Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things I Don't Do

Drive slow in the left lane...or slow at all, really

Get french manicures

Eat beets or sushi

Enjoy Miller Lite

Like Sunday nights unless I'm off on Monday

Wear shoes I can't walk in, white sneakers, or white pants

Hand wash bras

Vote for people who are anti-choice

Understand the undying devotion people have for When Harry Met Sally. It's not me, it's you, Billy Crystal.

Watch horror movies

Avoid egg yolks
Like anything Kate Hudson is in besides Almost Famous

Carry cash

Feel the need to go out on Friday night. Or Saturday night.

Make it a point to go to museums

Run, ever. If I'm being chased, I will stay and fight.

Drink gin

Swim in lakes or ponds

Cut out food groups for any reason

Make New Year's resolutions

Tell a friend their outfit looks good when it doesn't

Visualize how to get to places well when driving


Blow-dry or straighten my hair (you're thinking yes, we can see that).

Finish books that don't grab me within the first 32 pages

Blow smoke up people's asses

Know how to whistle

Wash my hair every day

Forget to remind you to enter the $50 Shabby Apple giftcard giveaway from yesterday

What don't you do?

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  1. I love this! I finally find things that we disagree on (Sushi and Miller Lite and When Harry Met Sally). Why don't they put those signs up on the roads? Seriously....Move Right!
    I don't do a lot of things, but right now, the list escapes me. Happy Hump Day!

  2. Other than gin, whistling, and the rare French manicure, I'm with you!

  3. Haha I love this post! I don't do a lot of these as well, but I do like sushi. My husband HATES Billy Crystal. I asked him to watch a movie with me last week, not knowing who was in it. He said hell to the no and now I know why.

  4. I am, perhaps, the worst skier ever and I refuse to ever try it again. Also, cannot stand Kate Hudson. She makes me cringe.

  5. I don't do sushi, fish or seafood of any kind, Lima beans, gin, outfit of the day photos or pictures, Crocs, The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

  6. I don't: like the color blue, like hats that are not baseball caps, winter-necessitated, or employment-related, prescribe to republican beliefs even though I work for a very republican company, do my nails, ever, Vine, shop at WalMart

  7. Love this! I'm samsies for pretty much all of them except sushi. LOVE sushi

  8. I don't whistle, mainly because I can't.

    I don't think horseback riding is an enjoyable activity.

    I don't watch movies with Juliette Lewis or horror movies. Which are sometimes synonymous. Also, I don't spell "synonymous" correctly the first time I type it.

    I don't finish books that suck.

    I don't do anything just because I'm expected to (general taking care of the child and pets are excluded from this).

  9. 'if im being chased, i will stay and fight'
    that was my favorite haha
    definitely with ya on the drinking gin. and the hand washing bras. who has time for that crap?

  10. Haha I love this! I too don't do many of those things!!!

  11. "Vote for people who are anti-choice" YES. and french manis eww.

  12. With you on the egg yolks, but I love me some sushi!

    I love the image at the top. My dad always said if you aren't going at least 10 over, you're too slow.

  13. love this post!

    I don't make new year resolutions either. nor, do I wear uncomfortable shoes. I don't see the point in either one! and a sure fire way to piss me off is driving slow in the fast lane.. move outta my way!

  14. Each time I buy a new bra I think this will be the time I start handwashing... nope. Still haven't done that. A couple times I used the gentle cycle. So that's good.

  15. Hahahaha, some of these are things we discussed yesterday! But really, no sushi??? Sad Marla :-(

    I detest Kate Hudson in everything But Almost Famous and How To Lose a Guy. Those Almay commericals get on my damn nerves.

    I wouldn't call it 'undying devotion,' but I do love me some When Harry met Sally.

    Never been skiing. Never will.

  16. What no sushi for you! Girl, you are missing out!!! And no gin for me....grossest alcohol on the planet!! I learn more and more about you every day!! I feel like we are BFFs! ;)

  17. We could potentially be the same person from this list!! Love it!

  18. i love this! I don't ski or eat sushi either! The stay and fight was hilarious! I don't like selfies, I always look horrible in them!

  19. Love this list! We share a lot of the same don'ts. Although, I do love sushi (which is still new to me). Had you put sushi in front of me before I gave birth to my son, I would never eat it. Now I love it (cooked or smoked only). As for the bras, screw it, I just buy those bags and throw them in the washer, who has time to hand wash things?!

  20. Love this post! I might copy and do on my blog! :)

    So, a teaser until then:

    I do not drink out of restaurant cups. Only straws. Too many germs.

  21. No, I like Kate Hudson! And miller lite!

    But all the rest, it's like you're in my head. Gin tastes like Christmas trees.

    (Although, I've admittedly probably voted for people who are anti-choice. Not probably, I have, because I always vote Republican. But it's because there's things I care about more, anti/pro choice isn't an issue for me which is an affront to women everywhere I know but meh, I'm me. and no candidate is perfectly what I want. Sadly. I should run... vote for me? Cool.)

  22. Getting to this blog late! I went to take care of Aubrey's cat & then to that Super Walmart! JMJ- it makes me crazy- good prices on some things and a horrible wonderwear(spanx-like stuff) selection.
    Love, love,love this list.
    Great,enjoyable blog idea.

    love your MOMMA

  23. I don't blow dry my hair either. I leave work and it is soppy wet, and it either ends up in a pony tail by 8:30, or it is frizzy straight. It's pretty awesome.

  24. I had a bad experience with gin (on my honeymoon, actually) and refuse to drink it to this day.

    I do love Harry and Sally, and I also love sushi. I don't know how to whistle either. I don't see myself ever skiing; I'm positive I'll end up with a broken limb.

    Why 32 pages? I'm never sure how long I should give it before I forget about reading any further.

  25. I was with you on so many but I do love When Harry Met Sally! I will never offer to drive. I will never drink Pepsi.

    And why 32 pages?

  26. I wish you were in California to tell me honestly about these pants I'm wearing today. (they are not white...I WOULD NEVER)

  27. Ha I'm right there w/ you on so many of these things!!! But I do like white pants (summer only). Big no to beets and sushi!!! :)


    Then again like two point before the Kate Hudson point you did say you don't like horror movies. You're missin' out sistah! ;)

  29. Laura - I use the bags too...sometimes...when I remember. I am so bad with bra care. hahaha

  30. Haha I think we are about 50/50 on these...some I absolutely do, and some I absolutely don't!


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