Monday, May 6, 2013

the first weekend in May that was

F   R   I   D   A   Y
Hausfrauing on the top floor. We headed to one of our favorite eateries, Carluccis in Yardley, to use our gift certificate from Christmas. They give you so much food up front with the bread and the soups and salads, plus we got calamari and caprese salad. We brought two entire entrees minus three bites home. I was passed out by 11. 

S   A   T   U   R   D   A   Y
King Gustave demanded that we get up at 8, so we did. I had some coffee with Geege and started on laundry.

I also read this awesome piece at A Breezy Life, which is a fierce retort to a bullshit article spouting off about people who don't have kids. The fool who wrote the article used a photo of Marla's (authoress of the Luck Fupus blog) off of Instagram to make his ridiculous point without even sourcing it. I hate when people spout off in an arrogant and ridiculous manner, but I love when they get set in their place. Great piece on A Breezy Life, give it a read. Brie's piece actually forced a response from the author of the original piece and resulted in the removal of Marla's photo. Words carry power.

Weekly food prep: broccoli bake for breakfasts, taco meat for tacos, and Lauren's taco bake for Cinco de dinner on Sunday. Are you following Lauren's blog? I added some salsa, black olives and green onions to the top. A weekly food prep blog post is coming.
Our family celebrated the impending arrival of my aunt Dawn's baby.
Johnny D's surprise 40th at Katie O's. A great time was had by all.
We came back to our house after and had fun with a prop Debbie brought along.We freaking love cardboard cutouts here, that's for sure.
S   U   N   D   A   Y
Lunch at Bridget Foy's with two of my knottie girls, AEB and Kristen. I had the New Mexico burger with roasted green chiles, pepperjack, and chipotle aoli in honor of Cinco de Mayo. OLE, mofos.
When I got back, I ignored yard work in favor of blogging and catching up on TV (The Americans, The Vampire Diaries, The Office, and eleventy billion episodes of Chopped).

That's all she wrote. It was a busy weekend and I'm pooped.
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  1. What a fun weekend!! For a friend's b-day once, we got a life-sized cardboard cut out of him and brought it to the party. It was ridiculous how much fun we had with it and we were posing with it all night for photos.

    That corona cut out is awesome!

  2. SO GLAD that Darren was able to get in on the Corona action.

  3. That very first photo is stunning. Is that instagrammed?

  4. looks like you had a great weekend! and i Rex Goliath is some of wine!

  5. Beautiful pictures as always. Your blogs are a journal of your life. Love it. So glad you can hook up with your Knottie friends in person once in a while! The internet is the BEESKNEES. I am refraining from the BOMB for a bit or maybe forever, it makes me think of unpleasant things. Bees are good as long as they do not sting you!They are important to our planet, too. So why not give them a shout out.
    Love you!! YOUR MOMMA

  6. sounds like a fun weekend! I looove calamari.. all the food looks delish, and the giant corona bottle is awesome!

  7. You always have fun, busy weekends. Even when you claim to just watch tv all day. I read all of those blog posts this weekend when you tweeted about it. He's crazy. I don't know who these people are that he encounters all day, but I have tons of friends and neighbors who don't have/can't have/don't want kids, and they've never said anything about our choice to have them and I've never questioned their choice not to have them. It's pretty absurd. Also, I know when and where it's appropriate to bring my kids, but a lot of people don't and are disrespectful. I don't blame people for wanting to have a nice time out without kids running around, ruining it. Kids are brats these days!

  8. I read that original article and the response. I would like to punch that guy in the face. People put such stupid shit on the Internet. Why is it any of my business whether you choose to have/not to have kids? And why do people think that the world revolves around them when they do have kids?

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, I read an article last week about a guy who went through IVF with his wife and they were pregnant with twins and the whole article was about how upset, angry, etc. they were that they were having twins when they just wanted one. I have no words for these people.

    Also, all the food in your pictures looks amazing. Not helping my determination to eat better this week to make up for all the ice cream cake I consumed.

  9. OK, how funny that we both mentioned Marla in posts today! I just read Brie's post and loved it. That guy is a douchecanoe.

    If I can sneak the cream cheese past Aaron, I want to try Lauren's taco bake.

  10. Another great weekend with lots of fun, food, family and friends... ahhhhhh — I love those kinds of weekends!

  11. What an eventful weekend! Gustave is such a cutie :)

  12. HAHAHAHA I love the cutout that's amazing! As per usual, amazing weekend full of friends and good food.

    Thanks for linking up :)

  13. You are always soo busy on the weekend! The food looks amazing and it making me very hungry! Have a great week lady! I CANNOT wait for the weekly food prep post...this girl needs help.

  14. I dunno why I never remember to read your blog after I've already eaten. Now I'm starving. And I want taco dip. And cake.

  15. Busy, busy weekend! I love you and your Pimp Cup!! Kinda rocks my socks.

    Did MFD give a saxaphone serenade and the surprise party? How lovely!!!!

    Man, 2 Monday shout-outs on 2 of my favorite blogs! Brie and I are both SO flattered that you shared her writing! Thank you THANK YOU for putting it out there for us!! I still can't get my head screwed on tight enough after last weeks cath and I'm still so out of sorts. Eventually I'll get my blog post about it up and published!

    Happy Monday <3

  16. Um the picture of you with the ginormy corona because my favorite IG this weekend.

    I am off to read this article now...we shall discuss!

  17. Big fun has by all! Still loving that article from Brie. Happy Monday night...only 4 more days to the weekend!

  18. I would love to hear about your weekly food prep. (any blog posts about it???)

  19. How good was The Office? I can't believe there is only one episode left. I was lazy and didn't meal plan this week. I did, but didn't blog it. Womp Womp.


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