Monday, June 10, 2013

the OCMD weekend that was

The Beach Town Sights
The View From My Room
The Beach
The Food and Drinks - too many drinks, not enough food = Vodka Flu
The Weird Shit
1. Karaoke guy's long luxurious locks. This picture cost me one song on stage with Carol and Aubrey.
2. Late night McDonald's is never good. Especially when there are people like this in glasses, no hamburgers (I tweeted them, they are very sorry), and geography discussions.
3. This is what a bottle of bad sunscreen looks like.
4. I shoved into the drunk bus behind this guy and his red hot chili pepper.
5. What's in the water at Seacrets? Syphillis I think.
6. Animal Control is under my hood because
7. Of this

Lots of additional shenanigans, photos of which I'm too tired to go through right now. Even though MFD couldn't be there due to a funeral in Florida and Stephen was sick, it was still a great weekend with family and friends! An overcast or rainy day at the beach is still better than a day anywhere else. I feel my best next to the sea.

The best part about this weekend? Mine isn't over yet. I'm off today. BOOM. What did I do Sunday? Read magazines, lay on my couch, and ordered both lunch and dinner. LAZY DAYS, mofos. LAZY DAYS.

Congrats to my brother Sean on making Dean's List at Villanova this semester! A student athlete, business major, and part time worker - I'm very proud!

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  1. Lazy days are the BEST days! I spent the majority of my weekend watching Law & Order SVU and enjoying your FB/IG/texts.

    The Lift pic is amazing!

    Banana Boat did you dirty.

  2. pictures 5-7 = amazing.
    theres definitely some unknown diseases hanging out in that water. i went for a bachelorette party like 3 years ago and it was just. no. lets just say its a good thing that ish doesnt happen every weekend or i would be dead.

    also. a cat in your engine? da fuk?

  3. Brings back many memories of my earlier days living in Maryland and going to OC for the weekend. I never was a fan of getting in the water at Seacrets, creeped me out. Looks like a great trip-- so hit up many of my favorite places (probably noted from my Instagram stalking!). If you like OC, I also recommend checking out Dewey beach-- great weekend getaway for you and the hubs--- was one of my more fav beaches as I got older.

  4. Looks like a great weekend, syphillis in the water and all lol

    Congrats to your brother! Enjoy your day off:)

  5. I love OC and hate Seacrets. Yuck. Did you go to Bull on the Beach or Tequila Mockingbird?

  6. Cats in your engine, failed sunscreen, Borat-sightings, Seacrets water...yeah I'd say you had a pretty typical OC adventure. :)

  7. What a weekend! I was so jealous following along on IG! Looks like my kind of vacation...and YES, random stuff on the beach...I mean what in the heck was that dude wearing? Glad you snuck a shot of it!! LOL!

  8. So karaoke guy looks a little like a young Patrick Swayze, yes?

    I have never been to Ocean City. Had never really heard of it until I went to college and learned about senior week, which apparently everyone in PA outside of Erie and Pittsburgh partakes in.

    Bad sunscreen is totally devastating. You try to be responsible, and bam, you look like a lobster. That happened to us last summer in Mexico and is why I will never buy Target brand sunscreen again. I also just saw a pin for homemade sunscreen, and that just sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  9. lazy days are the best! i can't believe that guy actually walked around in that banana-hammock!

  10. The lift was amazing.. too bad I couldn't see it in person.

    Did they find a cat?

  11. I love the sandbar and Raz!

  12. SO jealous! Looks like a freakin BLAST! :)

  13. Is the cat thing for real? Is the cat okay? I worry about that in the cold weather though obviously it can happen anytime.

    And really, Borat? Haha.

  14. Still jealous over having today off! Your weekend looks great, except no hamburgers AT McDonald'

  15. I'm still grossed out that the Borat suit is a real thing, also I'm super jealous of your beach weekend. Give me some hot sun. Please?

  16. I always get so jealous at these weekend posts. Mine would be snapshots of: the episodes of Pretty Little Liars or Scandal that I watched, me napping toward the end of each episode, then rewinding and repeating the vicious cycle, then begging my husband for some Starburst (then feeling sick after eating too many). That might make a teenage girl jealous, but nobody else.

  17. LMAO at the borat suit! Sooo love all the pics! Looks like a great weekend!

  18. Umm....when I saw that Borat suit on my phone on IG, I apparently didn't SEE it. YIKES That is definitely the sign of a good weekend!

  19. When I graduated high school my friends and I lived in OCMD for the summer and it's still one of my favorite places ever! I worked at Planet Maze!! We were just there for a short trip after a looooong absence and I was so happy! I remember being 18 and standing outside of Seacrets saying "As SOON as we turn 21 we are going there!"

    Also, "What's in the water...". Best. Line. Ever.

  20. Who is that doing the lift? And that bathing suit on that guy - for real???!! OMG! Ugh! Looks like a fab weekend. I love beach weekends so much. I wish I could be on the beach all summer long!


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