Monday, April 29, 2013

the lovely weekend that was

I'm busting out my original TWTW format with everything adding up to TWTW.
Get ready for math.

Friday night: dog walk, neighbor talk, Body of Proof and The Americans on demand
Saturday morning: sheets on the line, top floor cleaned, Produce Junction run, 
avocado toast topped with an egg, caffeination and hydration
Sage smudge of the entire house and every occupant, even the furry ones, 
to rid us of bad luck and negative energy
Yard work. Using a manual lawnmower is all the exercise you'll need in a weekend. 
Trust me.
Also, cleaning up the clippings is a pain in the behind.
Or how often it needs to be cut in spring. It was just done Monday! WTF!
Thanks to Tony for the Monday mowing and my brother for weed wacking on Saturday.
I also mulched a flower bed and picked up sticks and other winter yard debris. 
Project Lantern: 
Red faded lanterns turned yellow and all set for the spring and summer season.
I just need to add citronella candles. 
Lesson learned: buy one more can of spray paint than you think you need. 
Regardless, I sort of like the yellow and red hybrid I have going on. 
First burger, hotdog, and fire of the season at the Sannelli's. 
I love when I can spend a night with framily wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt.
Sunday morning: I slept in, then got laundry out on the line.
Gus likes to help by eating clothespins. 
Weekly food prep. Carrots and celery for snacks.
Zucchini pie for breakfast, Mediterranean quinoa salad for lunches,
black bean burgers for dinner this week, sauce for Sunday night's dinner. 
This blog was created from here. 
Magazines were also read here, and relaxing was done here. 
Sunday dinner: 
skinny taste chicken parm out of the freezer, over pasta with homemade sauce,
steamed green beans, garlic bread, and coffee ice cream for dessert. 
Sunday night crying time, TV catch up.
You know the drill. 

the weekend that was

I love a healthy mix of productivity, relaxation, and framily time. Fabulous weather never hurt anyone either. Nor did wearing yoga pants or yoga capris every day of the weekend. 

Don't let Monday grind you down.  Check back here tomorrow to see how I cut corners like a boss. 

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  1. That teeny tiny bowl of ice cream (coffee, my favorite) is nothing but a tease!
    I was very productive this weekend too, with a dollop of good framily time. ('course I had to skip the vacuuming... )
    I may smudge this week too... waiting for all the windows to be open. Instead of plain sage, I got sage/lavender/cedar; supposed to be a better balance. What did you use?

  2. Love those yellow lanterns! I love the end product after spray painting but hate the process.

    Our neighbor growing up used to have a manual lawn mower and we always used to laugh about it. I can't even imagine the workout. Our weekend was spent in our mud pit (aka our backyard) and we filled up a giant yard waste can that was so freaking heavy with old mulch and these stupid clay rocks that it took both John and I to pull it from the backyard to the garage. It was ridiculous and we looked like the biggest a-holes doing it.

    Your food looks delicious. I want a hot dog and ice cream for breakfast now.

  3. @mare, I used a white sage smudge stick. Let me know how you like the sage/lavender/cedar. Those smells appeal to me more than just a plain sage.

  4. I am salivating over all of that food!! Looks like a delicious weekend!

  5. My pup loves to eat clothespins too! I wonder why dogs like them so much?!

  6. Those yellow lanterns are cute!!

    I hate math, my head hurts lol Looks like a great weekend:)

  7. looks like you had great weather! it's really starting to feel like spring, thank goodness! and i need to prep food. such a great idea for the week.

  8. I love your weekend updates. They always make me hungry, jealous and envy. Thanks a lot Steph! LOL No seriously, I think you always make the most of your wonderful weekends, and they are always so colorful! Love it! Happy Monday!

  9. Beautiful, productive, fun weekend for you! Love the pictures of the boys! Adored the beautiful weather we had,no bugs! Godspeed to everyone for a wonderful week! April showers bring May flowers.

    love your MOMMA

  10. I love that picture with Gus holding the clothespin! I had a minor amount of productivity and a good amount of relaxing. Still haven't made it to the damn grocery store, though.

  11. I've been watching the americans, but am one week behind, which isn't on demand yet. What do you think of the show? I really like it, but am not sure yet, i love it. I think playing phil collins in the first episode made me stick around :-).

  12. It rained ALL day yesterday. I managed to get my living space re-arranged and cleaned up. I'm really loving it, too. I also fuond time to sleep on the sofa while something fascinating played on the History channel. That channel was made for me to do some serious sleeping.
    I hope we'll get some sunshine by next weekend!
    Lulu and Daisy

  13. I am such a fan of cutting corners. And coors light. And your lanterns.

    How did the sage situation work out?!?

  14. Oh you dogs crack me up, but seriously. I am exhausted from reading what you did. How do you get to do all the food prep?!?! Totally jealous of your energy...

  15. Sage Smudge? I have never heard of this before....gonna need to Google it. :) And the lanterns turned out perfect!! I want to spray paint something. :)

  16. That quinoa salad looks delish!

  17. You seriously amaze me every weekend. You do so much in such a short amount of time!

    I love the lanterns, IO have an addiction to them.

    Thanks for linking up :)

  18. That is a very productive weekend! I'm so impressed w/ your food prep too. I've been keeping up w/ mine as well and it makes a huge difference.

  19. Wow... you were super productive. Loving those lanterns. I really hate how FAST the weekends have been going lately. boo.

  20. Coffee ice cream is my favourite! Wow, what a productive evening!

  21. Love your pug! I just put a new t-shirt on my Etsy that you might like...a nerdy pug ; )

    Stopping by from Sami's Shenanigans.


  22. It looks like you had really nice weather this weekend! Are your sheets soft after they're on the line? I remember trying it years ago thinking it would be refreshing, but they felt kinda crunchy. Hahaha! I want to try a manual lawn mower! I'm scared of the real one. I love your lanterns! We have teal ones. I'm all about the bright colors in spring and summer.

  23. oh man, i would LOVE to sleep in! hard to do that with a 4yr old who LOVES to wake up early on the weekends (but sleeps in during the weekdays arrgh!)

  24. Avocado TOAST?! I must try! Looks like a great weekend, chickie!

  25. I have never put an egg on my avocado toast. That sounds delicious. (and I also feel dumb for never thinking of that!)

    One time I was spray painting a cabinent for my classroom, and I ran out of paint. And then both Lowe's were out of that color for weeks. I have now learned my lesson.

  26. Here's hoping the sage works! No more bad energy!

  27. I'm very behind on my blog reading! Looks like another fav weekend for the D's! Those lanterns look amazing, so spring-y, which I'm assuming was the point!

    Sage on.

  28. Those lanterns turned out great! I like the yellow better.


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