Friday, April 5, 2013

Tales of a weekday hangover or, I may be too old for weeknight shenanigans

Wednesday night my brother took me to the Flyers game. Stephen and Aubrey split season tickets with her parents and they have great seats. I had not been to a game in like six years. Crazy, right? We had a blast. The Flyers won. We hung out with friends. I did not indulge responsibly. Dinner was beer, beer, and beerbeer-ba-beer followed by a cheese steak at midnight and a bedtime of 1 a.m. on a school night.

Thursday morning's alarm was obviously not a welcome noise. I had just enough of a hangover to make quick movement pretty impossible, which made the school bus incident way more rageful than it should've been. Have you ever been trying to get to work and the freaking school bus is waiting on a kid who is walking down his front steps like Pokey McPokepoke?

That little ahole finally got on the bus, but the line of traffic behind it was slow. When I finally had space, I had to gun it to make it to the train station. Several lollygaggers were walking aimlessly in the middle of the station parking lot, meaning I had to dodge them before parking and then run for the train. I plopped down, chugged some water, and was confronted with a total creeper across from me, staring like creepers do, probably plotting how to Criminal Minds me.

When I got to work, I ate everything in sight by 9:17 and prayed harder for 5:00 p.m. than I've ever prayed for anything aside from a winning lottery ticket. What gives? I didn't drink a crazy amount. I really think it's the lack of sleep that kills me these days. God, when I think of my weeknights out until 3, 4, 5 a.m. in my early 20s...that shit simply does not fly at this age. On Thursday I felt like I was 97 and I looked about 97 too.

The End.

p.s. when you are drinking you may also strongly advise (bully) people to participate in your photo whims. ahem. I got three men to humor me and join me in that sneaker photo even though it turned out awful. BOOM.
And today, Friday, my little lovey love love Friday...five things I'm excited about this weekend:

1. Painting my door and opening my windows
2. MAD MEN returns
3. Chinese food at Dad & Carol's
4. NO PLANS Saturday night
5. Seeing friends for breakfast manana

TGIF! Have a great weekend!

I'm still linking up with Joy for The Friday Five even though this post has 12 photos and way more than five things. Boom again.


  1. "probably plotting how to Criminal Minds me" -although scary for you, I love the reference! hilarious shoe photo, and how about that win by the Flyers last night?!

  2. Dear god weekday hangovers are the worst. Adult hangovers are so much different and so much more awful than college hangovers. It's the lack of sleep that really makes me feel like complete ass.

  3. week day hangovers are the worst. and it's just not fair you can't bounce back. and then something terrible happens of course. ughh. just not fair. your weekend looks like a good one tho!

  4. there is NO way i could handle a weekday hangover! heck i can't even handle a regular hangover; it would take me weeks to recover!

  5. just don't expect the hangovers (weekday OR weekend) to get any better as you continue to age. By 60, you're already concerned about it at your first sip... kinda takes all the joy out of it!

  6. I have called out of work due to weekday hangovers in my 30's whereas in my 20's I not only went to work but went out again that night.

  7. The Criminal Minds line was my fave, too. LMAO

  8. Ugh, Thursday morning hangover = BAD. But, it looks like you had a grand ole time. And the Flyers won, so you must be good luck!!!!!

    You and your brother look so much alike. And I've sure you've heard that 9 gajillion times. Love the pics!!!

  9. I can't hang on a weeknight anymore! I just don't bounce back like I used to! One night of a few drinks equals two days of recovery for me, and ain't nobody got time for 'dat!

  10. SO my original comment was my eating has been out of control the past 2 weeks can you come spank me? then I realized thats not as appropriate as I thought it sounded in my head. the end

  11. hangovers suck any day of the week...but it's such a great idea at the time...get some rest ya old woman!! ;)

  12. I'm so excited for you to paint your door, you'd think I was painting my own again. Haha!

  13. Getting old sucks. Truly. Can't wait to see the door!! TEAM YELLOW

  14. It always seems like the best idea, until the next morning. Still, it's usually worth a little pain and a few yawns. Happy Friday!

  15. A good, sound SLEEP is the drug we all need & it's free with all good things coming from it. A good, sound, sleep eludes many people. BUT you had a wonderful time and do not do it often.
    Can't wait to see the Yellow door.

    love your momma

  16. Weeknight shenanigans= video day for my students :)

    Looks like you had fun!

  17. Let me tell you how much more weekday hangovers suck in your 40s. Ugh.

  18. I can't make it on no sleep either. I don't know how I pulled so many all-nighters in college. Also, I found out I can't day drink. I had 2 beers at noon last weekend and needed a nap by 3:00. Getting old sucks.


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