Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom from June Babies

Many people in my framily celebrate June birthdays. I hand picked these five to share life lessons they've learned up to this point. Enjoy!

KVS - June 1
1. I love products so I started moisturizing early. Best idea ever.
2. Don't let anyone in your life that your dog doesn't like.
3. Comfortable yet fashionable shoes do not exist. For walking, choose comfort. For short events, choose fashion.
4. Your parents make mistakes just like you do. For that, they should have the equal right to be forgiven.
5. If you reconnected with someone you havent spoken to in years AND you don't feel bad about the loss of contact but just truly happy to hear their voice....they are a real friend.

My brother Stephen - June 4
1. Be positive. Negativity only brings you down.
2. Live in the moment. Be happy and enjoy every experience.
3. Success is relative and should not be used to determine happiness.
4. My parents were right. About everything. The "real world" is harsh. It's tough out there in the streets.
5. Work to live, not live to work. Don't be a prisoner to the man.
Kim S - June 5 - Today! Happy Birthday!
1. Be kind to old people.
2. Smile broadly, laugh freely and say, "Good Morning." It doesn't cost a thing and can make someone's day.
3. Farting is funny.  Period.
4. Life is hard.  Even through the darkest times, there is a bright side.  Sometimes, you have to remember to turn on the light.
5. Surround yourself with wonderful people.  I've had the privilege of assembling quite a cast of characters that are now my family.
Michelle - June 15
1. I'll try to be nicer, if you try being smarter.
2. Do not judge, you are not my God.
3. Work hard, play hard.
4. Drink water.
5. In love, don't be lazy.
Dalaimomma - June 19
1. Be positive.
2. Don't be judgemental.
3. Give, expecting nothing in return.
4. Always be grateful - it yields more blessings. Many more!
5. Laughter is the best medicine.

Words to live by from five of my favorite people. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Loved this! All these people need blogs.

    I must say, June is an AWESOME month to have a birthday. ;)

  2. After reading each one, I'd think, "that's my favorite." They are all fabulous! Great idea for June babies. My mom and nephew are June babies--this weekend. 8th and 10th.

  3. Great advice from all!

    I'm a June birthday too :D


    Link loves it, too, as he keeps walking on the keyboard and pawing at the computer screen.

    Dalaimomma and Stephen need to start blogging!

  5. The people in your life have great advice to give! Couldn't agree more about the shoes... how many times have I made that mistake?

    Stopping by from the Whatever Wednesday linkup!

  6. Much much wisdom here... June babies make awesome framily - I have many too! Wouldn't trade them for anything!

  7. June babies are so smart. Thanks for sharing these, Steph. And Kim (the extra smart one because she has the best birthday ever) is right. Farts ARE funny.

  8. Seriously, the person who comes up with a line of comfortable AND fashionable shoes will be a gazillionaire.

    Happy Birthday, June peeps!

  9. Love this post!!! :) Also, I agree that farts are funny. Always. This is why I have the Big Pooter app on my phone at 28 years old. :)

  10. these are all wonderful things to live by

  11. Thanks for a beautiful post, my sweet,sassy girl! All of them were great. I am in wonderful company with my June birthday.


    Love your MOMMA
    Oh and another MAGNIFICENT day!

  12. All great advice and words to live by...I always say this one, "Work to live, not live to work. Don't be a prisoner to the man." It's the truth.

  13. I think your entire family needs a blog. Just saying.

    I am a judgmental a-hole. I need to take the don't judge advice from a few of them....

  14. June babies are smart, I like all of these. Especially "Don't let anyone in your life that your dog doesn't like." which applies to my parents dog, but not Hawkeye because Hawkeye is an attention whore and she loves everyone.

  15. Love this! So much great advice/food for thought. I'm a June baby, too. I'm happy to share a birthday month with all of these inspiring and thought provoking people!

  16. Great people to have in your life!! June babies are very positive people!

  17. So I truly love all of these - especially my fave dalaimomma...but Kim S gave me severe giggles. And she is right.

    I love this post so much!

  18. Love alllll these words of wisdom :)

  19. This was FaBulous!!!! We have June Birthdays and my parents anniversary so it's a busy month for us too.

  20. Your friend Kim said it best...farting is funny!!! I about died when I read this. Girl, you have some true jewels in your life!

  21. Love this! my favorite is "i'll try to be nicer if you try to be smarter"

  22. Really creative and cute idea for a post. I like it! And, agreed, no such thing as fashionable and comfortable shoes. Although, I try and stick with comfort as much as possible!

  23. Great advice. I especially agree with the advice to moisturize, so important.

  24. Btw I love the vicarious vacay I'm experiencing via your Instagram pics.


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