Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. It's August 1 in case you don't have a calendar.

2. I keep reading case and point everywhere. Do people know it's case IN point? Not case AND point? You do now. Fly right.

3. On Monday I had lunch at Parc with my beloved fourth grade teacher Mrs. A. We talked books and writing and life while looking out on Rittenhouse Square and having the fabulous warm shrimp salad. It was lovely! Fellow members of my fourth grade class, she says hello to all. I apologize for my hideous appearance in what was day two of a two day hangover. Getting old hurts, friends.
4. My Goodreads 2013 goal of books to read for the year: 36. So far I've read 30. I think I set the bar a little low. I just started this, recommended quite a while ago by my friend Gwen T.
5. Sometimes I wake up in a snit or encounter a ruiner that puts me in a sad or ragey mood. Sometimes I say something shitty to someone, which makes me feel bad that I was an asshole even if they did deserve it. Similar to how a few unintended cookies shouldn't pave the way for me to eat whatever I please for the rest of the day, one bad mood or snarky event doesn't have to keep me from being my best self even one minute later. Sometimes all it takes is a kick in my own ass to snap out of it.
6. This week in John Bender:
7. Ray Donovan is awesome. Who's watching?
8. CT continues to be bad ass and awesome on The Challenge. And hot. Yes, I am this age and I still watch that. It's summer.
9. I wish I could video how ludicrous I look doing zumba and share it with the world so that anyone who was afraid to try it for fear of looking the fool would get over it. It's a great workout. Who gives a shit if your hips don't lie like Shakira's? No one is in class looking to cast the next version of Footloose. I mean there should never have been even a second version of Footloose but that's besides the point. Just do it.
10. I purchased two pairs of jeans and two cardigans and am almost finished with my fall wardrobe update even though we're a few months away. Boom.
11. Damn you and your catchy tunes, Foster the People. I can't get this out of my head:
Yeah yeah and it’s O.K.
I tie my hands up to a chair so I don’t fall that way.
Yeah yeah and I’m alright.
I took a sip of something poisoned but I’ll hold on tight.

12. Ecard of the week, thank you Lil:

Happy Lil' Friday, y'all. One more day. We can do this. Look both ways when you cross the street.


  1. Yes, it's August 1st, and that's my birthday, Stephanie! The Secret Keeper is the best book I have read in probably ever, and I had to immediately reread it once I was done. Please read it so we can talk about it.

  2. 1. How the fuck did that happen?

    2. I saw this on a blog post just yesterday. No no no people.

    10. I can't bring myself to buy fall stuff yet. Mostly because I hate trying shit on when it is hot out.

  3. 1. It's the Month of Marla
    2. I have the worst grammar on the planet, and even I know it's case IN point.
    3. Don't forget to let me know when Mrs. A is selling
    4. I'm such a slacker on reading anything of substance this year
    5.I like it. (see? I just ended with a preposition. Terrible.)
    6. Giggle
    7. I heart him. According to BuzzFeed, he's the 3rd hottest celebrity Jew. Must watch Ray Donovan.
    8. Who?
    9. But do you fall and fart at the same time like moi?
    10. B to the OOM. Or something.
    11. Who?
    12. Me likey.

  4. ooo, I have Ray Donovan queued up on my PVR but was debating on whether I should start watching it so now I will!

    and Breakfast Club is one of the BEST MOVIES EVER!

  5. RE: #8 - I still watch this religiously (hanging head in shame) but I can't look away and will continue to watch it as long as MTV continues to put it on the air. I've always had a soft spot for CT, even more so this Challenge with how he has been with Diem.


  6. I could not be happier that it's August. Just a few more weeks until the summer of suck is over.

    Moving on...

    Whenever someone tells me they won't try Zumba because they can't dance, I want to smack them. I look like a lumbering moose yet do it anyway. So get over yourself. Please and thank you.

    I heart John Bender. If I went to high school with him, I'd have had a crazy crush on him.

  7. I am exceedingly jealous that you can eat at Parc whenever you like. Also, I need to reiterate: ZAHAV.

  8. Thanks to the universe that you post these blogs. I so look forward to each & every one! Warms my heart to see you with Mrs. Axler- angels & lights to her for being there for her students. As for Zumba- LOVE It! So glad we are going. You can not crap out when you are in a class- just.keep.moving.shaking.asbestyoucan# I am a summer lover to the max. Hope it lasts thru the whole October.
    #5 love that- your gut telling you to shape up and be nice. I keep saying rage/being unkind/retaliating hurts YOU!
    See you tonight for Zumba! I will watch WAKA WAKA It's Time for Africa- utube to practice with Shakira!
    Love your MOMMA

  9. I watched half the first episode of Ray Donovan and then stopped. Does it get really good?

    I need to get on that fall wardrobe. I saw some plaid at JCP's last week and go excited for fall.

  10. I'm so glad someone else watches the Challenge. I shake my head at myself each Wednesday night - it's ALWAYS THE SAME, but I sit there and put myself through it anyways. Also, nice work on your reading goal - I've sucked at mine lately. Fall will be catch up time.

  11. 2) PREACH. I am tempted to do a whole post on idioms because things like this drive me bananas.
    3) Does Rittenhouse Square have to do with Rittenhouse Rye? Just curious...
    5) Guilty of this constantly. Must stop. Even with the cookies.
    6) Classic.
    9) This should be a link-up. Instagram video yourself doing zumba and we can all laugh together. I would participate.

    Today is my Friday though I am spending tomorrow at home with the flooring people so I would almost rather work than waste a vacation day. At least I don't have to brush my hair...

  12. Say what? You have another friend named Gwen? I hope she embraces Gwensday.

    I haven't watched Ray Donovan. Not sure why but I'll work on remedying that.

    I don't watch The Challenge but I'm cracking up because Aaron always refers to himself as charming.

  13. I really cant believe it is Also, I too still watch Real World and the Challenge. I sort of hate myself for it, but i cant resist.

  14. I've been looking for good books to borrow from the library!

  15. 2. I don't even know how to use this in a sentence correctly. Ha!
    6. Please continue to post more Breakfast Club stuff. Best. Movie.
    9. I'll post a video of me doing Zumba if you do it. I don't think anyone besides like professional dancers look good doing it.

    Have a good one! :)

  16. Who cares what you look like doing Zumba? You're showing up, and that's the hardest part. The rest is just fun. Hope you have a good instructor.

  17. I looooooove Kate Morton's books. They're kind of out of my normal books I'd read, but I love them.

    I can't wait to wear fall clothes!

  18. I am so excited for fall! What is not to love, new clothes, football season, pumpkin beer, pumpkin lattes and cooler weather! Just don't get crazy with the beers....we are too old to bounce back the next day :(

  19. I think I'm just realizing most of your posts are written in list form. And for that, I give you mine. ha!
    1. I have noticed the days getting shorter and I hate it!
    2. Good point!
    3. How awesome to have lunch with an old teacher. You don't look like day-2 of a hangover.
    4. I have read nothing and this reminded me that I had offered some books to a fellow blogger and then never mailed them. I'm an idiot.
    5. Me, too. Thanks for reminding me that I can kick my own ass.
    6. I love John Bender.
    7. I've seen this guy, but have no idea what you're talking about.
    8. Who? What show? Never seen this person....ever.
    9. I think I need to get back to doing Zumba once a week. It will force me out of the office at 5 with no excuse. TOTALLY AGREE on Footloose.
    10. I only update my wardrobe when we have an employee sale and those items are usually about 2 or 3 years older than when you could purchase them at retail.
    11. I only know the Kids with the pumped up kicks....and they better run.
    12. This was this past week exactly!

  20. CT is the biggest DBag, until he is next to Diem. I swear, they need to get married. I love the two of them together.

    And don't worry. I watch The Challenge too. I think it is a requirement for people in their 30's.


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