Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Farewell my summer love, farewell...


The days grow shorter, imperceptibly at first then more noticeably, daylight fading earlier. As soon as the daylight shifts, I get a weird sense of foreboding. I have the desire to grab on to what's around me as if it's all slipping away.

Melancholy: a pensive or thoughtful gloom. Every year around this time I get a case of summer melancholy.

To me, it's a few sparks of reason-less sadness that visit me as the end of August approaches every year. Twinges that are almost akin to regret, leaving me looking around wondering what I'm regretting. It's weird. I'm not prone to even small bouts of depression, it's rare that I can't shake a shit feeling within three hours, no matter how bad it is or what it's about. I don't love summer so I don't care that it's ending. What brings this on?

For most of our lives, August is the end - the end of freedom, the beginning of school and routine. Time to reenter civilization, to restore order, to wear shoes. Even though I've worked 30+ hours a week every summer since 1993,  mid-August still screams it's all ending to me. Cue the Last Song at Kellerman's. It's like it's ingrained in my brain chemistry.
Summer is the subject of so many songs, including lots of melancholy ballads that make us ache for something we can't even put a name to. Movies and books teach us about the intensity, heat, and sweetness of summer, and also about how fleeting each of those is. And that is true...at no other point in the year does time seem to fly as fast as it does in the summer.
All of these things combine to cloak summer in a gauzy, romantic myth. It ensnares us and bewitches even those of us who profess disinterest in it. Summer: the season we hold aloft above the others. Summer: when laziness seems permissible across the board, when the world seems to slow down on its own accord. Summer: when value is placed on relaxing but also in seeming juxtaposition to relaxing; there's an emphasis placed on being outside doing, squeezing every drop of daylight out of every single day until the night air carries a chill and porch lights come on before eight.
Do you have a touch of the summer melancholy? I hear it's easily cured by bright scarves, the football, rich leather bags, and new cardigan sweaters.


  1. Well I do now!! Just kidding! The end of summer is tough the warmer well really gets people moving more but I am looking forward to scarves and boot season!

  2. I want to write something really deep and thought provoking, but all I can think of is...

    Daytime, nighttime, any hour whether rain of shine,
    Games and lectures, dogs and music happily combine.

    Join hands and hearts and voices
    Voices, hearts and hands
    At Kellermans the friendships last long
    As the mountains stand.

  3. a little...the start of the school year always bums me out but i counter that with fall shopping LOL. you should too!! haha

    Vodka and Soda

  4. The only good thing about the end of summer is the beginning of fall. It goes by too quickly!

  5. Yes! the only cure to the end of summer for me is the beautiful colors of autumn, scarves and pumpkins!!

  6. I think it all goes back to when we were kids and summer meant total freedom. Even though we don't really have that freedom anymore -- with those pesky jobs and other grown up responsibilities -- we can't help but feel it.

  7. Summer ending gets confusing for me. I love the long days of summer, the bright sunshine, the flip flops, the beach....yet I can't wait for fall. Bring on the football, pumpkin flavored beverages and cooler days. It is sad to see it go...but I can stand for temps in the 80's instead of 90's!

  8. I feel this way come new year. I hate it when the holidays are over (my favorite time of year). With the new year comes all these expectations of growth and improvement and goals when all I want to do is stay the same and stare at my Christmas tree.

  9. I love summer. I definitely feel a twinge of sadness when it starts to fade.

  10. I never thought of it that way before. I do enjoy the laziness aspect, but it's so damn hot here that I am usually more than ready for it to end.

  11. yes, i am very melancholy about summer ending it. it just always seems to go by so fast.

  12. I have always loved the end of Summer. Once my birthday passes, I'm ready for colder weather, sweaters, football and blankets. But I'm a huge lover of the changing of seasons, as opposed to the seasons themselves.

  13. Nope. No sadness here. BUT even with school back, it will feel like summer for over another month. I love fall. The crisp cool breeze. And pumpkins. Pumpkin flavored everything!

  14. Late to the comments today! It was hot as Hades at Sean's scrimmage.
    Summer is back right now. I could do summer for at least half the year and split the rest with spring and fall.
    NO.WINTER.EVER! Summer is carefree, summer hours, people on vacation more so than any other time of the year.
    more RELAXXXXXXED as Stephen would say. Wish we could do Zumba in the pool tonight! See you soon.
    love your MOMMA

  15. In Tampa, we have sadly, two-three more months of "summer", and have to fake Fall, lol.

  16. I love all the seasons. I do though not love the humidity of summer or the bugs. I believe the panic I feel is due to the earlier darkness. End Daylight Savings Now!!!! Who is with me????

  17. I thought fall was on its way, but it is 88 today and upper 80s and 90s through next week. I am so torn over not wanting summer to end and my love of fall.

    The thing about fall though, is that it brings winter and 782 months of darkness, cold, and depression.

  18. I don't have summer melancholy at all because it's my least favorite season. But since it's grey and rainy 7-8 months a year, we definitely hold on to these last few weeks and spend as much time outside as possible. I'm exhausted and just want to curl up with a book, but I know I'll have 8 months to do that.

  19. MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!!! Found this post by googling, "melancholy feeling end of summer" You totally nailed it, thank you~ I loved every word!

    "I SAID GOOD DAY" ~ Fez, haha! ;)


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