Thursday, September 19, 2013


Watching The finale of Under the Dome and this week's Ray Donovan. I need to settle my summer TV before fall stuff starts. 

Reading Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. Thanks for the recommendation Heather! 
Smelling like a french whore. I was just testing my perfumes to make sure they're all good. 

Wearing My after work uniform: long sleeve T and yoga pants. 

Drinking Ice water with lemon, as always.

Listening to this dog gnaw on a bone like it's her life's work. She is relentless. I thought Gus was bad, but no one holds a candle to her. 
Craving Dunkin Donuts coffee. Always. No Spend September has made it elusive. 

Feeling old.  Today my youngest brother Sean turns 19. I was 18 when he was born, which seems a world away to me in terms of my life, but in terms of his, I feel like just yesterday he was a little boy with curly white blond hair and today he's a guy. Which must make me 472. Happy birthday Swan! Love you!
Today is also my nephew Drew's birthday and my Friday. Happy birthday Drew! It's a good day all around!
Thinking about how awesome it is when people get the happiness they deserve. Looking forward to Laura & Chris's wedding this weekend. 

Loving the return of my uniform. I've worn a cardigan every day this week. 

Hating that I've been so lazy lately on the exercise front. I've even dropped the ball on the squat challenge this week. I need to move my ass. 

Thankful to have had a list of thankfuls yesterday. 

Wanting everything, since it's No Spend September. On my short list: 
-A new purse

What do you have going on currently? Lay it on me. 


  1. The USPS needs to get its act together and deliver your pay it forward present. It will help you out with one of these...

    I have those pens and I love them. I can't stand the sound of dogs chewing on bones. Leo likes to eat his under our bed at midnight and I want to murder him. He knows exactly where to go in the middle of the floor so I can't reach him too. What a shithead.

  2. Buy her a churpi-chew... Grace loves them and she is a relentless chewer. Supposedly, they last forever, but she goes through them in record time. Made of yak milk, lime juice, and salt. Human grade quality, so if you care to, you can gnaw away with her.

  3. Congrats on keeping up with your No Spend month. Did you establish ground rules for yourself like just grocery money??? Would be curious to find out.

  4. Happy Birthday, Sean!!

    All the Maisel pictures make me smile. She is super sweet.

    Perfume goes bad?

    Me want that lotion!!

  5. LOL @ the french whore part.

    currently, i'm bashing my head against the wall because this project is sucking bag. I CANNOT WORK WITH THIS KIND OF STUPIDITY!!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. I love this watch!!!

    And Happy Birthday to your brother!!!

  7. i love that picture of you! my dog chews on bones so freaking loud. have some respect!

  8. Love the french whore reference. Very nice bday sentiments for our Sean.
    Thank the universe, I do not have to commute to anything. Bumper to Bumper on the PA TK westbound. #TOOMANYCARSONTHEROAD
    So over-the-moon happy for Laura and Chris and family! Gives me the good spiritual chills.
    Love your blogs always and am probably crapping out of the Zumba again.
    Carpe diem all of these superb weather days!


  9. Happy Birthday Sean.

    I love that you tested all perfumes at once!!

    Way to keep up no spend September!!

  10. Happy Birthday to Sean and Drew!

    I love felt tip pens and hate that they seem to have gotten harder to find.

  11. French whore...hahahah. I love it!

    I haven't exercised this week at all :( Next week we will be better!

  12. It's my Friday too! And you are a brave woman for including your DD in no-spend September. At least it will be over soon!

  13. Will need to check out Crossing to Safety. And I totally want a new purse!

  14. Never....EVER say you smell like a whore...French or not!! ;)

  15. Those are my favorite pens. I've been using them since college.

  16. Currently I am just glad i made it through this week and its Friday! Have fun at the wedding!


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