Monday, June 17, 2013

the father's day weekend that was

Friday night consisted of hausfrauing and food prep  - I lead the glamorous life, pigeons.
I made key lime pie, requiring squeezing eleventy billion key limes (my Dad's favorite) - I would reduce the zest by a little over half a tablespoon and bake it a little longer; and corn salad. For corn salad: 2 cans corn (or equivalent fresh), 2 small cucumbers diced, 1 medium tomato chopped (I use grape tomatoes), green onions to your taste (I like a lot), 1/2 cup mayo, salt and pepper to taste. Chill before serving.

I took a break to walk the dogs and saw an awesome rainbow. Cheers, leprechauns.

Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body's Whole wheat bisquick (I halved the recipe and used a cheese grater to cut the butter in) and Bakerlady's no bake energy balls (omitted the coconut because ew). Holy shit those things are good, and good for you. During all of this work, the dogs laid on their asses and did nothing.
Saturday morning was laundry and a family trek to the Farmers' Market that just started up in our neighborhood. MFD had just gotten produce the day before, so this was more a checking out of the market. I did get some garlic scapes, which I haven't used before, so I'm excited about that. I got Jersey tomatoes, strawberries, and local honey from the Pine Barrens.
When we got home, we sat out front, relaxed, and ignored all chores. We figured out how to get the dogs out there - we put the handles of their leashes under our chairs. Please refer to us as Mr. & Mrs. Einstein going forward. Thanks.
We had a nice dinner at Dad & Carol's with them and Tim and Lucy. Good food and good company. I also had beer on ice like the 82 year old woman I am.
We sat outside again when we got home. There's something about that feeling in your limbs when you've been out in the fresh air and sun all day. It's heavy and languid and lovely. MFD finally cornered Mister Softee so we had that too. I did some food prep, including zucchini pie for breakfasts and The Weary Chef's crab and corn chowder with bacon and jalapeno for Monday's dinner.
Sunday brought a blissful sleep in, then a trip to see MFD's parents with some Dunkin Donuts bagels and donuts. I had to check out their honeysuckle - it's the smell of summer coming.
Debbie, MFD and I headed over to Mom & Rich's to sit by the pool and enjoy some beverages and succulent grilled chicken.
Sunday night = couch, nail polish touch up, dog snuggles, magazine reading, and TV.

This is my first full week of work in two weeks. Be kind to me, world.

I've been kicking around bringing back Thursday Thoughts (see examples here, here, here). I used to do them most Thursdays. They were flippant and fun and sometimes snarky. I miss them.

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  1. I have learned to not read your blog posts on an empty stomach. Everything you ate looked so good!

    Also, I love anything with corn so I'll be trying the corn salad this week. :) Happy Monday!

  2. "Omitted the coconut because ew..." = you and me both! Bleh. It's the texture!

    And wow you were busy but looks like you had a good amount of downtime, too! Looks like a great weekend!

  3. Another fabulous weekend Steph!!! And Gus and Geege are as cute as ever!!! I've never made a key lime pie.... might be time to try one. =)

  4. OMG. This post just made me SO hungry!!! I will definitely be trying that easy corn salad and corn chowder...apparently I am craving corn right!

    Looks like you had a great weekend!!!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  5. Lovely day yesterday and lovely whole weekend. Today is a perfect pool day & I am lucky to enjoy it on a Monday morning, but more great pool days ahead. God Bless you for doing the key lime pie. Stuff like that and cheesecake, I will buy. Yes on the Thursday Thoughts. Bring it back.
    Headed to the beach for a day trip and all you can eat crab lunner(lunch/dinner) Carpe diem.
    This is my favorite time of year!!

    Love you Your MOMMA

  6. Your weekend sounds very fun and relaxing. Sleeping in you say? What's that like? ;) Thanks for this hilarious post AND for sharing my crab chowder recipe! I hope you liked it. Have a stupendous week!

  7. That corn salad looks delicious! Might have to try that out, it's a good summer salad!

  8. I LOVE corn salad but no one in my house will eat it. The green onion def makes it...oh now I will have to have some this weekend!

    Your dogs kill me. I just want to squeeze them everytime I see their pictures!

  9. Sounds like a productive yet fun weekend! I'll have to give that corn salad a try. Sometime different for me to bring to BBQ's this summer.

  10. first full week of work in 2 weeks? hope your survive. and this fat girl trapped in a skinny body whatever thing sounds awesome. must try!

  11. I love corn salad. And I really can't wait to have a pool to lounge around by!

  12. Since I'm not much of a cook, can I just come live at your house? I'll pay rent and assist in all your makeup/girly product needs.

    Looks like another faboo weekend for the D's!

  13. That corn salad looks fantastic. I might have to give that a shot, although I am a little weird about mayonnaise. You'll have to share what you end up doing with the garlic scapes.

    I vote yes for Thursday Thoughts. Love me some snark.

  14. I will take ALL your coconut! ;)

    Yes. Bring back Thursday Thoughts. Amen.

  15. Sounds like a great weekend. I love spending time outside in the summer.... so nice.

    Also, your weekend as usual looks delicious.

  16. Your weekend has convinced me that I need to spend more time outside. I really do!

  17. You are a brave woman with the Key Lime Pie! It looks delicious and I bet it tasted as so! So does that corn salad....and now I'm starving.

  18. hahahah 'omitted the coconut because ew' -I don't like coconut either!

  19. Just found your blog!
    Now following!!
    Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you :)

    I also have a blog design site, if you need a custom blog design check it out :)


  20. dayum. corn salad?! that looks sooooooooooo good. and easy! i'll have to try that soon this summer.

  21. Haha I've never heard of beer with ice! Then again, I'm weird and like beer room temperature lol!

    Looks like another great weekend in your neck of the woods :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  22. I love just looking at your food pics, everything looks so yummy!! Sounds like a great weekend with family :)

  23. Looks like such a fun weekend! Those no bake balls look delicious - I need to try.

    Oh and the pic of the dogs in the bed is too cute! They look like they are a big help. Ha

  24.!! Your pugs are the cuuuutest!!! I am a sucker for some cute fur babies!! Came over from Join the Gossip link up. Looks like such a great weekend you had! :)

  25. Yes please on bringing back Thursday Thoughts.

  26. CORN SALAD?????!!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!

    That is all I have to say, Mrs. Einstein.

  27. Ooo, I think I'll have to make those energy balls. I even have all the ingredients, including the coconut which I WILL be using!


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