Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spending Freeze Book of Sin - I Veruca'd Myself

My eighth grade science teacher had a Book of Sin. We made fun of it and referenced it a lot. Just like I make fun of and reference my Spending Freeze Book of Sin a lot. 

This is my second spending freeze of the year. Read my Dirty Book of Shame from the first spending freeze here. I embarked on my second spending freeze of the year on March 19 after opening the spending floodgates during my birthday month. Holy crap did I spend with a fever. I needed to get that shit in check. Hence, Spending Freeze II for the year. 

Here are my transgressions. Any non necessity you've seen on my blog or instagram (i.e. DD items, Target stuff) was purchased with a gift card (DD) or was bought by someone other than me (Target). These are the expenses that weren't budgeted or planned for during this freeze:
Date of infraction: March 30
Purchased: New front door mat, two area rugs for inside, empty squirt bottle from Bed, Bath & Beyond
Amount: $34.94
With: Cash.
Note: I wanted everything completed for spring cleaning - that includes mats. Could I have waited until my freeze is up? Yes. But you guys spring cleaning means all clean and done. No whining! You could have waited. Weak!

Date of infraction: April 1. No kidding.
Purchased: Mascara and nail polish at Rite Aid
Amount: $11.98
With: Debit.
Note: I had to purchase a necessity and was waylaid by the memory of Mrs. G's springy pink nail polish at Coach Bingo last week. I found it, and Cover Girl stuff was B1G1 50% off, so I picked up a new mascara. Nail polish and mascara are a lethal combo for me, sexy sirens luring me to my doom. EXCUSES, EXCUSES! Fact: I needed neither. This purchase made me feel weak. I sought comfort in my second DD iced coffee of the day. Thankfully it was free iced coffee Mondays, so I was not thrust into another shame spiral. 

April 11. I was cruising towards the April 15 finish line. I went to Target and didn't buy anything that wasn't on my list. I had this in the bag. 

Then. Friday April 12. Rainy. Windy. Cold.  I posted my spring to do list. I asked friends where they were buying their earrings. Then this happened. 
Date of infraction: April 12
Purchased: Four pairs of earrings from Kohls.com
Amount: $34.75
With: Debit.
Note: I shouldn't have even logged on and perused the selection. I saw some I liked. I put them in my cart for purchase on Monday. Then I realized they were 50% off. And I had another code for 20% off on top of that. And a code for free shipping. And what if the sale was over by Monday? AND AND AND I should've waited. This shows a lack of willpower and a need to feed my I WANT IT NOW.
Date of infraction: April 12
Purchased: The most random bunch of shit Amazon order of all time from Amazon.com
Amount: $27.63
With: Debit.
Note: I have become obsessed with smudging my house to rid it of negativity, and I arbitrarily decided that since I just shit the spending freeze bed and the door was now yellow, the yard was now cleaned, the house was now purged, obviously TODAY was the day to order the smudging supplies. And that HDMI cable we need. And some pens. And the rose seed oil for my face concoction that I can't find anywhere in town, not that I've looked at more than two places. Most random cart ever since I was set  to spend $25 to get the free shipping. And I did

Basically, by the binge at the end of this Spending Freeze, I learned that my Veruca Salt is calling the shots too often. I WANT IT NOW is not a good reason to get it now. What happened to my resolve to sit on purchases for a week (unless it's at Marshalls, you don't let that shit sit or you go back and it's not there. Marshalls Law)? 

My next spending freeze will begin May 5, and I'm going to have to strangle my inner Veruca. 

While I flarped up the end of this (yes, I did just make that word up), at least I know next time that my biggest obstacle is something I always need to be conscious of, because when my Veruca pops up, I will do anything to make her shut up, including breaking my freeze. I can't forget about Veruca and still be ready to do battle with her. She is a sneaky, ruthless asshole and I need to be on guard. 

I also need to be aware that I tend to binge. Just like the healthy eating thing - eating one bad thing doesn't mean the rest of the day has to be bad - I need to rein it in after I screw up on the spending freeze and not just throw my hands up and say oh well let's go to town now. 

Join me for my next freeze May 5?

A serious postscript on the Boston Marathon bombing: I truly believe that in times of trouble, we must look for the light - it always conquers darkness. One, 10, 15, however many people planted bombs - how many people ran TOWARD the explosions to help others? How many first responders did whatever they could? How many people across the country harnessed their prayers and good thoughts and sent them to Boston? To curse humanity or say there is no humanity anymore is to ignore the good people along with the bad. Evil has always existed, the weapons and speed with which information is disseminated are just different. As long as there have been people, there have been instances of evil attacking innocent without provocation.  Good always wins. This was my facespace status yesterday: 
Cruelty and viciousness have been around since the beginning of time, and they'll be around until the end of time. You can't get rid of them. This is not going to stop happening...but you can make sure you're the best person you can be, that you do for others without looking for accolades, that you influence people around you to be kind, that you raise your kids to be respectful and joyful and strong so that they can turn away from bad influences. Instead of lamenting about what the world is coming to, do whatever you can in your own space to make it better. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." MLK Jr.

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  1. "Sexy sirens luring me to my doom." I nearly spit out my coffee.

    Indeed. There is FAR more good in the world than evil.

  2. I feel ya with the Golden Goose syndrome, Veruca. Bought 3 pairs of shoes from the RL site during the sale and then I get our mail yesterday and realize I had forgotten about the insurance bill! OY!
    We must be strong to stand up to evil AND temptation!
    Love that you smudge. Get those negative vibes outta there!
    Lulu and Daisy

  3. I am intrigued by both your smudging supplies and the purple pens. I am pretty particular about pens, and retractable pens especially.

    Amazon prime is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me. On the way to my house is a package with coconut oil, Sharpie pens, chap stick, and a night light. It's just so much easier to click a few buttons and have it show up on my door step 2 days later than go to the store, park, look for things that I can never find, etc.

    I did a no-spend month in February after totaling up how much I spent the previous two months on Target and random shit. It is freaking hard, the only thing that got me through the month was gift cards and returns that I had to make that allowed me to purchase new things. Hi,my name is Carly, and I spend too much money on random shit I don't need.

  4. My husband keeps trying to put me on a spending freeze. ARGH! Being inspired. ;)

    Most Recent Post: Evy's Tree Giveaway


  5. I just bought new smudge too... I already had a partial sage stick, but got 2 sage/cedar/lavender sticks. They provide more balance (male/female energy) and they also smell good. I have a shell too, but bought a new one simply because it is prettier than my old one. I bought it at one of my big-time trigger stores - I cannot enter without a big hit to my wallet. Soulutions for Daily Living, in Newtown. Go there... it's wonderful, albeit pricey. But don't go there until AFTER your price freeze.

  6. Love the sage/cedar/lavender sticks idea. Love balance! Girls- I was a spender til I stopped working a paying job. 35 yrs of running like a nut,etc. I wear the same stuff or mend it- because they are my faves. Plus no work wardrobe needed. I effing LOVE being home, Love x 50 gazillion. I really do not NEED anything. Now I need to get control of my eating and exercising. Could not sleep thinking of all these people injured yesterday-my cross to bear to be healthy is minimal.
    My motto to myself JUST DO IT.
    Send love and light and happiness out into our world. It really is beautiful. LOVE, your MOMMA

  7. I buy in moderation.. I tend to allow myself one new dress every paycheck.

  8. Budgeting fun money really helped me with this problem, and I tend to feel freeer (sp) during a spending freeze bc I have an excuse not to waste time shopping. Yes, it's fun to shop, but at the same time, I feel like a slave to it. Better luck next time!!

  9. Don't care how, I want it now.....

    Don't care how, I want it NOOOOOOWWWWWWWW.....

    As she drops down the bad egg chute.

    Reigning in the selfish brat must be added to my to-do list as well. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Your post made me laugh in detailing similar problems i have when I saw I will be strong and that flies out the window when I spot something shiny. I have my own Veruca demon to manage. I lol'd at my office when I read about the Amazon list. (soooo random!)

    Great blog! Your writing reminds me of why I enjoy blogging. Hope you will check out my blog too and show some love.


    p.s. i agree, we all just need better people (or the best that we can be) to overcome those that cannot.

  11. Ugh you have no idea how many times my mother has called me Veruca. I need to reign that shit it. So hard though. Thanks for this post because it made me feel a little less bad about my habits :)

  12. THE SAGE! I had no idea you could buy that on amazon! I love your smudging obsession. If you consider it a success, I will horrify my boyfriend and do it in our apartment. Because my dreamcatcher and evil eye weren't odd enough for him :-)

    I think you did pretty good! I should try this and take it seriously...I really should...but...but...

  13. i suck at this too, so i literally try not to go in ANYWHERE. EVER. We just spend $ eating and drinking. The EEBA app has helped a ton with pacing myself through the month.

  14. http://shuginboots.blogspot.com/2012/04/money-easy-envelope-budget-aid-shiz.html

    here's a link to an EEBA post i wrote ... let me know if you have questions! :)

  15. I thin you did great! (Until the end that is...) Maybe if you gave yourself a fun money allowance during your freeze you wouldn't binge.

  16. I feel you on the spoiled spending freeze. I was doing pretty well for a while too!

  17. Since you flurped up - just means the next freeze will kick ass. I luck out with online shopping. I "shop" upstairs, and I keep my purse down. I have to really want to buy it for my lazy ass to get up! Love the MLK quote!

  18. I should totally do this, although I think it would be scary because I am the queen of unnecessary purchases. More importantly though, FREE ICED COFFEE MONDAYS AT DD? How have I never heard of this? Is it every DD?

  19. What is smudging? It sounds dirty and not in a good way. And as for your confessions, you are absolved of sin. It happens to the best of us.

    Love your eloquence on what happened in Boston. I'm still trying to process my thoughts and feelings.

  20. You did much better on your spending freeze than I have, since I haven't actually started yet. Oops! I totally agree with you on the spring cleaning thing. I have to get a project 100% done or I can't live with myself.


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