Friday, August 30, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom from September 1 Babies

One of my best friends and my husband share a birthday on September 1. We have two other friends with that birthday (AJ & Drew), as well as Evan & Jenny's son Griffin. It's a popular day in our lives. My June babies shared their pearls of wisdom, so I decided to ask my September 1 babies to do the same. Enjoy!

1. Love your pets as much as you love your family and friends...the unconditional love you receive from them is unmatched.
2. Always drink responsibly, even when you don't!
3. Love your spouse or partner as much as you love your pets.
4. Always remember to pack underwear. And bring flushable wipes when traveling.
5. Follow the golden rule, always!!!
1. I’ve learned to never act your age, it’s overrated.  With age comes responsibility and I do not need any more of that.
2. Wine goes with everything, at any time, with anything, with every occasion.
3. I have discovered I have severe road rage.  Mini vans do not belong in the left lane.  If I could instill anything in current and would-be drivers it would be Left lane= pass, Right line= drive like a snail. Other than that, I’m a very happy person!
4. I love my friends and family.  My friends have become my family!  Cherish every moment you spend with them!
5. Disney is the most magical place on earth and I would like to move into Cinderella’s castle.  It’s my happy place!
6. Don’t be afraid to go anywhere or do anything by yourself.  Who cares if others stare or what they say.  I can do what I want, when I want and where I want!  I am Sunshine and I will spread it around!

And there you have it. I wish you all a wonderful long weekend, and I wish my September 1 babies a very happy birthday on Sunday. Love you guys!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Thoughts.

1. Happy birthday to my first dog, my Gussie. Cheeseburger for you tonight, buddy. Hell, cheeseburgers for all dogs. It's good to be a dog in our house. 

2. I am not going to join the ranks in saying Miley Cyrus is a slut/whore/etc. How you dress doesn't make you a whore. Come on ladies, you know better than that. As for her grinding up on Beetlejuice Thicke, it's an act - performers put them on all the time. If anyone should be getting boo'd for that, it's the man - he's married. Was it overall inappropriate? No. The VMAs aren't for children's eyes, they've always been provocative and envelope pushing. I also don't think she has a responsibility to kids because she was Hannah Montana. If she wants to get freaky on stage in front of the world and have them tweet about it, that's her bag. I personally think she's a talentless twat, but that has nothing to do with her looks. My main problem with Miley is that fucking tongue. I feel like I'm going to have a seizure if I have to see her tongue again. Put it away. Use it in private. Cripes.
3.Maisie update: Gus is not snarling at her EVERY time she comes up on the couch, just every fifth time now. She's mastered the art of being underfoot just like the boys have, and a call to her old vet informed us that she's not two, she's almost four. Tuesday night all three dogs slept in the same bed and hellfire did not rain down from anyone. Thanks for all of your congrats! and she's cute!s and even your you're crazy!s. She is very happy with us and I'm happy knowing she won't be a bait dog.
4. I am dying for this long weekend ahead.My fingers are itching to do some reorganization. Two rooms are crying out to be purged. And in the kitchen: some food prep and freezing (sauce, rice, veggies). And I just need to relax. I feel like I've been on the go or away a lot.

5. Tomorrow's Friday Five will be brought to you by two September 1 babies: MFD and Debbie. We also have two other friends and our friends' son who have a September 1 birthday. It's a popular day.
6. Syria is a fucking mess.

7. I'm ready for casserole season. Anyone else?

8. I'm ready for the return of Homeland, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Nashville, CSI, Parks & Rec, The Good Wife, and The Vampire Diaries.  I'm also interested in checking out Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Blacklist, The Millers, Sean Saves the World, Dracula, and The Originals. Usually one of the new shows is a keeper, and one of the the old ones bites it.

9. Engine Engine Number Nine 
on the New York transit line 
If my train jumps off the track 
pick it up pick it up pick it up

10. Ecard of the week:
Get out there and be awesome today.

Quick! Hit me with three random thoughts you've had in the past hour. Go.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The poop on my Erin Condren Planner - is it worth the $$?

Things I love:
1. The extra space on the side where I put my blog posts for the week and my meals for the week + the sturdy colored tabs that make the planner easy to navigate.
2. The monthly spread - I need a spread for the month, and the boxes are roomy enough for me to write in.
3. I like how each day is blocked out into Morning - Day - Night.

Things I don't like:
1. Writing on the Wednesday blocks - when you're a righty, the spiral gets in the way and you have to angle yourself oddly.
2. Bleed through when I use my colored sharpie pens. I've never had a planner that did not bleed through, so this is par for the course.

Things I don't use:
1. The contact pages. I'd rather have extra note pages.
2. The colored stickers. I can see who they would be useful for - one color per kid, one color per sport, etc. It doesn't really apply to me.
3. While I don't refer to this weekly or even monthly, I love that they include 2015 & 2016 calendars in the planner that ends in December 2014. I like to be able to refer ahead. I need to know what years I will have to take off for my birthday.

The Particulars:
1 x 2013-2014 life planner -zen gems (PLN14-19) = $62.50 (base $50)
line 1 : Stephanie 
i would like an 18-month calendar! 
july 2013 - december 2014 ($ 5.00)
extra colorful stickers 
no, please do not add extra colorful stickers
colorful pens 
no, please do not add a set of colorful markers
pen holder 
yes, i would like to add an adhesive pen holder ($ 2.50)
2 personalized notepads 
no, please do not add notepads
elastic bands 
no, please do not add a set of 3 colorful elastic bands

Sub-Total: $62.50
Shipping Rate (FedEx Economy Ground (2-5 business days)): $8.65
Gift Voucher Amount Redeemed (EGC2002727BXU23RA6): -$25.00
Total: $46.15

FYI - I won the $25 gift card in a giveaway. I got nothing from Erin Condren for this review, it's all my own opinion.

I'm not an electronic calendar girl. Never have been, never will be. I need to write it down in my serial killer handwriting and display it for all of you.

I am not opposed to paying a high price for a planner - I virtually live and die by it. It keeps all of my appointments, it maps out my professional and personal lives, and it keeps me on top of things. I am a former Franklin Covey girl, and the inserts were at least $50/year. I get a lot of value from my planners and I'm willing to pay a high price for them.

Since this planner is 18 months, I'm using it for $3.47 a month. I spend more than that for a large iced coffee at DD once a week, and I love my DD but it's not giving me any long-term payoff.

Paying $3.47/month to be organized and effective is worth it to me. Could I do it for cheaper? Sure. The quality assembly and durability of this planner makes me feel more secure than one I pick up in Target though. It has weight and presence, and the cute design and energetic colors don't hurt either. I consider it money well spent.

Erin Condren, I'm a fan. Put her on your Christmas list this year and kick 2014's ass organizationally.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School Reminiscing

As a young girl, back to school meant a full new wardrobe at each season, bought at Caldor in the Leo Mall, Santarians in the Bucks County Mall, and The Childrens Place in Cinnaminson. When we went to The Childrens Place, my dad would visit his uncle who lived nearby, while my Mom and I did the trying on and the gnashing of teeth and picking out clothes. No matter how hot it was on the first day, I always wanted to wear a sweater.

By fifth grade, I had every high top Reebok color known to man, and a lot of Guess jeans to boot. Junior high meant Skidz and ZCavs. High school was large sweaters, flannel shirts, Doc Martens, Gap boxers, Gap cuffed jean shorts, KSwiss. Hey 1980s. Hey early 90s.
I remember hemming and hawing over which Trapper Keeper to get in McCrory's or Woolworth and getting in trouble for taking too long. So much pressure! Such a huge decision! One I'd have to live with all year. Then in high school wanting just a plain binder so I could graffiti all over it myself.
Since I was a nerd, I really looked forward to going back to school in elementary school because the Scholastic Book Program would be waiting for me. All those books, mine to order. Not to mention the Book It program from Pizza Hut. All I had to do to get free pan pizzas was read? SIGN ME UP.

In high school, I tried to be cooler about the first day of school, but the fact is that I was still up most of the night before, thinking of all of the possibilities. Wondering if I'd get lost in the maze that was high school. Wondering if I'd be able to get to my locker and class on time. Trying to remember where the fuck G Hall was.

College meant new reversible comforters, crates as furniture, a hot plate I never used, a case of Ramen noodles from Sam's Club, and freedom.

It's been 15 years since my last official back to school. I miss the excitement, the anticipation, the anxious in a good way feeling. I still buy some new pens and round out my sweater collection at the end of August, but it's not the same.

What was your favorite part of back to school time?

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Monday, August 26, 2013

the weekend that was

Roadtrip to Bradford County with Debbie and the dogs.

Saturday coffee outside with two of the happiest dogs ever. They love to run free at Lori & Jack's.
They were even happier to head over the bridge and into the woods.
We watched Max and Winston swim, visited the waterfall which was devoid of water, frolicked, saw lovely flowers, and ate fresh blackberries.
Debbie, Lori and I took a short jaunt to the Cheese Factory, LeRaysville Market and Dandy.
We took to the deck to read magazines, eat lunch, drink wine, watch the dogs play, and relax.
We had ice cream before dinner. Jack made corn, burgers and dogs on a charcoal grill. I haven't eaten off of a charcoal grill in forever. It was delicious. Marshmallow roasting and a fire followed.
Sunday morning coffee and fire outside, followed by another lovely walk in the woods and one of Jack's big breakfasts.
Three hours later, we were back home. I love visiting Jack & Lori's - they are excellent hosts, it's so beautiful and relaxing, and the dogs absolutely love it.

While we were away, MFD was picking up our newest family member: 2 year-old Maisie, a pug mix. Her owners didn't want her anymore. Gus is not well with this addition. Send us good wishes for improved pack assimilation.
Hope you had a lovely weekend. Tell me all about it.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Friday Five + One = Six. Oh shit, math.

There is nothing about Dirty Dancing in this post. But there should be something about Dirty Dancing in every post. 
TGIF mofos! I hope you made it through your week unscathed.

Grab a seat and play Six Things You Should Know About Me -  courtesy of Jen at That's What She Read and Chelsea at Red Velvet Rooster. I cheated and googled Six Things and amassed my own list of questions.

Q: Any current beauty secrets you're dying to share?
A: I am extremely pleased with my daily face regimen. Origins Checks & Balances cleanser, First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, sunblock (changing this up soon), Trader Joe's antioxidant moisturizer, Origins Plantscription anti-aging eye cream. I also adore this new lotion I picked up last week.

Q: What's the best piece of advice anyone has given you?
A: The piece of advice that I use most often is: "Don't think so much, just be." It's a line from Ordinary People by Judith Guest. I repeat it when I am over thinking things, when I'm obsessing over something, when I can't quiet my mind so I can relax. Try it!

Q: Would you rather go back in time or remain where you are in terms of the time of your life?
A: There is no way in hell I'd go back in time. Some times were fun, some were not, but life holds a lot less angst all around in the mid-thirties.

Q: When you struggle in life, what keeps you going?
A: I never forget that I am made of strong stuff. I think a lot of people would be better off in life if they just considered themselves a fucking warrior. If you need to cry, you cry. If you need to call your best friend, you call your best friend. If you need to break some dishes, you break some dishes. Then you shut up and move on, and you don't carry bullshit with you. Can't stop, won't stop. Just keep going forward. Don't give yourself an alternative. When you let bad things that have happened by chance or because of other people define you, you have no power over your life.

Q: One goal you would like to achieve before 2014.
A: If I don't touch up the paint on the ceiling in my bedroom, I'm punching my own self in the face. That's been on my list for an eternity.

Q: What's something you hate?
A: Lateness, life size dolls, clowns, slugs, a dirty house, scary movies, weakness, martyrs, multimedia, repetitive noise, attention whores, traffic, running out of something, large crowds, cluttered kitchen counters,

What, you thought I could limit myself to one hated thing? I love to list what I loathe. You should know that by now.

Play along and tell me your answers! It's Friday. You have nothing else to do.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. I take too many pictures of my dogs, my feet, my nails, my drinks, the sky, food in general, and coffee, and I'm not planning to stop any time soon. For evidence of this extreme abuse of subjects: Instagram feed.
2. I also go to extremes with getting too many books out of the library at once. I will also not be stopping that. Currently reading...what are you reading?

3. I used to over-schedule weekends. Now I say no to people and have a happier life and don't feel like killing people as much. tra la la laaaaaaa. MFD still tries to over-commit us to things and I appear like the bad guy when I say no, but Honey Badger don't give a shit.
4. Who is watching The Vineyard? Worst most scripted show on television with the stupidest most vapid assholes on it, yet I still watch it. I have issues.
5. I have been in a Sopranos coma. I can't get enough even though this is my second time watching it. On to season three.

6. Reply all in an email that is not conversational or requiring any reply: why?

7. I waged war on Comcast this week and got our bill lowered by $50 a month. That will do until I get my ass in gear with streaming and cancel cable all together.

8. My mind is churning with my Fall To Do list. I guess that means I should complete everything on the Summer to Do list, hmm?

9. Guess what September is? Another spending freeze month. No unnecessary/non-budgeted spending. Look for another spending freeze diary of sin like this one and this one. I am embarking on this Stop Spending in September freeze with Marla from Luck Fupus. Would you care to join us? We're sharing our shit, i shouldn't have spent that diaries on October 1.

10. Ecard of the week. Truth.
Oh come on, ladies. God wouldn't have given you maracas if he didn't want to shake 'em. Go get it, Thursday.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

mi casa es su casa

Come on in. The dogs will be there to greet you. By greet, I mean bark at you and jump on you.
You will enter into the living room. There will be dog hair everywhere, and a white pillow behind the chair that I always shove back there. The couch cushions will always have dog indents on the top cushions. It's important to me to have a clean house, but also one that's lived in. This is not a museum.
Next, the dining room. I love this room. I love the dining room set that we got on the cheap, the china cabinet Debbie and MFD picked up from a Craigs List deal I brokered, and my parents' old stereo stand that I repurposed to store platters and other not used often kitchen stuff in.
The dining room and kitchen, formerly separate rooms, are pretty much one big room now.
Down into the basement lair we go. To the right is the man cave - where the decor is MFD's domain and I can't throw things out without starting a world war.
The left of the steps leads to the glamorous areas - laundry and powder room the previous owners carved out amidst pipes. Hey, I'm just glad to have another toilet.
Tucked away off of this area is my library. Library in that it's where I store my books and can read quietly because no radio or TV exists in this area of the house. It also has a storage closet off of it with a second fridge. And a 6 ft tall bottle of Corona. And Darren Daulton.
Up two flights of steps from the basement is the top floor. I hate everything about this bathroom from the tile to the lack of space, but I adore the skylight.
Our room. I am frequently at war with closet doors, so I've removed them from many closets and replaced them with curtains on tension rods.
To round out the top floor, there are two spare rooms, and the room I'm scared of - MFD's office. It's where things go to die. The first room (the green room) is MFD's dressing room, so there are normally clothes all over this bed. He went away for the weekend so I got it at a good time. The blue room is where guests actually sleep, unless we have more than one at a time.
I didn't get to the yard, because I was lazy. Thanks to Big Hungry Shelby for the suggestion of a house tour post many moons ago, and thank you for stopping by.

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