Monday, August 5, 2013

the weekend that was - first in August edition

Dinner and drinks at Maggie's on the river with Debbie and Noreen. Crab stuffed mushrooms, buffalo chicken cheesesteak (I wish it was shredded), and good friends.
1 - Home brewed iced coffee
2 - Not one fun thing in this entire freaking cart. Tissues, Borax, shore snacks...these are not earrings, tank tops, and funky patterned socks.
I did some cooking and freezing Saturday morning.
1 - Beef and bean enchiladas from Plain Chicken to freeze.
2 - When freezing, cover first with plastic wrap, then
3 - Cover with tin foil and write the directions on there for reheating. I always write "take plastic wrap off" because otherwise, ugh.
4 - Sunday dinner: some chicken and cheese enchiladas with leftover chicken, and then I used the rest of the beef & bean mix from #1 to round it out.
5 - Friday I soaked black beans while I was at work. Then I drained, rinsed, and soaked them again for another five hours, drained and rinsed again, covered with water, and cooked them on low in the crockpot overnight. I got six cans out of it (1 and 2/3 cup is the equivalent of a can). Into the freezer they go.
6 - I also made a huge vat of enchilada sauce to use in the enchiladas and froze the rest. When doing this, make sure the bag stays upright or you'll end up with a big ol' mess, like moi. I use this recipe from Budget Bytes. For this, I multiplied it by six.
7 - One of my favorite meals to eat and one of my favorite to freeze: Mexican Stuffed Shells. I used enchilada sauce instead of taco sauce because as stated above I made a vat.
8 - All of my goods done and ready to freeze by noon.
I had a great afternoon at my Aunt Therese's 79th birthday party.
1 - I die over this dog. Look at her tongue!
2 - Awesome cake made by Teri
3 - My brother Stephen and me
4 - My Dad with his two uncles
Another early wakeup call courtesy of my dogs. I also made Whole wheat waffles to freeze (wait until they're cool and place in a ziploc with parchment paper between waffles.
It was a gorgeous day, so I took the dogs for a walk down by the river. They loved it, went crazy and passed out immediately when we got home. I spied the park on the way to Maggie's on Friday night. It was full of people sitting under trees, classic cars, motorcycles, and food trucks. I kept singing The River by Bruce Springsteen over and over in my head.

MFD was away all weekend on a Drink-n-Stink. I absolutely loved my alone time, but was glad to see him when he came home Sunday afternoon.

I spent the afternoon reading outside until the asshole mosquitoes drove me in. We watched Season 2 of The Sopranos On Demand up until the finale of The Killing. God I love The Killing. Holder is the best character on TV. I cannot believe the show is over. No spoilers, so I'll say no more.
We also tried to get froyo...the place was closed at 6 on a Sunday in summer. Say what? I'm sour about this even as Kohr Bros. looms large in my near future. Thank the universe for a three day work week this week! Holler!

Happy birthday to my lovely college roommate Jody today!

I hope your weekend was fabulous!

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  1. Looks like you had a mighty fine weekend! LOVE the pics of the pups. Are you gonna miss them when you're away next weekend? I keep crying to Steve that I'm gonna miss PMB and Linky Cat this week.

  2. I am sort of maybe kind of madly in love with Holder. He is just the absolute best. If he and Lloyd Lowry (from Breakout Kings) ever had a show together--the characters, anyway--it would be the bestest show ever created. And it would be the only one I watch.

    I also love Mexican stuffed shells.

  3. Perfect weekend! Love the prep instructions & recipes. Happy Aunt
    Therese's party went well. Teri has a heart of gold. Love her! Lights & angels to all of them. I want to do the river walk with you and the boys!
    Carpe diem on this beautiful day.
    Love your MOMMA

  4. That dog looks like my Leo, and he sticks his tongue out all the time too. Must be the breed!

    Boring Target trips are the worst. I finally got their Target debit card so I can get 5% off of everything.

    I am pinning your Mexican shells...everything looks delicious and now I want Mexican and cake for breakfast.

  5. i am so saving the mexican shells recipe! Your meal prep never ceases to amaze me!

  6. I want that buffalo chicken cheesesteak. How does one prepare their own iced coffee at home? Just refrigerate a pot of coffee or is there a secret to it?

    And I hated the first season of The Killing so I gave up on it. My husband watches it and said that I would have loved this season. Oh well. More time to blog.

  7. I'm going to be trying those mexican stuffed shells this week! Yum!

  8. all that food looks soo good!!

    and i love the new design :)

  9. I'm so jealous that you have a short week - these 5 day weeks in the summer are bogus. Also, I'm proud of your Target trip - that is hard to do. I walked around Target Friday with my sister in law and didn't buy a thing. It was a miracle.

  10. What a great weekend - so productive! I so want to get into the cooking and freezing thing, as cooking a meal every night is just not going to happen, so this is a great recipe to try to get into my new habit with - thanks!!


  11. I love the look on Geege and Gus' face! Sweet babies. And Target... you have to at least get one fun thing... even if it's on the $1 isle. I want some homemade waffles now. We didn't register for a toaster, but we use to love us some Eggo Waffles. That was breakfast every morning when I was growing up! Happy Monday!

  12. Those mexican stuffed shells looks amazing! I'm gonna have to make that this week.

  13. I'm so far behind on The Killing. Dammit! I want those enchiladas now. And the Mexican stuffed shells. I should have read this after lunch.

  14. I'm dying over how cute your dogs are!!

  15. Your food prep is making my mouth water! I love mexican food.. I'm definitely trying those stuffed shells ASAP!!

  16. Food, beer, coffee, target? Can I come hang out with you on weekends?!?

  17. I LOVE The Killing! I only watched half last night, and I'm going to finish it soon!

  18. I want crab stuffed mushrooms! and that cake, yummo!

  19. Ummm so I want to come over and eat!!! LOL! Such yummy looking food! My pup does the side tongue thing too, it's my favorite! I love the coloring of that pup too. Looks like you had such a great weekend!

  20. this post just made ms so hungry!!! lol

  21. My gosh girl! You are on a roll with cooking and freezing your foods, love it! That is what I call prepared. That cake looks to die for. Philly cheesesteaks are my favorite so to have that with chicken sounds delicious. Great pics

  22. Busy weekend! Looks like lots of fun.

    I really need to do some cooking and freezing. You have inspired me.

  23. Buffalo chicken cheese steak?! What?!?!?

  24. Those dogs!!
    I have tried to freeze waffles before...never with parchment paper between. I might try again, this time without bent knives and cuss words flying....GENIUS idea to keep them from sticking!

  25. I'm excited about all your tips and info on freezing meals. I've only made and froze a few things so this was super helpful and gave me some ideas too! I'm definitely gonna' to the mexican stuffed shells, yum!!


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