Friday, April 19, 2013

Wax on, wax off. Learn five Friday things, then I will teach you karate.

1. I think this is a lesson we're presented with often, actually acknowledge out loud, but rarely incorporate into our lives. Every time someone dies young, every time we lose someone unexpectedly at any age, any time a tragedy happens: we say things like "live each day to the fullest, love with all of your heart, you never know, do the things you really want to do, be in the moment," etc. Then we let it lapse a little until the next death or tragedy comes up. We always think we have time. Use the time you have wisely. Leave it all on the table. 

2. Spider haters, I did this last weekend - I filled this spray bottle nearly to the top with hot water. I added 25 drops of peppermint essential oil. I sprayed the bejesus out of my house (particularly window and door tracts where arachnids normally lie) and my yard (particularly the shed, which is a spider ghetto project). Less than seven days later, I have not encountered any spiders. I'm going to be spraying again this weekend. It's cheap, it smells good, and it fills me with glee to think I'm eradicating spiders. BYE Charlotte, ya bitch. 

3. Rejuvenated hair. Thanks to one of my oldest friends (we've known each other since first grade) and  fabulous stylist, Kristi at Sensational Scissors. 

4. Who makes two trays of black bean enchiladas at 10 p.m. on Wednesday night? Senora Stephanie, that's who. I use this recipe for enchilada sauce - it's so easy to whip up. For the enchiladas, I used the equivalent of 1 can of black beans, 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 large can diced green chiles, some enchilada sauce, 2 cups grated colby jack cheese, and about 1/3 cup chopped red onion. I wrapped those babies up in whole wheat tortillas, put them in a 9x13 on top of some sauce, topped them with sauce and cheese, and baked at 350 for 26 minutes. I ended up with 11 or 12 enchiladas. OLE, mofos. 

5. Brown Betty Cupcakes. I can't adequately explain how fabulous they are. Yesterday's treat: strawberry letter

I'd like to send a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gail! I'm so happy that getting together with MFD meant getting a girl cousin close in age to me who I totally clicked with from the beginning. I love engaging in shenanigans with Gail and the fact that people think her and I are the blood cousins, not her and MFD. I'm lucky to have gotten someone who is such a great friend of mine through marriage. Bonus! Can't wait to see you tonight!

You heard that people. I'm going out on a Friday night. 

Have a good one!

p.s. This post title is my second Karate Kid reference this week. Probably because You're the Best! Around! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down! is still in my head. 

Linking up with Joy for The Friday Five and Lauren for High Five For Friday.

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  1. I am crazy about that necklace you're modeling I. #3. WANT.

  2. Happy Birthday to Gail!

    Dying over BYE Charlotte, ya bitch!

    Where's my karate lesson?

  3. Happy birthday to Gail!

    Also I am going to have to try that peppermint spray asap- thanks!

  4. Yep, now I want another cupcake!!! And your hair always looks wonderful!!! I need to make that spider be gone spray. I killed a monster last night on my front porch and almost hyperventilated in the process.

    Thanks for linking up girl! And I hope you have a wonderful Friday. Have fun tonight!!!

  5. Shelby, that pendant was like $5 and I picked it up in some obscure store like 4 years ago. I used to never wear it, now I love it.

  6. omg thanks for that spider tip...will be doing that this weekend!

  7. I am totally trying the peppermint spray. Those little bitty spiders are just annoying...

  8. #1 why i love you and your blog.

  9. Love me some cupcakes!
    PS New follower here = )
    Stop by some time

  10. Seriously with the food...STOP IT!! lol

  11. Those black bean enchiladas ... holy moly, I'm sold! I will be making these soon!

  12. I must have black bean enchiladas, asap!
    Thank goodness I don't have spiders, I don't think I could live anywhere but a high rise for that reason. Glad your spray is working!

  13. That is very cool about the spider stay away spray! Who knew!! Happy weekend!

  14. Your hair looks fabuloushhh. And so does that cupcake.

    Have fun tonight, you crazy party girl. Going out on a friday night. WATCH OUT.

  15. I've never made my own enchilada sauce. My husband is Mexican so I know mine won't compare to his grandma's, so I kind of like being able to blame it on canned sauce. But maybe I will try it...

  16. Bye Charlotte, you bitch.



  17. Your haircut is darling! Love the new you, sans credit cards too! :)

    But I like spiders :(

  18. Love the hair and OMG I'm going to have to try the peppermint spray. My fav scent/flav so I think it'll be awesome as a spider repellent!

  19. Yum your enchilade recipe sounds delicious!

  20. Wow #1 is so true and then you blink and a week, month, year has already gone by!

    Hope you had a nice weekend.



  21. I love your haircut! I'm definitely doing the spider spray (love your label by the way). I'm not afraid to kill one with tissue, but now that Nolan is a little hippie who loves allllllll of nature, he makes me release them to the front porch. Where I'm sure they make their way back into our house two days later.


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