Friday, September 6, 2013

Dancing in September...never was a cloudy day

Today's Friday Five is being phoned in from lazy town. Feast your eyes on some highlights from the last five Septembers - one of my favorite months of the year.

1 - Amanda's bachelorette. We never made it to the Phillies game due to rain, but we drank every drop of booze in the hotel room, then went out and had a blast.
2 - After two days in Cocoa Beach, we took a seven day cruise on the Disney Fantasy with Jill, Frank, Kate & Eric. Amazing.
3 - My brother started his freshman year at Villanova and I caught a few of his soccer games. 
1 - We spent MFD's birthday in Sea Isle with Mark & Sarah.
2 - Cait and Jeff got married on Labor Day Weekend.
3 - Our first Disney Cruise on the Dream, a three dayer with Jill & Frank.
4 - MFD's first time at Disney. We packed everything into those five days in the parks thanks to Jill's awesome Disney scheduling.
1 & 2 - We got married on September 25 at the Deauville Inn.
3 - I trashed my dress on September 26. 
4 - We spent two awesome weeks in Stathmere with our dogs. 
1 - Stringband Weekend in North Wildwood.
2 - Jenn and I stole a hen party's blow up doll and he proposed to me. I said yes. 
3 - Almost two months after closing on our house, we hosted a huge housewarming party. 
1 - We celebrated MFD's birthday in Sea Isle. 
2 - Jenn and I swam and drank in the pool through a hurricane with bikers. 
3 - Wyalusing Wine Festival. 

Happy weekending.


  1. Oh this post reminded me how much I like this song by Earth Wind and Fire.

    Also, good news: the online order I thought I made never went through, so I didn't actually fail at no spend September (yet)!

  2. Fun!

    I hope the great Septembers keep rolling

  3. I worked for a lite rock radio station in college and at events, if we couldn't get reception, we had to play this CD of songs heard on the station. Dancing in September was on it and it was my favorite - everyone else hated it but I would repeat it and my coworkers wanted to kill me. Whatever, still love it. September is a good month to be you!

  4. i love this post!! looks like september is a damn good month for you!

  5. I love a good stroll down Memory Lane. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one whose first trip to Disney wasn't well into adulthood! We went in 2011!

  6. september is the best, so much going on. i just can't wait

  7. Love September. LOVE the EW&Fire
    September Song.
    Looking forward to a beautiful month!
    Carpe the weekend!

    love your MOMMA

  8. September usually makes me cry cause the pools close but maybe I am just not trying hard enough to make it memorable, lol
    I found you through Friday Favorites....:)

  9. I also love September! I enjoyed seeing pictures from your past septembers! :)

  10. I love your stealing of inanimate humans. And that tiny coors light. Oh, and also everything.

    Happy Friday!

  11. LOL the pool with the bikers in a hurricane cracks me up! Have a great weekend.

  12. LOL the pool with the bikers in a hurricane cracks me up! Have a great weekend.

  13. September seems to be an awesome month for you! Here's hoping this one is just as good!

  14. YOUR DRESS!!!!!! Why on Earth???? Please tell me it came clean and that you have a picture of this hanging on your wall!!!

  15. Looks like September has always been pretty Epic!! Hope this one rocks too!!

  16. First of all, love your post title.

    second of all- I love September too. Second only to October. Hope you have an equally fun September this year as these past five Septembers.

  17. Septemeber is such a great month for you. Cheers!

  18. Your Septembers are awesome. What are you doing this year?


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