Thursday, June 27, 2013

I grew up in Pennsylvania. In a who..RAY for Thursday Thoughts!

1. Did you freaking see the finale of Mad Men? If you didn't, move on to the next bullet immediately because the next paragraph is a SPOILER. And disregard the title because it makes no sense to you.

If you did, did you lose your shit when Don was Drapering Hershey's, then was like oh hey, I grew up in Pennsylvania. In a whore house. WTF Draper! The wheels just fell off of your fucking car, man.

I'm so interested to see where this goes next season, and how much time supposedly passes between this season and next. And from my lips to their ears get rid of Megan and her mouth. PLEASE.

2. Marla of Luck Fupus and I had lunch at The Continental on Tuesday. It was great to see Marla and shoot the shit over our salads and coveted desserts in the middle of the day. It made Tuesday much more bearable.
3. I apologize if you saw this earlier this week on my facebook status, but it's too good not to put on here. If you use Instagram, I must insist that you watch this video. It is HiEEEE-larious. I am guilty of 98% of these things. Need proof? Follow me on Instagram (lifeaccordingtosteph). Speaking of videos, do we really need videos on IG? Some of them I like, and the others, I'm like does this need to be a video? Says the person who put an inaugural video up of her dogs doing nothing.
4. Dinner last night was buffalo chicken pizza with homemade pizza dough. I doused some shredded chicken I had in the freezer with some buffalo wing sauce and let it sit overnight on Tuesday. I spread a mixture of ranch dressing on the dough, topped with the chicken mix and some green onions, then some cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, and gorgonzola). It was regoddamndiculously good. I baked it at 425 for 18 minutes.
5. Welcome back, Rizzoli & Isles. I missed you. Let's get a beer.
Photo @TNT
6. Ninety three years after women won the right to vote, someone still needs to stand up and say that our bodies are our own and here's why for 11 hours. While CNN was discussing the amount of fat in a blueberry muffin on Tuesday night, Senator Wendy Davis was at the end of an 11 hour filibuster, which she did in a back brace and pink sneakers. She couldn't take a break, sit, lean, eat, stop, go off topic, or go to the bathroom during that time. Senators Leticia Van De Putte and Kirk Watson stepped in to keep it going at the end. When the vote began to be called, the peacefully assembled protesters made their voices heard in a people's filibuster, being so loud that role call could not be completed.

Regardless of your stance on abortion, the way the people rose up has to make you proud to be an American.That is democracy in action. That is people standing up for their rights. Ain't that America? I stand with Wendy, but if you know me or have read this blog for a while, I'm sure that was a given. I marched for Women's Rights in D.C. in April 2004 and I'll do it again if I have to. But I shouldn't have to. Thanks Wendy and other Texas Dems and citizens for securing a victory for women in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Finally, if you think this is just about the abortion issue, think again. It's about chipping away at rights of women. When was the last time bills were introduced to legislate men's bodies? Never. Ever. Zero times. Just in the first half of 2013 alone, 624 bills have been introduced that would limit the rights of women. Where is the equality here?
7. DOMA and Prop 8 die, also on Wednesday. Civil rights is having the best day ever.

8. All of the sudden, in the middle of the day at work, a vision of my refrigerator will pop into my head, with the magnets all messy. I have the intense desire to get up and leave and fix it. I guess that should go on my to do list this weekend so I can stop being a crazy person.

9. Weekly meal preppers/food planners: Link up with me and Casa de Crews on Tuesday! Grab a button if you wish. We're doing this link up the first Tuesday of every month.
10. Ecard of the week:
Come hither, Friday, you slippery little sucker.

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  1. Mad Men finally got good in the last 1/2 hour of the last episode of the season. Brats! I love that show so much though, even the boring episodes are amazing. I was up until almost 1:00 am trying to figure out if Wendy won (and getting in twitter fights about Seattle Pride) and I was infuriated with people of the US (and now some former twitter friends. Haha!) Then I woke up. Wendy won and DOMA was shot down and I fell in love with America all over again.

  2. i don't watch madmen! my hubs loves it though. i fell asleep last night (early) but momentarily woke up and saw that he was watching TV with headphones on so he must've been watching the finale.

    i got the update notification for IG (to enable video) but i refuse to d/l it because of the videos. i hate videos that don't involve a hot singer, vine annoys me as do no IG vids for this lady!

  3. The pizza sounds and looks so good! I love Rizzoli and Isles so glad it is back!! Score a million for Civil Rights!! Hope you have a great day!

  4. 1. You verbaged Draper. Love it. I'm still in shock over the last two episodes. And we thought Dally would be plagued with Daddy issues before the big walk-in.
    2. Lunch was most delicious and the company was fab.
    3. Guilty.
    4. Looks delicious.
    5. Never watched it.
    6. Proud to be an American.
    7. Remember that VH1 show Best Day Ever?
    8. Um?
    9. Um, squared.
    10. Giggle


  5. That video was AWESOME!! Really. Maybe best parody ever!

    ECard is pretty awesome.

    And side note - I will stay out of the politics, but I do want you to understand that people in Texas are very opinionated. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last. Another reason I love my state. We are voyeurs, we are doers.

  6. That pizza looks divine. I am beyond thrilled with Wendy and the end of DOMA & am ignoring GOP rebuttal & creatively visualizing equality, prosperity, love, & all good things for everyone on this planet & beyond.
    It is much better for my cells than being aggravated. We are in the SOUP here today. Had a magnificent swim this morning & am cooking up a storm for company tonight!
    Carpe diem as much as you can.
    love your MOMMA

  7. It was great day for politics yesterday. And then our "lovely" governor Ricky, called another special session. So I think the show will go on. Weny rocks! I'm so with you this is more about equal rights of women, not abortion. Ugh. I don't understand why women are still having to fight for equal rights. Drives me crazy!

  8. So jealous you get to hang out with marlajan!!! And I don't watch mad men, I'm embarrassed. #7. YES

  9. Umm yes, watched Mad Men last night! Peggy and what's his name?! Don is getting deep, and I always thought that while Meghan is pretty, her mouth annoys me, so I'm glad I'm not alone!! When Don brought the kids to the house...I died. Wonder what next season will hold!

  10. I pretty much peed my pants at that video.

    I hate refrigerators with messy magnets, so that would stress me out too. I also hate that the sides of our refrigerator are surrounded so I HAVE to put things on the front. Ugh. I would prefer to not have anything on the front.

    That pizza looks amazing and I am making it for dinner tomorrow night.

  11. That pizza looks so good. The most exciting thing we do for pizza is french bread pizzas. That was super lame of CNN.

  12. I wish I could have beamed myself to lunch.

    Um, that video is spot on and hilarious.

    Yay civil rights!

  13. Instagram video totally outs me as playing on my phone. I guess I have sausage fingers because they start playing when I didn't realize I have selected them. Oops...

  14. Seriously what was that Mad Men?! Hardly any drama all season then Don out of nowhere?!

  15. I need some of that pizza in my life!!!

  16. I want to come to Philly to have lunch w/ you and Marla!!! :)

    Wendy!!!! Amazing and inspirational!

  17. I have been loving all the political things this week! So happy we are making progress. That pizza looks amazing!!


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