Friday, August 23, 2013

The Friday Five + One = Six. Oh shit, math.

There is nothing about Dirty Dancing in this post. But there should be something about Dirty Dancing in every post. 
TGIF mofos! I hope you made it through your week unscathed.

Grab a seat and play Six Things You Should Know About Me -  courtesy of Jen at That's What She Read and Chelsea at Red Velvet Rooster. I cheated and googled Six Things and amassed my own list of questions.

Q: Any current beauty secrets you're dying to share?
A: I am extremely pleased with my daily face regimen. Origins Checks & Balances cleanser, First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, sunblock (changing this up soon), Trader Joe's antioxidant moisturizer, Origins Plantscription anti-aging eye cream. I also adore this new lotion I picked up last week.

Q: What's the best piece of advice anyone has given you?
A: The piece of advice that I use most often is: "Don't think so much, just be." It's a line from Ordinary People by Judith Guest. I repeat it when I am over thinking things, when I'm obsessing over something, when I can't quiet my mind so I can relax. Try it!

Q: Would you rather go back in time or remain where you are in terms of the time of your life?
A: There is no way in hell I'd go back in time. Some times were fun, some were not, but life holds a lot less angst all around in the mid-thirties.

Q: When you struggle in life, what keeps you going?
A: I never forget that I am made of strong stuff. I think a lot of people would be better off in life if they just considered themselves a fucking warrior. If you need to cry, you cry. If you need to call your best friend, you call your best friend. If you need to break some dishes, you break some dishes. Then you shut up and move on, and you don't carry bullshit with you. Can't stop, won't stop. Just keep going forward. Don't give yourself an alternative. When you let bad things that have happened by chance or because of other people define you, you have no power over your life.

Q: One goal you would like to achieve before 2014.
A: If I don't touch up the paint on the ceiling in my bedroom, I'm punching my own self in the face. That's been on my list for an eternity.

Q: What's something you hate?
A: Lateness, life size dolls, clowns, slugs, a dirty house, scary movies, weakness, martyrs, multimedia, repetitive noise, attention whores, traffic, running out of something, large crowds, cluttered kitchen counters,

What, you thought I could limit myself to one hated thing? I love to list what I loathe. You should know that by now.

Play along and tell me your answers! It's Friday. You have nothing else to do.


  1. "I think a lot of people would be better off in life if they just considered themselves a fucking warrior." <--- TRUTH RIGHT HERE.

    i don't understand it when people let the past dictate their future and i almost want to scream GET OVER IT ALREADY AND OPEN YOUR EYES!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I try VERY hard not to hate... anything!

  3. Hahah your one goal before 2014! Cracks me up. Do you have a tall enough ladder? I am very surprised during all your cleaning you haven't whipped out the paint and fixed it!!

  4. yeah i wouldn't go back in time either- ever. well maybe like to 5 mins ago where i didn't spill coffee on myself.

  5. Q: Any beauty secrets you're dying to share?
    A: Only that I need ALL of the secrets given to me. STAT. I am a mess when it comes to this stuff.

    Q: What's the best piece of advice ever given to you?
    A: Free Your Mind, the Rest Will Follow ... but seriously... The ones I tell myself and share most include: 'keep an open mind' and 'one day at a time.' Simple and (sometimes) doable. Also 'treat others as you'd like to be treated.' That's a big one for me.

    Q: Would you rather go back in time or remain where you are in terms of time of your life?
    A: Remain here. The future's possibilities are always better than what the past has to offer.

    Q: When you struggle in life, what keeps you going:
    A: Hope. No matter what you, have to have hope that things will get better tomorrow as long as you keep moving forward.

    Q: One goal you want to achieve by 2014?
    A: We have some financial savings goals we are working on for the next year or so, hope to be 3/4ths of the way there by Jan 1.

    Q: What's something you hate?
    A: I hate inconsistency in people. Unpredictability can be a fun trait, I don't mean that. I mean people with whom you never know what you're going to get - in attitude, engagement, effort, etc.

    TGIF, Steph!

  6. im looking for a new moisturizer and i looove trader joes so i'll have to try this.

    great quote as well!

  7. Can I just tell you how much I love reading your Friday fives. I always get a good laugh!!! Thanks for linking up today. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!!!

  8. I swear by Lancome's night cream, Clinique's acne lotion, and Makeup Forever foundation. Best piece of advice: remember you are never too old to try something new, chances are you will switch careers, move, and change your views on things-- and that is ok. I would go back in time and make some better school/career choices, but you couldn't pay me to go back to middle or high school. When I struggle in life, getting facts, making lists, and getting a plan calms me down. In 2014, I would like to finally find a job doing something I love. Something I hate…. know it alls, the tea party (i know you'll approve), an unorganized home, sloppy drunks and white Zinfandel. Have a great weekend Steph!

  9. My mother always said, "Mejor una amistad perdida que una tripa torcida." translation: Better a lost friendship than a twisted gut. I don't think I understood its full meaning until now. Its always been one of my favorite sayings.

  10. Great blog, as usual. Love the don't think, just be! Will be contemplating my own list of the above.
    I cannot repeat this enough- SPF 50 every day on the face, neck, whatever is showing. Most inexpensive beauty aid ever. Sun damage does not reverse usually!
    Safe travels this weekend. I will be in touch as always.
    Love your MOMMA

  11. I think "list what you loathe" should be a new blogger linkup. Just be reminds me of just keep livin' which reminds me of Matthew McConaughey which is always a good reminder.

  12. LOVE IT!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  13. A fabulous way to end your week. I love all of these.. Especially the "fucking warrior" bit. And the quotes.

    If ever you don't want to shell out the money for the Origins eye cream, First Aid Beauty 5-in-1 eye cream is the bees knees.

    Happy weekend, love!

  14. I really wanted to try some of those products! Glad you liked them!
    Check out my blog for a link up! Would love to have you

  15. Ha,ha! I loved your opening picture and the caption...given that my blog is called "I Carried a Watermelon," I totally agree. Best chick flick ever. :)

    I can so sympathize with you on the bedroom ceiling. We've lived here for 19 years. 19! And while some rooms have been painted or redecorated several times over...not one finger has been laid on our bedroom and it soooo looks it. It is the very next project.

  16. My fave is the answer to the struggle. I love it. It's exactly what I needed to read today. You're a wise old soul!

  17. Stacy - WHAT! Your blog is called I carried a watermelon and I don't know about it? You are a no reply email - what's the web address? I'd love to check it out.

    It's probably time for some repainting around the house for us.

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