Saturday, July 13, 2013

Things I liked this week

1. I got this in an Ipsy bag? Birch box? I can't remember. Anyway it's Mirabella lip lustre liner in hypnotic. It lasts forever and feels moisturizing. Get you one.

2. Shanna's post on life balance at Because Shanna Said So.

3. Nichole hit the nail on the head in her clutter post at Casa de Crews. Clutter makes me feel surly and ragey and caged in. My serenity comes with a house that's picked up and as clean as it can be with two ever shedding dogs.

4. You all really liked my I Didn't Marry My Best Friend post on Tuesday. Thank you for reading, and for not making me feel like an asshole because my husband is not my best friend.

5. We all repeat certain things when drinking. MFD frequently refers to everything as a turdbutt. No lie. I loved Steph's post on things you'll hear her say when drinking at Bourbon and Glitter. I'm going to do one in the future.

6. The pineapple cream cupcakes on Kelly's Miss. MP blog.

7. This weekend's nail polish: Essie Jam n Jelly.

What did you like this week?


  1. I liked turning the A/C off and opening the windows.

    I liked drinking fresh iced coffee, Pioneer Woman style.

    I liked going red on the nail polish for a change.

    I liked yesterday's rain.

    I liked losing a few pounds.

  2. I like this idea of 'things I liked this week' -I may steal it.

  3. nothing because work has sucked all the joy out of me.

    but i do love that essie polish!!!!!! i would run out and buy it right now but i have 234907543987987 other bottles in my drawer :(

  4. I liked spending lots of time with my best friend (who is not the person I married)

    I liked the video you texted me a little while ago

    I like the cupcakes I drove 90 miles each way to eat today (Oh yeah, I visited a friend, too)

    I liked all the coffee I drank. Yesterday, today, forever...

  5. I love that polish color!

    I liked looking forward to a 4-day weekend.
    I liked that SYTYCD didn't get rid of any of my fav dancers.


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