Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Steve Sanders, Nail Polish Psychosis, and Cooking Apparati.

1. I was full of glee when I saw this pic of Ian Ziering gearing up for his turn as a Chippendale. Steve Sanders, a freaking Chippendale. KVS clued me into this a few weeks ago. Dear network television, I beg you for the eleventy billionth time: for the love of all that is holy, BRING BACK BEVERLY HILLS 90210.

2. Thanks to Kathy from Vodka and Soda for sending along her rose hip mask that didn't work for her skin. I love love love it. Have you read Kathy's blog? It's a riot. She's great with fitness and product tips too.

3. Two of my friends started blogs this week. Please check them out!
Jill is your stylist source for all things beauty: makeup, hair, nails. She's the Hulk Hogan to my Miss Elizabeth, did my makeup for my wedding, and is a great friend of mine. Visit Scissorhands:Beauty Junkie and Vidal Sassoon Wannabe
Jen is a kick ass entrepreneur, social media/tech/marketing guru, professor, speaker, and fitness/fashion/inspirationista. Check her out at Words with Jen.

4. Marshalls report:  mint leaves and lime candle (thanks to Carly at The Pinot Project for the recommendation), orange mug and measuring cups, a triple frame I've been looking for, peppermint foot wipes that I'll keep at work, and citronella candles for my outdoor lanterns.

5. I've budgeted to update some kitchen items this year. I am constantly in there making some awesome shit so I need to keep my materials tip top. First up: an enameled cast iron dutch oven in Emerald Green from Lodge and awesome new measuring spoons. My current spoons don't fit in spice jars, which frustrates the hell out of me and makes for messy and inefficient cooking.

6. Kitchen Apparatus One: an ice cream maker. I'm going to be swirling frozen shit up like Tom Cruise when he was still cool in Cocktail. Ya dig?
7. Kitchen Apparatus Two: a bread maker, a gift from Lori & Jack. I want to just throw the ingredients in and get bread. Sorry if that isn't pioneerish enough, but guess who's not planning to purchase bread again? This crazy person. Yes, I did need to rearrange my kitchen to incorporate these things. I am full of glee and can't wait to make a loaf of bread this weekend.
8. I was doing this squat challenge and totally dropped the freaking ball on it after three days. So I started again yesterday. I had to set up a daily reminder on my phone or I'd totally forget that I was doing it again. Ridiculous.
9. Nail polish psychosis: Yesterday I bought these two (Madison Ave-Hue by Essie and If You Moust You Moust by OPI). They look the same, yes? No! I ghetto'd up my nails in Pickwick Pharmacy (Philly ladies, they have the best polish selection in town) to see the subtle difference: the Essie has sparkles and is better for toes. Please don't argue this point with me. I cannot be rational about this. The subtle don't understand. Unless you also suffer from nail polish psychosis.
10. Ecards of the week:

Annnnnnd a special birthday shout out to one of my BFFs, Jenn D. Have a fabulous day! xoxo

Ciao, bellas. Send a flare of good will up for MFD today, he's getting surgery to remove the screws from his leg.

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  1. I need to get on that squat schedule stat! And I totally saw Steve...Ian...whatever high school. He always looks the same.

  2. Reading this while on my flight to FL and got super excited when I saw the 90210 picture. Steve has to be like 50 niw!?!?

    I'm intrigued by the bread maker. Would love to hear about it after you use it.

    Please excuse any typos. It is butch to comment on my iPad.

    Haha...spell check just changed bitch to butch. I'll go with it.

  3. Forgot to add that I hope the surgery goes well!

  4. i'm SO glad that it works for your skin! let me know how it goes...rosehip is supposed to add major hydration while gently exfoliating.

    and i can't believe that steve from 90210 is a chippendale. is that a permanent thing? i guess he needs to pay the bills! LOL

  5. Hello,
    That ecard had me rolling! Too funny! I love Marshall's and TJ Maxx for homegoods. Good stuff!
    Found you on Rolled Up Pretty

  6. Umm can you please send me your frozen treats when you get this ice cream maker? Yum!

  7. I really miss cool tom cruise. like a lot. and now i want ice cream.

  8. I am wanting now those citronella candles, the green dutch oven and those polishes! The polishes will def be my first purchase! Perfect pinks!

  9. 1. THANK YOU for the donation to Autim Speaks and for enjoying my fart story!
    2. GOOD LUCK to the hubs while he gets de-screwed! Hope it goes well, with little pain!
    3. The squat challenge- do you do them all at once or through the day????

  10. That squat challenge makes me want to challenge your sanity...

  11. oohhh an ice cream maker, I could go for some ice cream right about now.. or anytime really lol

  12. Happy bday, Jenn! I wish Maverick Tom Cruise was back, but fame does shit to you!
    Godspeed to Mike Doyle, and to you,
    Can't wait for the homemade bread with BUTTER, of course. I LOVE butter.
    love your

  13. I'm with Helene - I miss when Tom Cruise was cool. Cocktail is still a guilty pleasure flick.

    I need new measuring spoons. I too HATE when they don't fit.

    That second ecard would have been much cooler had they spelled "separate" correctly.

    I missed a couple days of the squat challenge but picked it up again. Oof.

  14. We LOVE our bread machine. Make sure to get a good bread keeper cause that shit goes bad fast. It really makes me wonder whats in the store bread that it can stay un-molded for longer.....

  15. 1) I hate it when my measuring spoons don't fit in spice jars. I think I need to invest in some of those skinny ones...genius invention, those.

    2) I think you need to do a bread maker review after you've gotten some use out of it! I want to buy one but have no idea what brand to buy...they all have such mixed reviews, unless you want to spend a bajillion dollars...

    3) I hope surgery goes well!!!

  16. Yes!!!! Bring back Dylan, Brandon and Steve....loved that friggin show...that and the original Melrose Place!! :) And why did Tom Cruise turn into such a loser...dang his Cocktails days were the best...again, you never cease to make me laugh!!

  17. A bread maker is the best thing ever!!

  18. I just love that I laughed out loud at Fasebuk. Not just a hee hee...but full on guffaw. I want an ice cream maker but it interferes with my goal of losing weight. I make homemade Sour Dough without the breadmaker. Like ice will make your buns wide. Finally...NICE HAUL from your Marshalls outing.
    PS--I'd love 90210 back if they had the original cast. Not one..ALL. I'm still waiting on Knots Landing's return, so....

  19. I love Kathy. And Carly. And everything you bought at Marshall's. So obviously you have great taste and I'm going to check out your friend's new blogs!

  20. 90210!! Loved that damn show, I still watch re-runs! Sad, I know!

  21. Ohhhhh mint and lime? That sounds like something I need, immediately. I'm all out of candles! Time to go shopping.


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