Friday, May 3, 2013

What do the Dalai Lama, binges, and DIY things have in common? I'm talking about all of them on Friday.

1. Truth. Speaking of the Dalai Lama, my Dalai Momma is taking over this blog a week from today for a special Mother's Day appearance. Yesterday Gus, next week my mom. The week after that, perhaps a Hill and Bill Clinton duet post. What? IT COULD HAPPEN. If you read comments on blogs, hers is the one on mine that usually ends with Carpe Diem, everyone. Love, YOUR MOMMA.

2. So there's a name for that thing I do. Binge watching. I binge watched The Killing (an entire season in ONE Sunday), Homeland (two seasons in the span of days), and Downton Abbey (Two seasons in a weekend). I recommend a FNL binge as listed here. I'm considering The Gilmore Girls and Sons of Anarchy as future binges; as well as The Sopranos and Six Feet Under from start to finish because our viewing got spotty over the years.

3. DIY Taco seasoning and Lipton onion soup mix. Remember cutting corners like a boss? This can be categorized under that. Those packets are like 99 cents each. I store them in cleaned out parmesan cheese containers. I love doing one of the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).

4. DIY iced coffee, PDub style - super easy, strong, and it competes with DD iced coffee. Make yourself happy and make it this weekend! The secrets: cold brewing and strong coffee grounds. None of that put leftover coffee in the fridge crap. It's not strong enough. I let it sit overnight (or for at least eight hours) in a covered bowl in the fridge, and then I strain through a coffee filter in a little sieve and store it in the fridge. BOOM.

5. Every month I start this on instagram, and I crap out by either the 11th, 15th, or 20th. I am determined to make it through May.

I'm happy it's Friday - this week seemed long and I'm tired in my bones. Looking forward to a productive and social weekend ahead, with glorious weather as the cherry on top.

I hope you have a great one! Don't let anyone put Baby in a corner.

Linking up with Joy for The Friday Five and Lauren for High Five For Friday.

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  1. OH Man.... I need to make my own seasonings. And I've never done those photo a day challenges. Maybe it's because I know I'll be behind and that will just stress me out! =) HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Thanks for helping get the word out about the link up!! Love to you and the pups!! =)

  2. Thanks to you, I am familiar with (and in love with) that iced coffee... I even bought a specific container designated just for making it.
    And my binges do not include TV; I am too busy binging on food, and talk, and gardening... little time for TV.
    And who doesn't love the Dalai Lama? All about peace...

  3. I need to try homemade iced coffee. I hear the Pioneer Woman has an EXCELLENT one but I haven't looked into it yet.

  4. i just made a homemade taco mix yesterday and it was pretty good.

  5. i have tried to make iced coffee and chai tea lattes at home but i always fail. maybe I need to redo that.

  6. I have tried a homemade taco seasoning before and it was crap. I will attempt this one. And I definitely need to try the iced coffee. THanks for sharing! I'm on Season 4 of FNL! I wish I could binge watch but doesnt happen! Have a great weekend, and don't work to hard...

  7. I think the comments from your mom are hilarious, so I can't wait to see her blog post.

    Using the parmesan cheese containers made my laugh because I saw a pin on Pinterest last week that used old baby wipe containers for snack boxes in the car. Ass wipe containers = snack boxes.

    My in-laws are big on reusing too (not that I am not, but they are a little....odd) and put the rest of a cut up tomato into a lunch meat bag that we had just emptied. Gross.

  8. Have a great weekend girl. Ain't nothing wrong with binge watching-- its awesome not to have to wait a whole week when you first start watching a new show.

  9. My homemade seasonings get stored in mason jars leftover from our wedding. RRR, dude.

    Also, loved Carly's comment about the wipes containers. I feel far less bad now about reusing them to contain my toddler's toys.

  10. I need to binge watch FNL. Never seen an ep but I hear it's so good!

  11. I cannot be more excited for Dalai Momma. You have no idea.

    Tell me if I need to watch The Killing, please. I watched the first few eps and then I quit.


  12. I'm currently binge watching Fringe, I love it.
    I cannot wait to hear from your mom!!

  13. Binge watching is the way to go!
    Gilmore girls is a fave of mine, do it!

  14. I love me some Loopy - can't wait!

    That's the exact coffee that we drink every day (maybe you knew that?).

    You are the bestest friend ever. (Totally random but just wanted to say it.)

  15. Totally can't handle Bustelo; I get the shakes. Pretty sad for a girl who lives in Florida surrounded by many a Cuban. But I do love iced coffee :)

  16. Love the recycle and the mom post. I think my mom could do that for me and I have never thought about asking her. Heck, I don't even know how often she reads it.
    Yay for the weekend!

  17. That's awesome that your mom is posting on your blog!!! :-) I love making my own spices too. :-)

  18. Binge watching is the only kind of watching I do lately. I love it. I need that instant gratification. I'm going to try to pick up Dexter (I stopped on season 4) and I'm going to rewatch Veronica Mars. I'm going the photo a day thing too. I've only made it through one month before. I'm determined this time too, although, I don't love the prompts.


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