Monday, August 26, 2013

the weekend that was

Roadtrip to Bradford County with Debbie and the dogs.

Saturday coffee outside with two of the happiest dogs ever. They love to run free at Lori & Jack's.
They were even happier to head over the bridge and into the woods.
We watched Max and Winston swim, visited the waterfall which was devoid of water, frolicked, saw lovely flowers, and ate fresh blackberries.
Debbie, Lori and I took a short jaunt to the Cheese Factory, LeRaysville Market and Dandy.
We took to the deck to read magazines, eat lunch, drink wine, watch the dogs play, and relax.
We had ice cream before dinner. Jack made corn, burgers and dogs on a charcoal grill. I haven't eaten off of a charcoal grill in forever. It was delicious. Marshmallow roasting and a fire followed.
Sunday morning coffee and fire outside, followed by another lovely walk in the woods and one of Jack's big breakfasts.
Three hours later, we were back home. I love visiting Jack & Lori's - they are excellent hosts, it's so beautiful and relaxing, and the dogs absolutely love it.

While we were away, MFD was picking up our newest family member: 2 year-old Maisie, a pug mix. Her owners didn't want her anymore. Gus is not well with this addition. Send us good wishes for improved pack assimilation.
Hope you had a lovely weekend. Tell me all about it.

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  1. Ahh, tell me more about this cheese factory, lol. You're weekend looks great! And let's talk about how cute Maisie is?!

  2. The "Sweet dreams are made of cheese," sign is almost as good as, "shoplifters will be beaten to death." Gorgeous, gorgeous photos this weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed your IG feed! The pups look like they had a blast!

    Mazel Tov on Maisie pup, and sending good vibes that Gus will start to tolerate his little sister.

    Sorry for the late night text about stuffed zucchini. :-)

  3. These pictures are fantastic! It looks like a great weekend.

  4. I hope Gus comes around soon! And the cheese thing is awesome and so cute. I think I want to move where you are and just tag along on all your weekends, would that be okay?

  5. The cheese sign is phenomenal! I spent a girl's weekend in Columbus, and it was glorious. Not real happy to be back to classes today though. Cry me a river, please.

    I hope Gus and Geege like Maisie, she is so damn cute!

  6. Beautiful weekend. Wish I could beam myself there! Oh, my first girl granddog. Absolutely precious. Can't wait to meet her tomorrow night. So happy she is in your loving home & that Mike Doyle has a Daddy's little girl. The boys will come to love her, I just know it!
    Carpe diem!
    Love your MOMMA

  7. What a lovely weekend! That picture of Maisie and MFD is to die for. I hope Gus learns to love her, or at least tolerate her. I would have guessed that maybe Geege would have had an issue more than Gus.

  8. looks like a fun weekend! Maisie is so cute, hope it all works out for ya!

  9. That looks and sounds like the perfect getaway! Maisie is too cute!! I haven't gotten another since I think Seamus would take it too hard, very protective. Hope they adjust a little bit better soon!

  10. He will come around. She's pretty stinking cute and he's probably just concerned that she'll steal his attention :) I'm so excited for your addition.

  11. Poor Gussie. Hope dog awkwardness is over soon.

    LOL at the Eurythmics cheese anthem.

  12. MAISIE!! I effing love her. How can Gus be mad, he has another minion. But... I could see it, Hawkeye would have a meltdown if she got a sibling.

  13. bradford county is so pretty! Maisie is adorable- I'm sure they will get along soon.

  14. Maisie is seriously adorable!!!

    And nothing makes weekends better than campfires and long walks in the woods!

  15. SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF CHEESE?!?!! oh my god I am dying with happiness.

  16. Awww. Your new little one is adorable!

  17. looks like a great weekend! and congrats on the new little guy :)

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  18. What a relaxing looking weekend! That cheese "song" is awesome. And, how sweet and cute is that black lab(?)?!?
    Congrats on Maisie!!

  19. Maisie is such a cutie!!! Any post with pug tails is a good post for me. Gracie wasn't a huge fan of Mac when we first brought him home but now she guards him with her life. I hope that Gus warms up soon. He probably just doesn't like to have additional cuteness to compete with.

  20. Your weekends always look so freaking fun! I would kill to sit on a deck and do nothing but read magazines!

    And your new dog... So cute!

  21. looks like a fun weekend and your dogs are too cute. maisie is so adorable - love her little white spots! mine took a few weeks to get used to each other, but now they're (mostly) best friends :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  22. Northwoods is always a happier place when you,the dogs and Snackcake are here! Can't wait to meet Maisie she is beyond cute.

  23. Awww Little Maisie is adorable! How could you not love that face!! Gus will just have to deal! :) He is still King, there is just a Princess now!

    The woods look great! I love that your guys were not afraid of the big guys at all! Did they even realize they were smaller?

  24. awww your new pup is adorable! hope it all works out. what are you going to do if pack assimilation doesn't work out?

    and looks like a lovely weekend; i love outdoorsy weekends like that :)

    Vodka and Soda


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