Monday, May 20, 2013

the weekend that was

F  R  I  D  A  Y 
Q: Where can you get the best storage bins?
A: The Dollar Store, foolio.

Friday night I did a major kitchen reorg: I pulled everything out of all cabinets, purged, and incorporated new items.
MFD and I ran some errands in Center City, then we met friends at Curran's in Tacony. Good times and home in bed around midnight.

S  A  T  U  R  D  A  Y
A stellar morning: Produce Junction and Sam's were ghost towns, and I found a $25 Home Depot gift card at a stop sign. Say what!
Nashville and The Vampire Diaries. Holy shitskies, next week's Nashville looks amazing. BUT enough about that. I made strawberry ice cream and cinnamon swirl bread from SCRATCH. First time for both. Both were good, particularly the ice cream.
My cousin Tiffany's baby shower.
Tiffany and her sisters / I love those clothesline things / wine is necessary at baby showers / Favors a la Maria / Me and Mom / Family ladies 
Lori and I headed to HomeGoods, Target, and Red Robin after the shower. We had a great time. I love when I get time with Lori! And when I get to have a bleu ribbon burger at Red Robin.
Some of my haul:
New summer quilt, I like how it picks up the blue in the rug /Someone please stage an intervention for my mug addiction / Switching out my plastic tupperware and measuring cups to glass / My new "I'm reading don't bother me" hat (and Yuengling tee - PA represent)
Evan and Griffin stopped by. I had a photo of Evan kissing a photo of new baby Quinn, who came home Sunday, but I inadvertently deleted in. Photos to come when we meet Quinn this week!

S  U  N  D  A  Y
Weekly food prep was simple this week, since I'm having leftovers and PB&J for lunches. Breakfasts: some eggs baked with ground turkey taco meat, tomatoes and green onions. Snacks: veggies and fruit. Dinner: chicken cacciatore in the crockpot over white rice and Maglio's italian sausage sandwiches.
Kit Kat D's third birthday party. It's always good seeing the Danfords and Bozzones!
That creeper Dora was there, and the adults naturally had to get creepy with her.
Typical Sunday night feeling:

End scene.

Have you entered the beauty giveaway? Magic 8 Ball says you should.

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  1. i love a good shopping haul!

    those pic s with dora, wow. haha

  2. Wait... I know you are amazing in your use of time, but how the hell did you reorganize an entire kitchen Friday evening and STILL go out with friends?

  3. I want to discuss Vampire Diaries with you. It may have jumped the shark for me. Like, now we have good old Elena back, but Stefan sucks? I don't know if I can take it.

  4. I love Red Robin's burgers, SO GOOD!

  5. You always get the most out of your weekends. I need a nice, happy work from home job to make me more efficient. JMJ. I used to do so much.
    But I did just brush the pool and have my first deep in the healing oasis! Lovely pictures as always!
    Kit Kat is three already. Dora should have been a real person with a Dora haircut and outfit, the princesses do that. Fake heads are scary.
    Have a happy Monday, LOVE YOU.


  6. RED ROBIN! YUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!! They finally just opened one by us. And when I say by us, I mean we have to drive 20 minutes to get there. Delicious though!

    I thought for sure you would be winning the Power ball after all that good luck on Saturday morning. Blasphemy.

    Wonderful shopping hauls!!! That hat is fantastic!

    When I saw Dora come up on my IG, I nearly dropped the phone. LOL, weren't we just talking about creepy ass masks on Friday?!

  7. Nashville was in-sane! Did you watch The Office? I balled, lol. Looks like a great weekend, chickie!

  8. You found a 25 dollar gift card? How does that happen? lol Pretty awesome!

  9. LOL @ that creeper Dora!

    I caught up on Nashville so I'm ready for the finale!

  10. Homemade strawberry ice cream...yummo! I want some!! That is super awesome that you found a gift card, and that burger looks delish too! I am ready for lunch now...

  11. Dora is awful. She should never be invited to another birthday party.

    Your weekend recaps always make me so hungry. I just got back from FL and there is no food in my house. Seriously. Nothing. Not sure what happened to it all, and it smells like there is rotten sauerkraut in our garbage can. Good times.

  12. That is the scariest Dora I have ever seen. This might be the only time I would recommend having a midget dressed as Dora, because she should never be that tall...

  13. I love Home Goods. You can always find something in there even when you don't need anything. You had such a busy weekend. I love that Dora! What kid wouldn't be scared of her? Ugh!!!

  14. HAHA - I love the "I'm reading, don't bother me" hat!!!

  15. "Fake heads are scary." Your mum makes giggle. And she's right on in the fake head department. True dat, Momma! - Kim Norway

  16. You make ice cream and bread from scratch?! Whaaaattt

  17. Like, seriously, when do you have downtime?! I don't think I could hang with you. I'd by crying in the car that I was too tired haha!

    TVD ending - OMG. So good, but kinda confusing right?

    Glad you had a great weekend. Thanks for linking up!

  18. I see your PC pan! I love some Burnin' Love from Red Robin, especially since they let me choose between Chicken or Beef! Great weekend and i agree that clothesline was super cute!

  19. What is your chicken cacciatore recipe? I have been looking for one. I also love the Dollar Tree for things like storage baskets and things.

  20. That Dora is super creepy. LOVE your new hat. Perfect for the summer! :)
    Have a great week friend!


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