Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School Reminiscing

As a young girl, back to school meant a full new wardrobe at each season, bought at Caldor in the Leo Mall, Santarians in the Bucks County Mall, and The Childrens Place in Cinnaminson. When we went to The Childrens Place, my dad would visit his uncle who lived nearby, while my Mom and I did the trying on and the gnashing of teeth and picking out clothes. No matter how hot it was on the first day, I always wanted to wear a sweater.

By fifth grade, I had every high top Reebok color known to man, and a lot of Guess jeans to boot. Junior high meant Skidz and ZCavs. High school was large sweaters, flannel shirts, Doc Martens, Gap boxers, Gap cuffed jean shorts, KSwiss. Hey 1980s. Hey early 90s.
I remember hemming and hawing over which Trapper Keeper to get in McCrory's or Woolworth and getting in trouble for taking too long. So much pressure! Such a huge decision! One I'd have to live with all year. Then in high school wanting just a plain binder so I could graffiti all over it myself.
Since I was a nerd, I really looked forward to going back to school in elementary school because the Scholastic Book Program would be waiting for me. All those books, mine to order. Not to mention the Book It program from Pizza Hut. All I had to do to get free pan pizzas was read? SIGN ME UP.

In high school, I tried to be cooler about the first day of school, but the fact is that I was still up most of the night before, thinking of all of the possibilities. Wondering if I'd get lost in the maze that was high school. Wondering if I'd be able to get to my locker and class on time. Trying to remember where the fuck G Hall was.

College meant new reversible comforters, crates as furniture, a hot plate I never used, a case of Ramen noodles from Sam's Club, and freedom.

It's been 15 years since my last official back to school. I miss the excitement, the anticipation, the anxious in a good way feeling. I still buy some new pens and round out my sweater collection at the end of August, but it's not the same.

What was your favorite part of back to school time?

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    my fav part of back to school was back to school shopping. that's it. then i dreaded the first day because i hated getting up so early!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I too was a nerd. I could never fall asleep the night before school started.

    College students have some interesting outfits today. I wonder when people are going to realize that high waisted shorts and crop tops didn't work on anyone in the 90s and don't work on anyone now either.

  3. I was definitely a nerd and while I liked getting new clothes I was alllll about the school supplies! I loved getting pens, folders, and notebooks. I still find myself parousing the office supplies every time I'm at the store.

  4. I haven't thought about Book It in years, free pizza for reading books I love? Yes please!

    I think new clothes were always my favorite back to school purchase.

  5. Love this. I still have my black high-top Reebok's(not a surprise, I am sure) They stabilize your ankles and are warm. Oh, the Trapper Keeper!Your brother's favorite now is the Mead 5 subject spiral notebook, our fav pencils, too and G-something gel pens. We always had tons of school supply back-ups, too.
    You got new wardrobes every spring/summer, fall/winter from when you were born, since you were the first and only child for 6 yrs!!
    I loved the book clubs, too,& since we were a 2 parent working family, we could buy and buy!
    Love that you have all these pictures. Thanks to the internet!
    Carpe diem!
    love your MOMMA

  6. Yesss!! I loved the Book It program!! My mom was a librarian, so we read a ton anyway. Those personal pan pizzas were the best.

  7. OMG, the Scholastic Book program. YES!

    I also just bought some new pens and a couple pairs of jeans as back to school nostalgia.

  8. ahh the book days, those were my favorite as well. I got so excited every time. I have never heard of a trapper keeper but I'm interested.

  9. I was allowed one item from Abercrombie a school year. I spent forever trying to decide what the one thing would be. Now you couldn't pay me to wear their clothes!

  10. It's been 4 years since my first back to school... but since that was law school, I'm certainly not in the stage of missing it yet!
    Trapper keepers though, I miss trapper keepers... I think I was always a 'shit people say' blogger, I used to cover my trapper keeper with the hilarious quotes people said in high school.

  11. BOOK IT!!!! OMG!!! I completely forgot about this! When I saw the pictures, my mouth dropped and I started laughing! And the Reebok high tops....oh yeah!!

  12. If I said I didn't miss Trapper Keepers I'd be lying.

  13. Back to school had a smell all its own! (Maybe it was the book bags, or the school itself... )

  14. I never had a trapper keeper. Too expensive. But I did take forever to pick out the cool folders.

    My mom too us shopping at Weiners because they had layaway. WOW! I miss the stirrup pants!

  15. Did your Children's Place have a slide in it? Because mine did and that made it my favorite store. Picking binders was too much for me. I totally miss getting a new wardrobe!

  16. I loved my trapper keeper. I kept so much crap in it lol!

  17. Trapper keepers were for sure a life altering decision! Plus don't forget all the fun coordinating folders that you would need to go with it. The pens and pencils. The book bag to carry it all in. The shiny scrunchies for your hair.

    And Book It!!! I loved Book It! No one knows what the hell I am talking about down south...so maybe it was just a northern thing? I grew up in PA you know...

  18. The Book It! program still exists. Maybe we forgot to use the coupons, though...

    My favorite part of back to school was new supplies. Big surprise, I didn't care at all about clothes but I did stress about my first day of school outfit. Also who I would sit with on the bus and who I had lunch with.

    College I mostly worried about NO 8AM CLASSES! Favorite part was finding out all of them started at 10:30.

  19. I just bought a new composition notebook and two packs of pens. Good gracious, I love back to school. I had all but forgotten about my bubble gum pink Reeboks!

  20. I've been in such a rotten depression this year over not going back...that being said, my favorite was always new binders and notebooks. The brighter the better. And new planners too!

  21. I still get the butterflies before the first day of school. Every year. I also love supply shopping.

  22. Scholastic Book Program the end all for me. Thankfully for your Mom we too had at least one new outfit to go to school in each year. Hot weather did not stop the corduroy wearing lol.

  23. Gap boxers as shorts, right? That's what we did! Our school district outlawed Trapper Keepers because they always fell apart. Boo! I also LOVED the book sales. I can't wait for Nolan to get into elementary so I, I mean, he can order books! And book fairs in the school library? Those were THE BEST!


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