Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Five - Surprising Joys version

TGIF yo! Happy birthday to my friend Evan. I love Friday birthdays. 
So many things bring me joy that I never imagined would do so when I was growing up.

1. Cooking. In my early twenties, if my Dad and Carol weren't making dinner, my specialty was...chicken things on a round thing. That's actually what I said, which meant chicken nuggets on a round baking sheet. I started making dinners when I was 11 and I hated it because it was a chore. Now I love being in the kitchen and trying new recipes. I rarely repeat meals.

2. Coming home to or waking up in a clean house. I relish it. Seriously. I busted my ass last night making sure not a hair was out of place. I am positively giddy to spend time in my clean house this weekend.

3. Staying home. We used to be out five  nights a week. If I had to do that today, I'd cut a bitch. Being out all the time destroys my chi.

4. Being a dog mom. Even when it means cutting an evening short or getting up early when I don't want to because they can't open doors and let themselves out.

5. Getting up early. Sweet sassy molassy could I waste a day sleeping in my formative years. My mom used to find me sleeping after school too and always asked if I was bitten by the tsetse fly.

What are some of your unexpected joys?

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  1. I pretty much love everything you already said. Waking up to a clean house is THE BEST. I hate when my hubby says, "we'll do it in the morning".

  2. oh, i hear you on the staying your ass at home...i used to party 6 out of 7 days and now, i barely leave the house because i'm so comfy!

    also with the waking up - i used to sleep until 2pm! WTF was i thinking? now i'm up at the crack of dawn every day (5am) and wouldn't have it any other way.

    i'm an old fart :(

    have a great weekend!!

  3. HAHAHA, I love that you said "sweet sassy molassy". I say that a lot!!

    An unexpected joy for me is baking. It seems like a chore, but is totally worth it in the end.

  4. I definitely agree on the staying home bit. These days, I LOVE when we don't have plans.

    Coffee- I stayed away from it in college, and then when I went back to go to nursing school, I had my first sip. And... hooked.

    Being THAT GIRL who takes 9 squajillion photos of her cats

  5. So funny how you change! I used to think a cruise would be the most boring vacation ever - now I crave one. The clean house? It makes me purr with joy! Staying in is such a comfort now that I have my own home. Getting up early - holy crap, could I lose time! My internal clock could stay up all night and sleep all day. Never mind that I did NOTHING of value during the long nights! Now when I can't sleep, I look to the clock in the dark to see if it's ok to get up - I try to stay in bed till at least 4:30 or 5, and I get so excited when it's time for coffee and early morning sounds and sights!
    Cooking is a maybe thing. It was a detested chore growing up and when I became an adult with a husband, it felt like my duty... I don't respond well to duties. I virtually NEVER cooked during my marriage. This is not an exaggeration. Now that I have no duty to cook for a man or children, I like to cook for myself WHEN I CHOOSE TO, certain foods especially, and certain occasions. I still cook mass quantities when I do cook, just so I don't have to do it again for a while.
    Obviously, your post has piqued my interest... I may have to steal the idea, as I have so many times!

  6. I love your joys!! I really need to get your motivation for cleaning house. Right now I'm seeing dog toys all over the floor, and I have nothing in me to pick them up. Ha! And it's fun to remember those little things we first learned to cook. Sometimes I like to make those again to enjoy the simple things. Happy Friday! And thanks for linking up! Enjoy enjoying your clean house this weekend. I'm jealous! Ha!

  7. I'm liking the new header pictures and background!

    Dear god I love staying home and getting up early. Huge loser right here.

    I never thought I would like taking care of my yard/flowers, but now I am a freak about them and we are on a mission to have the best looking yard in the neighborhood. We actually discuss the pros and cons of diagonal v. straight lines when mowing the lawn.

  8. Another happy blog. Beautiful day!
    I am baking as we speak! Love to the max being home. Love being a dog mother. The clean gene did not come from me. I am happy when vacuumed and wiped down and love all of my 50 million pictures displayed- kind of cluttery, but I love it. #EVERYPICTURETELLSASTORY-don't it
    (singing the Rod Stewart song in my head now!) Ah, yes, the tse tse fly
    Now I say the same to Sean! You could sleep forever- but not as a baby LOL! Lovely blog!
    Have a happy TGIF!

    Love your MOMMA

  9. I agree with all of yours. I never thought that I would love to cook and clean and be domestic...who knew! Taking care of the little furballs brings me happiness as well. And if I don't wake up before 8 am I feel I have wasted my entire day! I usually have breakfast made, my work out in, the dogs fat and happy and my house super clean before 11 am every Saturday.

  10. Chicken things on a round thing! Oh, memories...

    I so agree on the staying home thing, as you know. I'm kind of hoping I might pull that off both tonight and tomorrow night.

    I don't sleep in like I used to but I'm still a champion napper.

  11. I agree with waking up early and staying home. I will also add napping in there. Although, I think I only hated napping when I was a wee one.

  12. Changing things up - i like the new look. Happy freaking Friday.

  13. I like your new look!

    For some reason, I still get really excited when I eat a salad and it tastes good. Some salads are free and boring and caesar but some are full of unexpected veggies and cheese. I get excited when I love a plate of (mostly) vegetables!

  14. I love nothing more than a clean house! Your #4 and #5 go hand in hand for me. Seamus does not let me sleep in on the weekend (6am is the latest) but I love being his fur mom more than anything!

  15. "Chicken things on a round thing" lol. I looove a clean house too, that's exactly what I just finished doing so I can relax tonight after the kiddos are in bed.

  16. Yes...all of these! Well, except the clean house part. I didn't not get the clean-house bug. I want a clean house, I just don't want to do it. i keep the floors clean, but the dust...oh the dust. Not enough time in my life for that. Happy Weekend!

  17. I WISH my house could be "clean". We don't have AC, so the doors and windows are usually open, which then lets in all the dust and dirt. Bleh.


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