Wednesday, August 21, 2013

mi casa es su casa

Come on in. The dogs will be there to greet you. By greet, I mean bark at you and jump on you.
You will enter into the living room. There will be dog hair everywhere, and a white pillow behind the chair that I always shove back there. The couch cushions will always have dog indents on the top cushions. It's important to me to have a clean house, but also one that's lived in. This is not a museum.
Next, the dining room. I love this room. I love the dining room set that we got on the cheap, the china cabinet Debbie and MFD picked up from a Craigs List deal I brokered, and my parents' old stereo stand that I repurposed to store platters and other not used often kitchen stuff in.
The dining room and kitchen, formerly separate rooms, are pretty much one big room now.
Down into the basement lair we go. To the right is the man cave - where the decor is MFD's domain and I can't throw things out without starting a world war.
The left of the steps leads to the glamorous areas - laundry and powder room the previous owners carved out amidst pipes. Hey, I'm just glad to have another toilet.
Tucked away off of this area is my library. Library in that it's where I store my books and can read quietly because no radio or TV exists in this area of the house. It also has a storage closet off of it with a second fridge. And a 6 ft tall bottle of Corona. And Darren Daulton.
Up two flights of steps from the basement is the top floor. I hate everything about this bathroom from the tile to the lack of space, but I adore the skylight.
Our room. I am frequently at war with closet doors, so I've removed them from many closets and replaced them with curtains on tension rods.
To round out the top floor, there are two spare rooms, and the room I'm scared of - MFD's office. It's where things go to die. The first room (the green room) is MFD's dressing room, so there are normally clothes all over this bed. He went away for the weekend so I got it at a good time. The blue room is where guests actually sleep, unless we have more than one at a time.
I didn't get to the yard, because I was lazy. Thanks to Big Hungry Shelby for the suggestion of a house tour post many moons ago, and thank you for stopping by.

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  1. i LOVE it!! i love your library; it's something that i need to do but hubby stole the spare bedroom and made it into his "dressing area" since i booted him out of the closet.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Love your yellow front door! So welcoming!

  3. Your yellow front door is a huge Pinterest WIN!!! It's so bright and screams "hey you! Come on up to this cozy house!"

    Your library.. I die. It's so Beauty & The Beast!! And no library is complete without a lifesize cutout of Dutch <3

  4. I love this, thanks for the shout out. Your kitchen is so gorg, and I, too, love the library. Thanks for stopping by, San Diego.

  5. I pretty much want all of your rugs. And the blue and brown striped chair. What a fun post!

  6. Love it! I need a little reading nook!

  7. Thanks for letting me stop by your casa today! hehe I love this post and getting a house tour!

  8. alright, your house is really pretty. seriously. not just saying that. it looks inviting. i'm coming over.

  9. Always love a good house tour. Your house a lived in, homey feel-- makes me want to come over for a glass of wine.

  10. I am loving that yellow front door! So fun and different. Also, I would love to be greeted by those little wrinkly pugs!!! I cant promise I wouldn't try to take them when I left though...

  11. I'm glad I'll have a place to stay when I come and visit. Also, I'm glad my couch is not the only one that has indents on top of the pillows. My 25 lb Schnauzer thinks he's a cat.

  12. I love that MFD has a dressing room!

    I have had "house tour" on my blog ideas list for months. I really need to get on that. It will give me a reason to put the sheets back on the guest bed. They've been sitting there since my dad and step-mom left a week and a half ago. Thank god I can shut the door and forget about it.

  13. I love that rug in the living room and of course the library. We tried like crazy to put in a reading nook for me in our house but it didn't work out.

    And you've reminded me that we need to decide on a backsplash. Ugh.

  14. The dog indents!! I see them! My parents couch has always looked the same way. (Hawkeye doesn't do things like that, she's a lady. Actually, she's too f-ing lazy to figure out how to climb up on them.)
    I like your house, it's a home. Clean, but loved. Like real people live there, not some show house.

  15. Love your home!!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. @Amanda - thanks! I am always happy to see my yellow door.

    @Mare - I'd have paisley everywhere if I could.

    @GenaHo - smile, child.

  17. Your house! It is so colorful and warm and welcoming. I'm on my way over to cook in your kitchen, k? See you in about 3 days.

  18. I love that you've painted so many rooms. I'm afraid of color and my house does look like a museum. Except for the playroom which is a giant mess all day, every day. Not dirty, just messy. Cute house!!

  19. Love it! Especially the yellow door!

  20. Blue Guest bed ever!! When Gus is done saying hello to you he will sit you down and tell you have the day he almost lost his toe..a pug war story. I am thinking about making a quilt for MFD's dressing room.


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