Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Five - I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today version

TGIF! Am I right?

I have a good job, and I like it. However, if someone would like to pay me to do any of the following, I'd gladly take the check.

1. Be a stay at home person. I would cook every blessed thing from scratch, clean like the orphans in Miss Hannigan's orphanage, declutter and organize everything to within an inch of its life, and give my dogs more attention than they could handle. I'd also run errands like a boss. I am efficient and I get shit done. It pleases me to map out my errands. Hell, I'd even like to get paid to run errands and organize shit for other people.

2. Read books. I don't want to review books, I don't like doing that. But I'd love to just get paid to read them. I'm a fast reader so I'd make bank.

3. To live in Strathmere, run a coffee shop, and blog about it. Whoever was cutting the check would provide me with a house down there too, naturally.

4. Take Disney cruises to pose as a guest and have an eye on quality control.

5. Write Beverly Hills 90210 fan fiction, picking up from where the series left off.
What obscure things do you wish you were paid to do?

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  1. when i was a stay at home person for 9 months, i KILLED it so i'd definitely want to get paid for that...except i didn't really cook all that much but did a whole lot of relaxing and working out!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Lol, I heart you. I'm a SAH person, and I suck ass at it.
    Steve-"did you get kitty litter?"
    Me- "no."

    I'm with you on the coffee thing. My dream is to open a coffee shop called "Caffeine" and only sell S-M-L coffee flavored coffee. No venti mocha choca latta ya ya's at my place.

    Please PLEASE get on that 90210 fan fiction.

  3. I would like to get paid to organize and declutter people's shit. I would be awesome at throwing away other people's crap. I also would like to be a cleanliness inspector. I would go to people's houses and tell them if they were cleaning good enough.

    I'd get on board with judging Christmas light displays as well. I have very strict standards for outdoor Christmas lights: you don't mix light sizes, don't mix colors unless artfully done, avoid inflatable decorations at all costs, etc. I am a grade A Christmas light judger.

  4. Things I'd like to do and get paid:

    --Nap. I'd be a millionaire in a week.
    --Tell the library which books should have 800 copies and which should have 1. Or zero.
    --Correct people's grammar on their Facebook posts. This would also lead to rapid millionaire status.
    --Decide what type of pet people should have. Like a for pet owners.
    --Something involving beaches and booze and bands. Not sure what.

  5. Amen to #1. Although I might get bored, but I could totally stay at home all day and relax. I would also love for someone to pay me to shop for them. Or they could pay me to shop for myself. :)

    Great list!! And I love that pic at the top!

  6. My dream is to be a professional organizer. Hoarders doesn't make me cringe, I just want to get to work! Well some of those dirty birdies do make me cringe but the houses that are just filled with too much stuff - my minimalist self wants nothing better than to get all over that!

  7. I'm with you — I can think of a thousand things I would like to get paid for, but of course we all know that would probably never happen! Ha! Happy Friday Steph! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for linking up today!

  8. I thank the universe every day that I can be home. I need to work on the cleaning. OMG I love my homemade CD's that you make for me! I wish you could be paid for doing that. I will always take that instead of a bought xmas or bday gift. Had one on this morning, belting out Don't Stop Believin' like I did at your house on NY's day. I would love to have books I loved go on with sequels!
    I would like to be paid to spread joy, love, positive energy, all good stuff. Like the Dalai Lama- I am sure he does not show up for nothing! AND he has no experience with the marriage, kids situation. He is a peaceful guy, tho.
    Another superb day. Carpe Diem.
    Love your MOMMA

  9. Oh and I love
    I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today!
    "Wimpy" from Popeye!
    your MOMMA

  10. Now I want a hamburger. Real bad.

    Agreed on the reading books part, and as you know, I'd also like to be paid for watching TV.

    Similar to Jana but slightly different, I'd like to be the proofreader for all restaurant menus and websites.

  11. This is super cheesy but I would love to get paid to watch Hallmark movies. Yes. Yes. That would be cool. I am that pathetic.

  12. i recently tweeted i would be a great stay at home dog mom. i really would.

  13. You should do #5, I'd totally buy it and I'm not even ashamed to say so.
    I would love to organize other people's shit for money. I do it already for my friends for free, I love it. It would be awesome to make a living from it.

  14. BEST answers EVER. 90210 fiction is something I would fully support. Also, if you figure out that Disney thing - let me know. I could go on their vacations all the time. Don't mind me while I sit at my desk and daydream the rest of the day. Happy freaking Friday.

  15. I totally WISH someone paid me to stay at home like this!

  16. Laughing out loud at #5. I would be a champion kitty snuggler, or IMDB and wikipedia researcher. Not sure why anyone would want that, but I could do it.

  17. I want to go on Disney cruises professionally too or sit on a beach in Mexico with little umbrella drinks!! I would do such a fabulous job!! ;)

  18. I would do anything to be a stay-at-home Mama! I would definitely kill it...but since I can't the Hubs better just be happy with a messy home and semi-homemade meals.

    that is all.

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  19. I would totally love to be paid to stay home. I would love to be a puppy foster mom. Or to ride horse but not to clean up after them, just ride them.

  20. I would love to get paid for sitting around giving my opinion on everything. So like Oprah, but cooler.

  21. I liked the quality control one! I've always dreamed of being a baker!

  22. I wish I were payed to pin in Pinterest! I 'm doing it constantly. LOL xo

  23. Could I get paid to go shopping? And by get paid to go shopping I mean make money for completing the task and have money give to me to purchase the products/clothes. Yes please, thanks!

  24. Totally agree with you on getting paid to be on a cruise ship :) Le sigh...

  25. I wish I could afford to hire you as my live in maid, dog walker, drinking partner, reader, and whatever else you'd want. It'd be the most fun evah!

  26. I'm down for any of these jobs! I'd also add a taste tester of some sort.

  27. Haha! Maybe I could get paid to read your Bev Hills, 90210 fan fiction?


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