Monday, April 1, 2013

The Easter weekend that was

I did nothing. 
April Fools. 

Early Dismissal. HOLLERRRRRRR. I got off the train at 3:30, free for le weekend. Spring hausfrauing the entire house this weekend. 
1. Spring cleaning from 4 - 11, with breaks for dinner and egg dying. Tip: use a laundry basket to carry your supplies from room to room, and put stuff in the basket that needs to go to other rooms. 
2. Finally cleaned out the bar pantry with all the extra glasses. 
3. My grandmother gave me this bottle of Peach Schnapps when she moved out of her house like eight years ago. I finally threw it out. 
4. Wine glass hoarding.
5. China cabinet after I purged some glasses. I'm glad I don't have actual china so I can display all of the things I love. 
6. Cheddar jalapeno turkey burgers. Obviously we did not observe the no meat rule. We never do. Anyway these were AWESOME. You should make them, immediately. I used a pound of turkey instead of chicken, red onion instead of yellow, and doubled the jalapeno. I didn't measure anything, omitted the garlic and subbed garlic powder, and they were so good they didn't need condiments. I LOVE CONDIMENTS, so that's saying a lot. 
7. A box of Cheryl's cookies from the Medfords. Holy crap they were good. 
8 & 9. Dying eggs. 
10. Surrounded by pugs. 

1. Coffee while admiring our new retaining wall out front.
2. Lindsey's Lemon Cupcakes with Blueberry Icing. Using a Pampered Chef scoop gives you the perfect size cupcakes. These turned out great, and they use no oil or egg yolks. 
3. Busted my ass spring hausfrauing from 8 - 3. 

4. Iced tea and flip flops out back after a nice shower. 
5. True sign of spring in this house: a new doormat for the season.
6. Hello, crocus.
7. Sunbathing boys.
8. Mushroom lasagna a la Smitten Kitchen, who did it a la Ina Garten. This was excellent.
9. Mags and catching up on Duck Dynasty.
10. Spinach and mozzarella egg bake for the week. 
11. Ahh.

1. Pinot noir
2. Set
3. Lovely flowers from Debbie.
4. Causes smelly pee, but I still love it. 
5. Easter dinner: london broil, mashed potatoes, jalapeno creamed corn (you should make this), steamed asparagus, dump cake and
6. Debbie's devilled eggs on a special bunny plate. 
7. MFD and Geege
8. Twinings Peppermint tea, quilt, Gussie.
9. Stephen, Debbie and Gus watching the Flyers. 

We had a really laid back day on Sunday. It was much needed after the ass busting work of Friday and Saturday. It was our second year of bumming around Easter in a row, and it was great. It seems like we're on the run and worn out on every other holiday, so it's nice to stay put and relax sometimes. We closed the day out with Moving Violations straight from 1985 and Stephen took my trash out. Boom.  

Back to it, fools of April.

If you didn't enter to win some of my favorite things for my birthday month which is now sadly OVER, you have 14 hours left to do so. Go enter here. If you don't want a chance to win a $25 Target gift card, hey Jack...that's your loss.

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  1. Hahaha I was like there's no way she did nothing! That mag makes me realize I really need to finish reading World War Z before the movie comes out!

    Thanks for linking up. I'll add your link to the blog hop :)

  2. Did I mention how much I love that picture of Gus and Geege sunning outside?! Because I smile so big when I see it!! Sounds like a great weekend, however, I order you to RELAX next weekend. I think you're good on cleaning for awhile! =) Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. Dude, you need to go o The Next Food Network Star, or something. And that mushroom lasagna? I die. Looks amazing.

    Love that doormat!!!

    Pug Life, yo!

    Happy Phillies opening day!!!! Happy FREE iced coffee Monday!!!!!

  4. i wish i had weather warm enough to wear flipflops! i'm so over this winter.

  5. seriously, now nice was it on saturday?! i was outside as much as i possibly could, trying to soak up that sunsine!
    and im pretty jeal that you dyed eggs. i had intentions of dying a few but i knew kirk wasn't as completely thrilled as i was. and solo dying just isnt as fun

  6. oh! and this is random but i just saw it in someone elses comment- can i please tell you how freakin jealous i am that you guys get free iced coffee mondays?! every time i see it on instagram or one of your posts, i immediately want an iced coffee. i went so far as to google it and download the app and blah blah blah
    only to find out its only greater philadelphia.

  7. i think I might need to make those turkey burgers, yum! those flowers are gorgeous! and looks like you did a lot of cleaning, i need to get on that. but i always find an excuse!

  8. I like the smelly pee syndrome almost as much as the asparagus itself... it's like a pleasant reminder of the eating phase!

  9. BOOM is the big buzz work. Coach K used it in his interview after Duke's loss to Louisville. He used it a few times. Louisville women's bball game was great, too.
    Lovely, productive weekend for you!
    Love your momma

  10. Can I apply to be an intern at your house one weekend - continuously amazed at your balance between productiveness, awesomeness and relaxing. UNREAL.

    Hey Jack! That made me laugh so hard - I was watching it last night and I caught myself busting out the Uncle Si "hey!" this morning with my boss. Problem. Hilarious.

  11. sounds like a great weekend! all the food looks delish, and jalapeno creamed corn?! I definitely will have to make that!

  12. Looks like you had a great weekend!!! Have a great day!

  13. I'll be catching up on a little Duck Dynasty this week too! LOVE that show. And what??? You never opened that Peach Schnapps??? I am disappointed in you!! Okay, now come clean my house!! ;) Thanks for voting today!!! xoxo

  14. I need to move in with you so you can cook for me all the days. I promise to always do the dishes!!! All your food ALWAYS looks good. You have never had a gross food YET!!!

    also no meat eating? Why do I not know this rule? not that I would follow it.

  15. Looks like a fabulous weekend! I'm slightly jealous of your sunshine... ;)

  16. I wish I were so dedicated to hausfrauing. My floors need a vacuuming like nobody's business. It was great weekend and yesterday FINALLY felt like spring! I need some outdoors time with some sunshine...STAT!

  17. Those turkey burgers look fab! As does most of the food in this post...

  18. You had me at "hey Jack...that's yo loss."


    Glad you all had a relaxing Sunday!

  19. Looks like a good weekend! I have a $1 store basket that goes from up to downstairs multiple times a day. Love it! I have like 15 magazines to read. I need to put that on my to do list.

  20. is it sad that i'm super excited at the laundry basket/cleaning tip?
    and i am also thirsty ... i believe i will go make me some tea right now. and it's hot outside, so it will taste extra fabulous. mmm.

  21. My Lucy loves to sunbathe too. It cracks me up! Looks like a nice weekend (minus the cleaning). Man, I miss my maid. Yes. Before I had kids, I made sure I had money set aside for a maid - best.decision.ever. Now it's me and Mr. Clean and we don't get along.

  22. I would love for you to come link up to my Tuesday Blog Hop!!

    xo Tori

  23. I want to come eat at your house! Everything looks YUM! PS. Housefrauing is a funny word!

  24. Looks like a productive weekend filled with delicious food!

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