Thursday, July 25, 2013

Misc Thoughts on Thursday, aka Thursday Thoughts

1. I have spent too much time thinking about Downton Abbey and Homeland this week, as if they are real friends and things instead of shows on television. Come back soon, fake friends. Can't wait to see you.

2. Walking up or down a stationary escalator has to be one of the weirdest fucking things. I feel like I'm new at walking. Or that I'm going to fall on my face or to my death at any moment. I can't ever think, hear, or say escalator without thinking of Mallrats.
3. Sometimes on weekday mornings I get behind some sunglasses, swipe my lipstick on in the car on the way to the train station, and forget that I can't actually wear my sunglasses at work all day. So mascara at the least would've been a good idea. And by "sometimes" I mean every day.

4. Why do people who don't give a fuck about the royal baby care if other people give a fuck?  We don't care that you don't care, so you shouldn't care that we care. Care cuh care care CARE. So there. Is it news? No. A lot of things in the news aren't news. They're space fillers. I love that Kate was wearing polka dots like Diana wore polka dots when she brought William out to those steps. That was touching. Kudos to Kate's staff for making her hair and makeup look fabulous. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a staff sometimes?
5. We've lived in our house for four years. Just last week I found out there's a drop-in Zumba class two blocks from my house for $5 a pop. What the hell! My neighbor and I checked it out on Tuesday and left there dripping sweat after an hour. Heading back tonight! I'm happy to be getting back into my fitness groove. I was way off track for a very long time.

6. Who would like to buy me this bag? It's $125. Don't all chime in at once. Any color besides bone, really. Thanks in advance!
7. I got our electric bill for June, which resulted in much gnashing of teeth, hand wringing, and clucking. There's a new law of higher daily temperatures in our house. Sorry MFD. No more 66 degrees. I can at last cast off my winter parka inside my own home. Can you fucking believe it was 100 degrees outside and 66 degrees on the main level of my house? THERMOSTAT WARS, commence. Of course Wednesday night the air went off, the windows opened, the breeze was heavenly...and MFD shut the front door because it was cold. What?

8. Do you follow my college friend Jana's blog? Formerly blogging at her personal finance blog The Daily Money Shot, Jana is now over at Jana Says and branching out from personal finance to all things Jana. If you're not reading her, you should, and if you are, you should update your blog rolls. And follow her on the twits, the pinterest, the IG, etc. Check her out!

9. Happiness is coming home to a surprise BOX of free polarized sunglasses. Life is good when one of your BFFs is a sunglass designer maven. Thanks KVS!
10. This week in John Bender wisdom:
11. Ecard of the week. Halfway bitches are my type of people:

Happy little Friday, y'all.

Tomorrow I've got a special treat. My friend Frank is coming to you live like a rock star with his version of the Friday Five. Stay tuned.


  1. Lol I've been thinking about those same shows too. And THANK YOU, ppl who don't care about the royals should shut the eff up and let us care about whatever we want.

  2. I agree bout the royal baby. I can't believe all the hateful comments. WHY.

    That's awesome about your drop-in zumba class. Love zumba. I really wish ours was closer.

  3. we haven't gotten our electric bill yet but i'm not looking forward to it! i suspect it'll be just over $300 yikes!

  4. Yeah, I don't get the people who are aggravated that the rest of us want royal baby news. To each her own!

  5. Mallrats and The Breakfast Club and Zumba and polarized sunglasses all in the same post. I think this is my most favorite post of all time.

    And thanks for the mention :)

  6. The Daily Money Shot?!?! I think I'm in love.

    I loved that polka dot dress. Rock on, Kate. Rock on.

    I love that bag. Good thing the Month of Marla is only a few days away!!

  7. HOLY SHIT 66 degrees. I love it cold and I think I would be freezing in that. We keep ours at 74 and I want to puke every time I see our electric bill.

    I think the royal baby name is boring. I get it, but I still think it is boring. Also, I keep forgetting that Louis is Lou-EE, not Lou-IS.

  8. Love that e-card. You can't be nice every second! Escalators- always feel like I am going to get sucked in by them. Haven't watch DA but will watch Homeland,which makes me suspicious of every darn body! Love that purse color. Hooray on the sunglasses, too. The Royal baby is GOOD news. We need good news. Wm & Kate are more like real people & Princess Diana is a wonderful guardian angel for her boys & their offspring! Looking forward to Frank's post tomorrow.
    Enjoy this cool summer day!
    Love your MOMMA

  9. I heart sunglasses.

    Thanks for reminding me about Jana's new blog! I saw that she was changing it but forgot to get on over there.

    I'm the opposite on the makeup thing - I put on a little mascara but forget to do lipstick and it would go a long way.

  10. I'm anxiously awaiting Homeland as well! And you need that bag.

  11. Yes! Amen to #4. I used to watch Mallrats, religiously.

  12. I have that same weird walking sensation at the beach too. When I'm walking back onto the beach from the ocean and the waves are moving backwards while I'm walking forwards. Weird!

  13. I care about Kate. The baby, meh, babies aren't my thing, but I care how freaking good she looks, that's totally unfair. Ridiculously unfair. But I love her. I want to be her.

  14. Downton needs to come back stat. I'm so curious to see what they do now that Matthew is gone. Sniff. As far as royal family-- so glad media is focusing on them and Krazy Kim's North West now. And I've heard Zumba is fun-- you'll have to tell us about it. Cheers! Kelly

  15. Breakfast Club quote....oh yeah!!! And get 'em about the new Royal Baby! I think it's exciting and refreshing to see "good" in the news instead of all the crap that makes me think the world is coming to an end.

  16. MALL RATS! Best ever. The fucking escalator.

    What kind of sunnies are those?

  17. I like that both of the royal mamas work polka dots too! And, yes, half-way-bitchness is a must. And, must be able to rock the "resting bitch" face. ;)

  18. I admit that I am kind of freaked out by escalators. Moving sidewalks or whatever they are called (the things they have at airports) are totally fine!

  19. you should share the love on those edesigner glasses and give a pair away!
    Me= obsessed with homeland and downtown abbey too. they can't come back soon enough.
    and i also get pissed at the people who are like "who cares?" toward the royal baby. if you don't care, go don't care somewhere else!

  20. I'm obsessed with Homeland. It fills the void left by Jack Bauer leaving my life. Also, I've never heard of a halfway bitch, but I think I'll work on that.

  21. I love that you mentioned the royal baby. I mentioned him three times this week.
    And John Bender - yeah!

  22. Downtown Abbey is my new Netflix addiction... just started season 1!

  23. OBSESSED with Downton Abbey...just started it recently and powered through ALL of it in about a week and a half! :)


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