Monday, April 8, 2013

TWTW - Follow the yellow brick door

Hausfrauing, Home Depot, Wawa chicken salad sandwich and mac&cheese for dinner, and my friends on the DVR: Snooki & JWoww, Nashville, and Southland. What's that, Van Morrison? Wild Night is calling? Tell him I'll call him back.

Coffee with Gus, then a pancake breakfast fundraiser where I had the pleasure of dining with two sets of Sannellis - Amanda & Frank and Mrs. & Mr. S.

I know I've talked about this for what feels like 47 days. The yellow door finally came to fruition after three coats. I love love LOVE it. You know that Bob Seger song Till It Shines? "I've been too long without summer, in this winter home." That's what the old door made me feel like. I feel renewed now.  I can feel the feng shui flowing better already. 

My arms killed. In between coats I did 746 loads of laundry, read The Rosary Girls and watched The Good Wife, a few episodes of Girls, and Hope Springs.

Dinner and a movie: Sausage pasta (I used regular turkey sausage links, it was good but next time I'll use the recommended sausage). 

We tried to watch We Need to Talk about Kevin, but I had read the book and I didn't like the movie jumping around like a jack rabbit. We watched 50/50 instead, which we've had on the DVR since NOVEMBER. Movie problems. I liked it. 

I got NINE hours of sleep Saturday night. It was freaking awesome. Sunday morning food prep was celery, grape tomatoes, carrots and sweet mini peppers for snacks, cantaloupe and strawberries for part of breakfast, and egg salad for lunch. I threw green olives in there and it's awesome. 

More and more and more hausfrauing. And trash removal. And laundry. Eleven loads of laundry this weekend. What?

Friday Night Lights in the afternoon - the movie not the show. Still, I'll just say...clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

Chinese food feast from Hong Kong Pearl at Dad & Carol's with them and Stephen & Aubrey. It was awesome! And the last photo is all the stuff we took home. 

MAD MEN. Welcome back, sexies. And Megan, I guess.  

Today: sunny, temps in the 70s, MFD gets his cast off, free iced coffee Monday, REX MANNING DAY, and a book that I requested is in at the library. Sounds like a good start to the week to me. And you? Be Batman.

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  1. im in love with the yellow door. loooove ittt!

    and now im craving chinese food, so thanks for that :oP

  2. jealous of your nine hours of sleep. that sounds amazing. Love the door! so pretty. and that sausage pasta.yum.

  3. sleep is my new favorite activity. painting, not so much, but your door is EXCELLENT!!!

  4. @Mare, THANK YOU! I love it.

    I am always full of bliss when I get a long, deep sleep.

  5. I've said it many times, and I'll say it again: love the yellow door! It looks great!

    I need to get on the Sunday food prep wagon. Maybe in a couple weeks when I don't have Sunday afternoon rehearsals.

  6. When I saw you posting pictures about your yellow door on Saturday I was soooo excited. It's perfect!! And yellow and gray are my favorite colors!!! A busy weekend, but a good weekend!!

    Have a great Monday!

  7. Love the yellow door, too.
    On Batman:
    "The most important thing in life is to be yourself.
    Unless you can be Batman. Always be Batman."
    Need to insert a picture of Stephen in his Batman pjs!
    Almost 70 deg. already. Happy Spring, finally.
    love your momma!

  8. I can't remember the last time I had 9 hours of sleep. Totally jealous!

  9. Love your yellow door. I have that sausage pasta recipe pinned...might have to try it out.

    Yes to Bob Seger and Van Morrison. They are both on my Pandora shuffle (along with some other questionable choices).

  10. @Mom, do you have a pic of Stephen in the Batman pajamas? And superman?

    @Carly ah haha. Ditto on the questionable choices for me.

  11. 9 hours?!?!? wow!! I love the pic of the pup and the Philly coffee mug! Enjoy your last day of free iced coffee Monday!!!

    Much to discuss about Mad Men

  12. The yellow door looks great. I think I need some Don Draper in my life!

  13. Jealous of the nine hours of sleep and Chinese food. I love Hong Kong Pearl!

  14. Love the yellow door. I love that sausage recipe as well. Kenny requests it every other week. i use turkey kielbasa.

  15. Way to go Jack! Lovely yellow door, just in time for Spring!

    Totally looks like Gus is drinking the coffee - love it!

    Yeah for cast removal! WOO!!

  16. I LOVE your new front door!!!!! It looks amazing and that yellow seriously brightened up your porch. Now I'm imagining some big pots of daffodils and daisies on either side... ;)

  17. Girl, you are on a roll with the make me feel so unaccomplished!! And the door...100 times better...I bet you have some serious guns from all that stroking. :)

  18. More than anything, I'm sooo excited for Mad Men!

  19. That Van Morrison line just made me laugh out loud.

  20. The new front door looks so good!!! Love!

    And I love the Coffee with Gus photo, it might be my favorite ever.

  21. Oh, that yellow door! How FUN! Its like you can't walk through it without a smile on your face.

    I have yet to watch Mad Men. I KNOW. After all of the waiting, I double-booked myself. Tonight!

  22. gus is so cute.

    ok is madmen really that good? i tried to watch the first episode and i just couldn't get into it. how many epi's until it gets good?

  23. Your door is FABULOUS!! What a great weekend. The weather this week is just wonderful, isn't it? Thanks for all your kinds words of encouragement, too! I appreciate it!
    Lulu and Daisy

  24. LOVE the yellow door. Almost as much as I love my spring green door. COLOR!!!


  25. Happy Rex Manning Day! Yesterday I realized my front door is yellow. My whole house is yellow so it's less cool.

  26. Love that Pug bug! Also, Girls is like my favorite show ever, though I haven't seen the latest season.

    Visiting from the YOLO link up!

  27. Love the new door!! Definitely use an uncooked Italian sausage next time. It will add a ton of flavor!!

  28. Hooray for the return of Mad Men!

  29. REX MANNING DAY! I'm the lamest blogger. I'm sorry I'm just getting around to reading. I absolutely love your yellow door. It's the perfect kind of door to be a yellow color! I still haven't watched Mad Men! I was going to tonight then thought I'd save it all for Sunday for a mini-marathon.

  30. In all fairness, the yellow door looks pretty awesome compared to the old brown door. Your previous door looked boring and lifeless, unlike this new one which strikes me that someone living in this house is young and fun! Good job!


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