyard." Hilarious!

    Looks like you're going to have a busy fall!!!

  23. I need to know what a Friendsgiving is...

  24. I love Friendgiving!!

    Also good point- some seasonal cleaning is a great idea. :)

  25. I'm really supposed to wash the windows... Ugh!

    Can't wait to see if the new desserts are hits!

    With you on the leaves...every year they try but we are still Jess - 4 leaves - 1!

  26. I love it! Reorganizing the closet *should* be on my list (my husband is OCD and would love it) maybe it'll be a bonus item for me ;) thanks for linking up!


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