Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. Things I'm over: firework photos. They all look alike. The one you just posted looks like the five you posted before that.

2. I'm not a summer girl. I lack focus in the summer. I don't like that. I hate the heat and humidity. I love going to the shore, swimming in the pool, and days with longer light, but I can't say it's my favorite time of year. Summer in the city is hot and smells like urine and BO. So basically if I'm not at the shore or in the pool, go away, summer.

3. Under the Dome - who's watching? I love Barbie. I hate the Junior/Trapped Girl storyline. He's a total fucking creeper and that arc adds nothing to the show.
4. Today is my Friday.

5. This week in annoyances: When people say "this brain of mine, this life of mine, this heart of mine" instead of my brain, my life, my heart, etc. The former sounds laborious, stunted, and podunk to me. Except, of course, when Axl Rose croons, "whoa oh oh Sweet Child O' Mine...oh oh oh oh sweet love of mine."

6. If I don't get some emails from the library telling me I have books to pick up today, I'm going to stamp my feet like a tiny tantrum throwing stink turd who was just told no a thousand times. edited to add I got an email in the wee hours, four books are in! Beach reading, commence. 

7. Do people know that not everything should be a video on Instagram? There's some overload happening there. Amateur videographer bitches be crazy.

8. We all know people who are stone cold assholes through and through, they always have been and always will be...but most of us are pretty great, just as we are. Appreciate yourself in your evolution as a human being.
9. E-card of the week:

10. I'm off to Cape May tomorrow for Girls' Weekend. My friend Gwen who blogs at Confessions of a Gila Monster is going to give you the Friday Five.


  1. Fire work pictures are always not that great, I mean unless the photographer is really amazing, using a tripod, etc etc. I've been thinking of getting back into instagram, but now that've read that people are overusing the video feature I'm a wee bit turned off by it.

  2. 1. AGREED.
    3. I want to check out that show. It sounds interesting.
    5. I feel the same way about "on the regular" or even worse, "on the reg." Just say regularly, dammit.

  3. I'm up at 2am so of course I'm coming to your blog. It is pretty unbearably hot and you have permission to strike me if I say this blank of mine. Now I want to put it in my blog post just for fun.

  4. This heart of mine wants to be in Cape May!!! Just kidding... but my whole me wants to be there! NOW!

  5. Love the e-cards! I love sarcasm, but have stunted mine since some people just do not get it and become offended. Agree on the saltwater, especially my Healing Ocean/Opulent Oasis. Our pool is a constant, calming joy & a dream come true. So happy to have a cement pond(quoting Jed Clampett!)Love and lights and angels to you and the girls for a glorious time this 4 day weekend!
    Fireworks are not fun anymore, because of the trauma to our furry kids!
    I need to say that I do not like Merica for America.
    Count all of your blessings always, first!!!!!Keeps your life so much happier. #TAKEITFROMME
    Also, send positive energy/love to those who are in a funk!
    Love your MOMMA

  6. Oh, I guess I should have kept reading before asking about Dome. Haha! I think that storyline is so weird too. He got way too creepy, way too fast. Barbie is the only character that doesn't make me cringe.

    Firework photos are the worst! I feel the same way about cloud photos. Sunsets are cool, skies are boring. I also hate summer. I totally went overboard with video grams at the concert the other night. I apologize. They were my first vids and I probably won't take any ever again. I annoyed myself.

  7. I wish instagram hadn't done videos. Second pet peeve with them-- people who "latergrams". Um, its instagram, either post what you are doing right now, or go to somewhere else.

  8. I am with you on the fireworks photos. They all look the same and the fireworks are the same fireworks that I have seen the last 31 years of my life. My mom actually posted a freaking video of them on Facebook and then was like "did you see my video??" This is so much worse because I was actually AT the same fireworks as her.

    I am extremely jealous of your girl's weekend and I am number 74 on the waiting list for a book at the library. So annoying.

  9. Love the ecard. I just got back from the beach. I wish I was still there. I could live there, I swear.

  10. I'm watching Under the Dome. It's okay. Apparently in the books, Junior was crazier and killed his girlfriend on the first day, so maybe there will be a payoff to that story line? I hate that any cop, especially the female cop, was dumb enough to get locked in a cell. I'm just glad it's only 13 episodes so they have to have some kind of resolution, soon.

  11. I just internet high fived you. Stellar.

  12. hi...decided to stop by after seeing your comments on pretty much everyone i love and glad i did!! um al your e-crads are hilarious and the internet that!! i totally agree with the library thing...i have a nook e-reader and get really upset when i done reading books and there's nothing new coming up yet hahah.I read the Stephen King book Under the Dome and not sure I liked the book, which made me doubt the tv-movie-series...have a greta beach weekend!!

  13. This comment of mine is pointing out that I posted a firework picture this week even though I can't stand them. I can be such a loser sometimes. Have fun in Cape May!!!!!!!!!

  14. Amen to #1! Have fun this weekend!

  15. Summer is the BEST thing ever!!! :) But only if I'm not working and instead laying by a pool or beach w/ a drink in hand!!

  16. Great thoughts! I too lack focus in the summer and I hate humidity. Come on fall!
    I love the ecard, I can think of a few people who need that this week...
    Have a great weekend!

  17. I am loving the Dome show. And you are right, that dude is a creeper. Why doesn't that dumb girl just play along and get him to unlock her? And I also don't like junior's dad. He is also creeptastic.

  18. Have fun this weekend, lovely girl!!!!

  19. Bhahahahaha!! I agree...some of the IG videos are killing...pretty good for a laugh! And I am sorry you don't like's my FAVORITE time for tis heart of mine...oh, I mean "my heart"! :) Have a great time this weekend!! xoxo PS- That ecard is one of the best I have seen!!

  20. Firework pics and fireworks going off DAYS after the 4th. I realize it happened mid week this year, but enough is enough. Yesterday was my Friday too! *high five*

  21. Girl, you crack me up! I could not agree more with the fireworks pictures. I also think all babies look alike though, too. But you've got me afraid. I'm wondering if I've every said "the daughter of mine" on my blog and you hated me for it. Did I? I'll be sure not to ever, ever do that again, if I did. You'll be sure to let me know though, right?


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