Friday, June 28, 2013

One Joy Scatters a Hundred Grieves - Chinese Proverb

TGIF mofos! I know, I know, I throw out the Chinese Proverbs like ninjas throw nunchaku. I was going to spell it nunchucks, so thank you Google Gods. Five things about my week:

1. One of my beloved Gerbera daisies. Ain't she a beaut, Clark? Who wants to come and weed my flower beds this weekend? Don't everyone volunteer at once.
2. Summer facial regimen:
3. DD large iceds happened four freaking times this week. Goodbye, $12.92. Obviously iced coffee making is on my to do list this weekend. I ran out and I've literally paid for it. Shameful. Shameful and delicious.
4. It's there. You have to be cognizant of it daily.
5. Guess what guess what guess what? My Erin Condren 18-month planner is on her way to me. Yes, I did just buy a planner a few months ago. Then once upon a time when I was hauling ass to make the train one Friday, my water bottle emptied out inside my work bag and made all of the contents ugly, including my planner. Luckily I won a $25 gift certificate to Erin Condren from Chels at Red Velvet Rooster, and happiness is on its way. I will be spending at least two days OCD'ing the shit out of this new Rolls Royce of planners.

Have a great weekend you guys. I'll be around, livin' and breathin' this Philadelphia freedom just like Elton John sang about. Peace out.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I grew up in Pennsylvania. In a who..RAY for Thursday Thoughts!

1. Did you freaking see the finale of Mad Men? If you didn't, move on to the next bullet immediately because the next paragraph is a SPOILER. And disregard the title because it makes no sense to you.

If you did, did you lose your shit when Don was Drapering Hershey's, then was like oh hey, I grew up in Pennsylvania. In a whore house. WTF Draper! The wheels just fell off of your fucking car, man.

I'm so interested to see where this goes next season, and how much time supposedly passes between this season and next. And from my lips to their ears get rid of Megan and her mouth. PLEASE.

2. Marla of Luck Fupus and I had lunch at The Continental on Tuesday. It was great to see Marla and shoot the shit over our salads and coveted desserts in the middle of the day. It made Tuesday much more bearable.
3. I apologize if you saw this earlier this week on my facebook status, but it's too good not to put on here. If you use Instagram, I must insist that you watch this video. It is HiEEEE-larious. I am guilty of 98% of these things. Need proof? Follow me on Instagram (lifeaccordingtosteph). Speaking of videos, do we really need videos on IG? Some of them I like, and the others, I'm like does this need to be a video? Says the person who put an inaugural video up of her dogs doing nothing.
4. Dinner last night was buffalo chicken pizza with homemade pizza dough. I doused some shredded chicken I had in the freezer with some buffalo wing sauce and let it sit overnight on Tuesday. I spread a mixture of ranch dressing on the dough, topped with the chicken mix and some green onions, then some cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, and gorgonzola). It was regoddamndiculously good. I baked it at 425 for 18 minutes.
5. Welcome back, Rizzoli & Isles. I missed you. Let's get a beer.
Photo @TNT
6. Ninety three years after women won the right to vote, someone still needs to stand up and say that our bodies are our own and here's why for 11 hours. While CNN was discussing the amount of fat in a blueberry muffin on Tuesday night, Senator Wendy Davis was at the end of an 11 hour filibuster, which she did in a back brace and pink sneakers. She couldn't take a break, sit, lean, eat, stop, go off topic, or go to the bathroom during that time. Senators Leticia Van De Putte and Kirk Watson stepped in to keep it going at the end. When the vote began to be called, the peacefully assembled protesters made their voices heard in a people's filibuster, being so loud that role call could not be completed.

Regardless of your stance on abortion, the way the people rose up has to make you proud to be an American.That is democracy in action. That is people standing up for their rights. Ain't that America? I stand with Wendy, but if you know me or have read this blog for a while, I'm sure that was a given. I marched for Women's Rights in D.C. in April 2004 and I'll do it again if I have to. But I shouldn't have to. Thanks Wendy and other Texas Dems and citizens for securing a victory for women in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Finally, if you think this is just about the abortion issue, think again. It's about chipping away at rights of women. When was the last time bills were introduced to legislate men's bodies? Never. Ever. Zero times. Just in the first half of 2013 alone, 624 bills have been introduced that would limit the rights of women. Where is the equality here?
7. DOMA and Prop 8 die, also on Wednesday. Civil rights is having the best day ever.

8. All of the sudden, in the middle of the day at work, a vision of my refrigerator will pop into my head, with the magnets all messy. I have the intense desire to get up and leave and fix it. I guess that should go on my to do list this weekend so I can stop being a crazy person.

9. Weekly meal preppers/food planners: Link up with me and Casa de Crews on Tuesday! Grab a button if you wish. We're doing this link up the first Tuesday of every month.
10. Ecard of the week:
Come hither, Friday, you slippery little sucker.

You! Yes, you. There's still time to enter the Shabby Apple $50 giftcard giveaway! Get on it.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things I Don't Do

Drive slow in the left lane...or slow at all, really

Get french manicures

Eat beets or sushi

Enjoy Miller Lite

Like Sunday nights unless I'm off on Monday

Wear shoes I can't walk in, white sneakers, or white pants

Hand wash bras

Vote for people who are anti-choice

Understand the undying devotion people have for When Harry Met Sally. It's not me, it's you, Billy Crystal.

Watch horror movies

Avoid egg yolks
Like anything Kate Hudson is in besides Almost Famous

Carry cash

Feel the need to go out on Friday night. Or Saturday night.

Make it a point to go to museums

Run, ever. If I'm being chased, I will stay and fight.

Drink gin

Swim in lakes or ponds

Cut out food groups for any reason

Make New Year's resolutions

Tell a friend their outfit looks good when it doesn't

Visualize how to get to places well when driving


Blow-dry or straighten my hair (you're thinking yes, we can see that).

Finish books that don't grab me within the first 32 pages

Blow smoke up people's asses

Know how to whistle

Wash my hair every day

Forget to remind you to enter the $50 Shabby Apple giftcard giveaway from yesterday

What don't you do?

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today in Gratitude News, I'm thankful for...(giveaway to Shabby Apple is a bonus of this list)


1. Tuesdays, while they are the worst day, only come once a week.

2. People who know how to prioritize, to look at two things side by side and see which person or thing is more important, and then to focus on that thing.

3. Sunny days with low humidity - the few days like that last week were a freaking dream compared to this humidity. Add to things I'm not thankful for: humidity.

4. Epsom salts. Miracle things.

5. Finally finding cotton shorts longer than crotch length with pockets to crap around in during the summer. This is not as easy as you'd think.

6. Books. I love finding a book that I think I won't like that I end up reading obsessively immediately.

7.  Iced coffee.

8. Farmer's Markets.

9. Doers - the people who talk the talk and walk the walk. Doers do for themselves and others without looking for glory or even acknowledgement. They help you because you need it and they expect nothing in return. Sometimes it's as simple as a private pep talk, sometimes it's a small favor, and sometimes it's something so big that it takes your breath away. I try to be a doer in some way every day, and I appreciate the shit out of other doers.

10. Clean running water, something so many people in other countries don't have access to.

Finally, I'm thankful to Shabby Apple for giving one lucky reader a $50 gift card to win. Shabby Apple is an online dress boutique that specializes in vintage and retro dresses. They are so cute, I die over them. Click vintage dresses to see their fabulous selection. 

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Monday, June 24, 2013

the weekend that sort of wasn't

Say what? Well what I mean is that I didn't get done what I normally do on a weekend, because I was otherwise engaged most of the time, outside of the house at a 24 hour Relay For Life event.

Relay is really important to me - cancer has negatively impacted my life and the lives of many people close to me, and this is my outlet to give back. This is my way to deal with my anger, frustration, sadness and grief that asshole cancer has caused. Since Relay is 12 or 24 hours with someone walking on the track at all times, you can't do it without a team. My Random Acts of Kindness teammates have been with me for five years. They don't have to come along on this journey with me - the drive is mine - but they do and each year they show up ready to walk and determined to raise what we can. I appreciate them so much. Missed you this year Michelle! My littlest teammate below first came to Relay as a month old baby. We also joined up with another team this year, and had Tara, a new teammate/old friend join our team. Thanks Dyanne's Defenders for a successful joint effort! Thanks also to Martha, Julie and Lauren for introducing me to Relay five years ago.
Relay scenes: a bra decorating fundraiser, two people rocking out their 80s campsite theme, even on Relay night MFD needs to crush that freaking candy, track scenes, Kit Kat D dancing along to the Sign Language Interpretive Songs. Our team raffled off baskets, did a 50/50, sold Debbie Rae Design bracelets, baked goods and some other stuff. We raised over $1,100 at the event, bringing our total team total to about $4,500.
It was hot walking during the day, and I got my typical back of the knee sunburn that I get every blessed year despite major sunblock reapplication. But overall, it was gorgeous and we enjoyed the best Relay weather day we've ever had. We also saw the super moon, which was not actually super until about 5:00 a.m.
The luminaria ceremony is the heart and soul of Relay. If you've never experienced one, you should. We had too many bags lining the track of people we've lost or people we honored who are battling cancer now or have beaten it. These are just a few of ours. My Grandmom died in December of pancreatic cancer. I dedicated my Relay to her this year. I checked her candle at 5:15. Still going. Her candle was one of the only ones still burning at 6:30 in the morning on Sunday - 10 hours after it was lit. So typical of her to persevere. Thanks for the sign Grandmom.
There's nothing like walking part of every hour for 24 hours to come to terms with some things and honor people in your life who've had cancer.
I hobbled into my house about 25 hours after I left on Saturday, got one of the top five showers of my life, and enjoyed an awesome lunch a la MFD: a steak, baked potato, and steamed broccoli for lunch. Boom.

Other Sunday things:
-Five hour nap
-Two epsom salt foot soaks
-Lots of ibuprofen
-Blister care
-Foot elevation
-Mexican takeout
-Sweet Home Alabama
-The Killing

Aching feet and body can't compare to what cancer sufferers go through daily.

Weekly food prep happens tonight, as does other normal weekend stuff. Have a great day!

Check back here tomorrow for a Shabby Apple giveaway!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Mawwiage is What Bwings us Togeva Today

Nothing says wedding like a good luck charm, Mister T stance and pug buttholes, am I right? Incidentally, the title of this post was my facebook status the morning of my wedding.

We have so many weddings coming up in the next year, it makes me think back on mine. That, the fact that I didn't have a blog when we got married, and linking up a day late and a dollar short with Holly and Mel for their wedding day shebang gives me an excuse to share a lot of wedding photos. Even though it's my blog and I don't need an excuse. I do what I want.

Location, Location, Location
We got married at the Deauville Inn in Strathmere, NJ. Because it was casual and beachy and because of this view, basically. This backdrop? This sunset on our wedding day? You can't beat it.
We kept it simple, 274 of our friends and family stood around and watched us get married with drinks in hand. The attire was casual and we urged people to dress comfortably and wear flip flops. And I arrived on a boat, bitches. Thanks to Captain Bill for getting me there, for stopping short on purpose and giving me and my maid of honor an oh shit we're going overboard moment that you and my dad shared a good laugh over, and for the sun breaking through so majestically on the way to the wedding site.
I was not the girl who grew up dreaming of her wedding day, so there was no blush and bashful for me. Navy I guess?  Here are some wedding things in lieu of colors. As you can see by the ketchup and mustard on the tables, we had a barbecue on the beach. We are not fancy people. We like to have a good time, no muss no fuss. Five dollar colored glass lanterns from The Christmas Tree Shoppe were plopped in the center of each table, surrounded by some shells and a photo of us. Tables were named after shore towns. I was obsessed with personalized wedding matches that I still use three years later.
First Dance Song
MFD picked this, and it was a surprise. It was Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel. It is very bizarre to be dancing in front of all of those people. I hate being the center of attention. I am the polar opposite of MFD.

It's not MFD's wedding without Mummers. We had friends play from six different bands I think? It was a lot of fun. Not sure what the Mummers are? Click here.
Bridal Party, AKA Framily
We were all at the shore on Friday and did most of our pics then. One of my favorite pics ever is on the right of MFD and I with our bridal party in the distance behind us walking to the beach.
Of course we had our dogs in the wedding. Do you know us? And of course we had people climb on stilts and do Mr. Miyagi Karate Kid poses. And of course we gave a bunch of drunks sparklers and told them to have at it at the rehearsal dinner. 
We really had the best time. There was no asshole ruiner in the bridal party that everyone wanted to junk punch.
We called the whole thing a wedcation. We came to the beach the Saturday before we got married and left the Saturday after. We lounged on the beach with the dogs, went out to eat, walked to bars, had dinner with friends who were down the week before, enjoyed the company of family and friends over our wedding weekend, hung out with friends who were down the week after, went to AC with friends, got some spa treatments and lobster in Cape May, did a bit of shopping, did a lot of resting and relaxing, frolicked on empty beaches and saw fabulous sunsets. I wouldn't trade it for anything. After going through the whole wedding prep and the long wedding day and utter exhaustion after, the last thing I can imagine doing is dragging my worn out ass on a plane with a set of freshly packed luggage. We saved the exotic destinations for years that followed. 
The only thing I'd do differently is to wear a short dress. That dress made it hard to maneuver in the sand. Otherwise, let's do it again! For free if possible. Anyone want to foot the bill this go round? Anyone? Bueller?

Something I Suggest You Do
Trash your dress the day after. 
Advice to You Fiance Knowleses out There
Everything we did reflected who we are as a couple, and I'm still really happy about that nearly three years later. I'm pretty sure I'll be pleased as punch about that for my entire life. I think it's really important to make sure your wedding day reflects the two of you, not what you're supposed to do or what someone else wants you to do. Also:
1. Don't worry about the small things. 
2. If something goes wrong, you're the only one who will notice. 
3. Whoever is there is who is supposed to be there. Whoever is not is not. If someone can't attend, it's not personal. 
4. You can't invite the entire world, and anyone who is offended that they weren't invited has no concept of per head costs. 
5. Think about the amount of money you are spending on one day, and make sure it's not going to make you cringe for years to come. 
6. It's your special day, sure. But it's also a special day for everyone who knows you. Let others share your joy. Don't say "IT'S MY DAY" in a borderline hysterical voice because everyone will talk shit about you if you do. 
7. Edited to add advice from a dear friend: "Make sure you don’t marry someone with a case of the Anthony Weiners." Which made me laugh and laugh but seriously, TRUTH. Sexters don't make good mates. 
What did you love about your wedding? What's your advice to those getting married soon?

Most photos courtesy of Photos by Lily. Local PA/NJ people, check her out.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Thoughts, Back Again...Shady's Back, Tell a Friend...guess who's back guess who's back guess who's back

1. This is the time of year I wish I was a teacher because my mind spends its summers on the beach. I haven't been in school for many years and it's still conditioned for a jail break in June.

2. Am I the only person not buying the tumblers with the wine glass inside? I don't get it. If I'm taking wine to go somewhere, obviously I want to utilize all the space in tumbler. Not just the Look how clever! I have a wine glass inside of another glass space. That's simply not enough space for wine to go. Whatever way you slice it, you're still drinking wine out of a plastic cup, so you might as well use the whole thing. I think I just peed on the wine tumbler parade.
Original photo source
3. Can the mustache obsession be finished now? They're played out, playah. I'm sick of seeing them everywhere on everything and in front of everyone's faces. The only place I want to see them now is on Ron Swanson. The End.
4. With the amount of times I mention or display Dunkin Donuts and its logo and products on my blog, twitter, facespace, and Instagram, you'd think I work for them. Do employees get free iced coffee? Just wondering.

5. I read the Sookie books before True Blood was on the horizon as a show on HBO. I knew the show would take different paths, and that was cool. But this Lilith Shit/Bill Compton is a god is just outer limits. I almost quit a few years ago - Bill is a wienerwhistle, Tara is a total annoying asshole who could've died many times but NOOOOO, Sookie is not as interesting as she is in the books...but the delicious Eric Northman and the kick ass Lafayette lured me back. I'm not sure if they're enough this season. Are you still watching? What do you think?
6. Currently reading: Pillars of the Earth. You?

7. Google Reader is in its final days. You can follow me on bloglovin' / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter to see new blog posts.

8. When was the last time Kanye West smiled? After impregnating the worst Kardashian, did he ever actually see her until after the baby arrived? Regardless of how assy both of them may be, I wish them and their child the best. Now move aside and let me talk to Lord Disick.
9. Ecard of the week, because I know my friends and I are not the only people who have conversations that constantly circle back to the topic of poop:
10. This Saturday I'll spend 24 hours at Relay For Life, walking for those I've lost to cancer, in support of those battling cancer right now, and to celebrate everyone who has beaten cancer. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated. I've raised $1,365 so far. I'll be thinking of you and the people in your lives who have battled cancer as I walk my laps. There's still time to donate by clicking here if you're so inclined. If you are in the Fairless Hills area on Saturday, come check Relay out! It's Saturday 6/22 at 11 a.m. - Sunday 6/25 at 10 a.m.

And just like that, Thursday Thoughts is back, mofos. Shady's back. Tell a friend.

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