Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: things that make me irrationally angry

This magnet hangs on my fridge.
  • Dishes in the sink. 
  • Crumbs on the counter. 
  • People who cruise into the train station parking lot at 3 MPH in the morning. Do you want to make the train or not?
  • When produce goes bad quickly.
  • Train commuters who stand and walk up to crowd the door five minutes before their stop. 
  • Know-it-alls. Do you know I want to punch you? Because I do.
  • People who ask me when I'm going to have kids. Please describe how that is your business and why we should discuss this in a group setting.
  • Entitlement.
  • "Singers" who don't sing live. I can lip sync too, mofos. 
  • The fact that Starbucks uses terms other than small, medium, and large. You have three sizes. They are small, medium, and large. 
  • Math. 
  • Subway, especially in Philadelphia, the home of the hoagie. Don't go to a national chain to get a hoagie, go to a local shop. 
  • Stepping in gum.
  • PMS.
  • Being so hungry I'm angry (hangry).
  • People who let their kids do whatever they want in public, think it's cute, and think the entire world should think it's cute. 
  • People who give me a hard time or try to guilt me when I say no to something. 
  • Dust. Can it just stay away for more than five minutes?
  • TVs that are too loud. 
  • Alex Trebek
  • Comic sans. 
  • Waiting in general.
  • Waiting for others in particular. 
  • The price of beer in restaurants and bars. 
  • Misuse of the possessive apostrophe. 
  • Always having to replace the toilet paper. No matter where I go, I swear I am always the one changing the roll. At home, in public bathrooms, at other people's houses. Bum TP luck.
What small things fill your pockets with rage?


  1. I love this post eventhough I hate so many of the same things you do especially people who try to make you feel guilty for saying no and dust...ugh, allergies. hehe

    Nice blog!


  2. This made my morning! Although, I may commit one or five of these on a regular basis... Remember I told you I have Post-Its on my monitor with grammar rules? :-)

    -people who order 12 coffees and 8 dozen donuts from the DD Drive-Thru. Way to hold up the line, numb nuts.
    -people who ask why I own such a big house if we don't have kids.
    -Philly people who claim Geno's is the best cheesesteak in all of Philly. Garbage!
    -the rare occasion I go to write a check, and only have deposit slips left in the checkbook. Rage!!

  3. i love this list! you forgot bad drivers; that's the one thing that sends me off the ledge guaranteed!

  4. Oh those are all good! Do you ever find yourself trying to order a grande coffee at another coffee shop only to realize you fell for their scheme? It could happen, I am just sayin....

  5. a lot of the things on this list enrage me.
    also on the list- one uppers. they go hand in hand with know it alls and i cant stand em.

    and im with ya on always changing the tp. i even get stuck doing it at work. along with the paper towels. people be lazy.

  6. people on trains/subways in general. i hate public transportation cuz everyone is an idiot

  7. YES another post for the books and also a post that i hate I didn't think of.

  8. Haha! I have a similar post in draft form.

    I must admit that I used to use comic sans until I realized that I could download super cool fonts for free. LOL

  9. re: comic sans.

    I trust you've seen this:

  10. OMG, Gwen on downloading free fonts. I loved Comic Sans, too, because it was light-hearted & funny sounding. Now my fav is Lucida console- because it sounds very nice.
    Trying to get better on the waiting for people & things. I do not get lateness & if I am going to be 1 min late, I feel the need to text the person!
    Lovely blog. Lovely day.
    Love your MOMMA

  11. Crumbs on the counter push me over the edge.

    And I automatically have less respect for an organization or person if they use comic sans. It's not 2002 anymore.

  12. I'm just gonna say, please don't come to my house right at the moment. I was too tired after dinner to put the dishes in the dishwasher. And I don't want you angry with me. Ha!

  13. hahaha I love this!! I agree, especially on the produce one. It's SO annoying when it goes bad SO fast!

  14. Most of the worksheets I create for my kids are in Comic Sans. I have no idea how to download cute fonts. :)

    I hate it when people assume that there dog can come say hi to my dog. My dog isn't interested, that's why he is leashed.

  15. I am so glad that I decided not to continue trying to do a tutorial...because you really would have thought I was a know-it-all and then you would want to punch me! EEK!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  16. Comic Sans just needs to go away... Seriously. Who thinks that is an okay font? We aren't 12 people.

    Also, I am not a fan of chain restaurants in general. I find the food just okay. Give me a local place any day. Unless McDonald has the McRib. Then all bets are off!

    And I totally understand you on the kids thing. Even though I have two kids, people always ask me if we are having any more. Sorry, none of your business.

  17. Great list. I swear my list varies from week to week. This time it's a work irritation. When more than one person makes the same mistake on paperwork that's small but I have to fix and I'm the only one annoyed by it so I can't put up a memo up about it.

  18. "People who let their kids do whatever they want in public, think it's cute, and think the entire world should think it's cute." THIS. UGH.

  19. Yes to so many of these. Dishes in the sink and crumbs on the counter make me homicidal. How hard is it to move two feet to the left and put the dish in the dishwasher or just wipe the crumbs off?

    I dust our bedroom every effing day because the dark wood just collects dust and I want to punch people in the face when they ask about having kids. I am going to start giving them some fucked up answer from now on. I don't get why people think it is ok to ask that? None of your fucking business? What if we don't want kids? What if we are trying and are unsuccessful? What if there are medical issues?

    I had one today in the parking lot. Every year, we get a new faculty/staff parking permit, and some douches just leave the old ones on instead of taking them off, and have like 5 parking passes all the way up the side of their windshield.

    Another one: the dean's secretary called my office 4 times within a 2 hours span. Our email is hooked up to caller ID, so I get an email every time someone calls and I don't answer. LEAVE A FUCKING MESSAGE OR SEND ME AN EMAIL. The kicker is, it wasn't even important.

  20. Totally love these, dust and produce especially! When people chew with their mouths open sends me over the edge.

  21. The kids thing makes me mad and random coworkers ask me all the time. I hate comic sans and I pride myself in using apostrophes correctly, except maybe when words end in Z because I'm too lazy to look up the rule. Now I will read about your hated of Alex Trebek. This should be good...

  22. I despise when my husband gets hangry. He can feed himself.

    And I laughed out loud at the Starbucks. THANK YOU! And don't look at me funny when I say medium. You know what I am talking about.

  23. hahahaha you are cracking me up! So many of these sound familiar. I need to start incorporating "hangry" into my everyday vernacular lol

  24. Vron - I've seen it. I love McSweeney's!

    Mother, I knew you were a former Comic Sans user!

  25. the fact that you have Alex Trebek on here makes me laugh, cause he really is annoying. I think every girl agrees to "PMS". and the price of beers at sporting events is even more outrageous than in a restaurant (at least in Ohio).

  26. I will tell you what gets me going...two faced girls, jealousy and that piece of crap GOMI website...

  27. COMIC SANS. Hahaha. Perfect.

    When coworkers end a sentence on a memo like this!!!!! <- unprofessional. Or using emoticons in work email. THE WORST.

  28. YESSSSSSS!!!!
    * don't get me started on the when we are having kids thing
    * spoiled ass brats and their parents who think they are cute
    * misuse of the possessive apostrophe (i wish they would go ahead and decide ONE correct way to make singular nouns ending in "s" possessive ... and, i am fairly certain everyone in this country who was in elementary school in the 1940's was taught that all PLURAL words get an "apostrophe s") :(
    * at first i had a hard time saying no ... now, if people try to guilt me for doing it, i say no to even more shit just for spite. that's totally mature, right?

  29. Jack breathing when it sounds like he is stuffed up, water around the kitchen sink, Hashtags STOP THE #### IT IS A NUMBER SIGN, people that pull out in front of me when there is no one behind me and drive slow, waitresses or waiters that wait on a table that came in after mine, also the children that act up and parents do nothing, people that come to the beach when it is totally open and sit right next to my spot, continuous sneezing, I know that is horrible it is not the person's fault that is sneezing but sends me into fits, when someone keeps talking to me when I am reading, people that cannot make a decision, people that are habitually late, people that allow their small children to put the groceries (or anything that holds up others) on the belt and it takes forever, people that have more than the allotted number of items in the grocery line, people on their cell phones not paying attention when they are driving, paying at a register, to their kids, stay the hell off the phone in public if you cannot multi task effectively (this means nothing is suffering due to your conversation, teenage girls screaming at everything, I know there is a lot more but struggling to think of them now...sorry I have PMS oh and PMS.

  30. oh people that judge me because I have dogs and not kids. Seriously why do they care?

  31. Oh this just made my day. We were so meant to be friends in real life!! All of these things bug the heck out of me plus so many more! Haha!

    How about people who are buying like 20 scratch tickets and I'm in line to buy 1 quick thing but have to wait while they pick out all their tickets. So frustrating!!!!!!

    I won't bore you w/ my long list right now but glad I'm not alone in being easily annoyed by stupid people!! :)

  32. When I came downstairs this morning, hubs left the kitchen a freaking mess last night and I was cussing him. This was after I cussed him at 4 am when I went to the hall loo so not to wake him and there was NO F-in TP in there to be had. And Hangry....hell yes I get real Hangry. I love those Snickers commercials....I'm so Rose Anne..."My back hurts. Now my front hurts!"

  33. Haha, I wholeheartedly agree with most of this list!
    Especially the part about letting your kids do anything in public. And Comic Sans. And math.
    Just stumbled upon your blog via the 5 On Friday link-up, and I love it!

  34. I try not to let anything bother me and waste the energy, but quite a few of these make me shake my head. Especially entitlement.

  35. I agree with so many things! Except for lip-syncers, of course. I love Britney! I'd have to add incorrect use of apostrophes. I'm working on a blog post. Haha!


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