Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Thoughts.

1. Happy birthday to my first dog, my Gussie. Cheeseburger for you tonight, buddy. Hell, cheeseburgers for all dogs. It's good to be a dog in our house. 

2. I am not going to join the ranks in saying Miley Cyrus is a slut/whore/etc. How you dress doesn't make you a whore. Come on ladies, you know better than that. As for her grinding up on Beetlejuice Thicke, it's an act - performers put them on all the time. If anyone should be getting boo'd for that, it's the man - he's married. Was it overall inappropriate? No. The VMAs aren't for children's eyes, they've always been provocative and envelope pushing. I also don't think she has a responsibility to kids because she was Hannah Montana. If she wants to get freaky on stage in front of the world and have them tweet about it, that's her bag. I personally think she's a talentless twat, but that has nothing to do with her looks. My main problem with Miley is that fucking tongue. I feel like I'm going to have a seizure if I have to see her tongue again. Put it away. Use it in private. Cripes.
3.Maisie update: Gus is not snarling at her EVERY time she comes up on the couch, just every fifth time now. She's mastered the art of being underfoot just like the boys have, and a call to her old vet informed us that she's not two, she's almost four. Tuesday night all three dogs slept in the same bed and hellfire did not rain down from anyone. Thanks for all of your congrats! and she's cute!s and even your you're crazy!s. She is very happy with us and I'm happy knowing she won't be a bait dog.
4. I am dying for this long weekend ahead.My fingers are itching to do some reorganization. Two rooms are crying out to be purged. And in the kitchen: some food prep and freezing (sauce, rice, veggies). And I just need to relax. I feel like I've been on the go or away a lot.

5. Tomorrow's Friday Five will be brought to you by two September 1 babies: MFD and Debbie. We also have two other friends and our friends' son who have a September 1 birthday. It's a popular day.
6. Syria is a fucking mess.

7. I'm ready for casserole season. Anyone else?

8. I'm ready for the return of Homeland, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Nashville, CSI, Parks & Rec, The Good Wife, and The Vampire Diaries.  I'm also interested in checking out Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Blacklist, The Millers, Sean Saves the World, Dracula, and The Originals. Usually one of the new shows is a keeper, and one of the the old ones bites it.

9. Engine Engine Number Nine 
on the New York transit line 
If my train jumps off the track 
pick it up pick it up pick it up

10. Ecard of the week:
Get out there and be awesome today.

Quick! Hit me with three random thoughts you've had in the past hour. Go.


  1. Glad the dogs are learning to like each other!! I can't wait for Nashville and Parenthood to come back!

  2. This was, by far, my most favorite Thursday Thoughts in awhile!

    1. Happy Birthday Gussie!!!!
    2. I agree with you 110% that her performance does not a slut make. The VMA's have always notoriously been for pushing the envelope. I think my main issue was just how awful and childlike it looked. I'm not sure if she was going for sexy (lewd, yes), but there was nothing remotely sexy. Britney was the exact same age for the Great 2000 VMA Striptease, but it worked. She was sexy.. curvy.. tits.. ass...womanly.. amazing dance moves... muscles.. that ass! Miley is obviously no Britney when it comes to dancing, but I felt like I was watching a 13 y/o boy. Long gangly limbs, no muscle tone, no curve... YUCK.
    3. So glad Maisie is starting to make herself at home! Happy pup!
    4. Feel free to come and purge some rooms in my house. We have all types of libations!
    5. I love that pic of MFD
    6. I can't even stomach the news coverage.
    7. ME!
    8. LOL, you watch a lot of TV.
    9. I just sang that to Linky Cat.
    10. Love!

    Coffee is the bees knees, I want to go shopping, and I just farted.

  3. I just rewatched the performance on YouTube. It made me so uncomfortable. I flt like someone from To Catch A Predator was gonna bust in and arrest me.

  4. Happy Birthday Gussie!!!! I hope all your puggy babies enjoy their cheeseburgers! It is like pug heaven up in your many curly little time! I love it! I agree with you on the Miley thing...why the tongue?! I wasn't a huge fan of that hair, but that is neither here nor there. I can't wait to see how The Originals is going to be! We gotta get caught up on our VD so we can watch both when the seasons start. Doubt that will be an issue. I laughed out loud at that ecard. A win for sure!

  5. Happy Birthday, Gussie!

    Totally agree re: Miley. Not a slut, but enough with the tongue. And she sounded awful.

    We actually had that polenta/sausage/spinach casserole for dinner last night. (Why is spell check underlining "polenta?" It's a word, dammit!)

    Love the ecard, of course.

  6. Happy Birthday Gus! I'm scared to ask though or even afraid of the answer but what is a bait dog? Maisie seems too cute to be whatever the hell that is.

  7. My middle sister's birthday is Sept 1, too. It's a good day.

    RE: Miley. She can do what she wants. To me it just feels uncomfortable because it (and her recent video) feel like she's trying too hard. Like "ooh, look at me I'm all growed up now!" while trying on her mother's shoes or something. Awkward.

  8. I LOVE The Good Wife, I just hate it doesn't start until the end of September.

  9. Three thoughts:
    1. My boobs look huge in the dress I am wearing
    2. I really like my new perfume
    3. I really want to see Mumford and Sons in concert

    I have many comments to your Thursday thoughts:
    1 and 3. Happy birthday Gus! Sorry that your present was a new sister! I am glad they are getting along though.
    2. That tongue is outrageous, her outfit was gross. I can't stand her, but I totally agree, wtf did Robin Thicke's wife think of that performance?
    7. YES and Crock Pot season.
    8. I am dying for Modern Family and the Good Wife. I was pissed at how the Good Wife ended. I want Alicia and Will to be doing it again already. No one on that show is getting laid anymore. I am excited for Parenthood to return too.

  10. I have ABHORED tongue pics from the first time I ever saw one. UGH to the max! Hope to never see another.#EW
    Happy birthday to my first grand-dog
    Gussie! Geege & Maisie were sent to your home for a reason- Love!
    Early happy bday to our Mike Doyle and our Debbie!
    Love random thoughts.
    My everyday thought is thank you x 50 million gazillion for my life, my people, my healing ocean oasis, etc. Very lucky, blessed, and grateful.
    #ALWAYSCOUNTYOURBLESSINGSFIRST then the negs don't seem so bad.
    Your ever-loving MOMMA

  11. Happy birthday Gus!
    was randomly thinking about Spencer Reid this morning, also coconut butter vs. coconut oil, also which way is north?...

  12. I have questions about Syria. I feel like I need to call Barak directly. Or Joe. I'd take Joe.

  13. sarah - it was totally awkward and like she was acting out. Very uncomfortable.

    Mom - gratitude is the attitude!

  14. Mare - we are adding coconut oil to Maisie's food to improve her coat and skin! I've been thinking about it a lot.

    And I'm always thinking about Dr. Spencer Reid.

  15. #6!!!!! yes. but on to important things. Miley's tongue (JK, of course)
    happy b-day pup!

  16. Random Thought 1: Thank you sweet Lord that I was able to buy the school.

    Random Thought 2: That student I just interviewed has lovely skin. She just glows.

    Random Thought 3: In two days I will be watching college football. Live. Holler.

  17. SO glad the dogs are making it work. Maisie is too cute. I'm with you on the Miley thing. It was a performance. Did I particularly care for it? Not really. But she was "entertaining" to say the least and she got people talking. I'm ready for new shows, too! I quit Under the Dome. Let me know if I miss anything.

  18. 1. Campus is back to full force with lost looking students and it takes me back all over again to memories of my freshman year.

    2. I could totally go for snuggling in jeans and hoody at my desk in light of the freezing temps in my office.

    3. Visa paperwork for foreign nationals takes way longer than anyone can imagine and when you are done you have a completed packet that looks very tiny compared to all the hours that it took to get there.

  19. Someone is feisty today!!! LOL! I am sorry, I think MTV SUCKS for even letting Miley was all for shameless buzz. I feel sorry for her...she is a whacked out mess, has ZERO talent and is going nowhere but down...and you are right, my kids will NEVER watch the VMAs, hell, I don't either's LAME! There is my two cents. :)

  20. CASSEROLE SEASON! Hell yea.

    Happy Birthday to Gus! It is also jmeoww's birthday today, at least I think. I plan on celebrating tomorrow because its not like she knows the difference... (and by celebrate I mean go to the dollar store and get her a mylar balloon because nothing thrills her more)

  21. I feel that all seasons are casserole season. I also feel that way about soup but maybe I'm a little weird.

    The only show I'm excited for is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I'll just stick with the 4 other shows I watch and that's it. After LOST, TV exhausts me.

    Now I have that song in my head.

    So glad Maisie is adjusting. And bait dog?! I can't even.

    Happy birthday, Gussie! Why are our dogs almost the same age? Geege and Barkley are both 9 and Dobie will be 8 in a few months. Weird.

  22. I'm looking forward to the Originals too. I'm not sure how it's going to fair as a spinoff but I do like those brothers so I have high hopes.
    Happy Birthday Gus! I'm glad you're hating Maisie less. Soon you can teach her to do your bidding, just like Geege.

  23. happy birthday to your gussie!

    people seriously need to chill the hell out about that whole thing. like, WHO CARES! we have bigger fish to fry like what does my mancandy crush see in Lady Gaga???? (just found out they're dating and i'm devastated)

    Vodka and Soda

  24. Ridiculously excited for Homeland. I need to watch season 2 again in preparation.

  25. Love your thoughts on Miley. It was the VMA's-- did people really expect a G rated performance… move along people. And I am so ready for my shows to come back on. Enjoy the long weekend, today is my friday :-).

  26. First - the shadow in the pic of Gus at the top... I stared at it for a long time to realize it's a shadow...Gus would not be happy.

    Second - There is a casserole season? Shit. Year round over here. Especially if it's a dump and bake one.

    Third - Geege really appreciates the new addition...he is no longer the hated one in Gus' eyes. And he now has a job. To protect his younger sister!

  27. I always tell Jason, in my next life I want to come back as a dog; and not just any dog but one of our dog's...I'm digging the cheeseburger idea.

  28. Happy Birthday Gus!! I can't wait for Modern Family and Parks&Rec, such great shows. I also want to check out Brooklyn Nine Nine, I love Andy Samberg.. I hope it's as funny as it looks.

  29. Seriously!!!!! Miley's tongue soul go fuck itself.

  30. Happy Birthday, Gussie! Love Doggie Birthdays. They are spoiled in my house, too. So glad Maisie is making herself at home. I agree with the tongue....put it away. All the rest is overblown and is giving her the publicity she's seeking.

  31. Happy Birthday Gussie!! So glad they are all getting along better now! Number 9 made me sing along, and Number 10 I totally chuckled!


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