Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random of the weeks on Wednesday. Go with it.

Dream job of the week: spreading Dirty Dancing to the world - bringing the best movie ever to audiences who haven't seen it...if they exist. Being a Dirty Dancing missionary, if you please. 

Book of the week: The End of the Point by Elizabeth Gravers. What are you reading?
Sad song of the week: Hero by Family of the Year. I heard this in the car yesterday on the way to the train station and was inexplicably sort of at a loss. I like the song though.

Show of the week: Duck Dynasty. All I feel like doing in life is walking around with a glass of iced tea and saying Hey Jack. This is a problem since I am a professional person. 
Team of the week: Flyers, since I'm heading to the game tonight with my brother. I haven't been in like six years, I swear. 

Winner of the week: Andora D. was the lovely winner of the $25 Target giftcard, Eucalyptus Mint B&BW foaming hand soap, Essie Merino Cool and Trident Cinnamon Gum in the A Few of My Favorite Things Birthday Month Giveaway. Congrats Andora! 

Color of the week: YELLOW. On Monday morning, my friend Kim looked up my house to see if a yellow door would be good feng shui. And it was! And I also happened to be wearing a yellow cardigan and yellow shoes that day. Kismet, y'all. That is happening this weekend as long as the forecast for Saturday is nice.
Beauty lesson of the week: I used the oil cleansing method on my face for over a year. I freaked in February due to extremely dry skin and switched back to a commercial cleanser (Purpose) and lotion (CeraVe) instead of adjusting my ratios in the oil cleansing method. My skin freaked the F out, and the blackheads on my nose could be assigned US postal addresses. Note to self: don't leave the OCM again. I'm back to it. I switched up my oil mixture and am using 85% jojoba, 15% castor, a few drops of tea tree oil, and I'm looking to add in either rose hip oil, hazelnut or geranium after doing some more research on a link Jeanine G.B. sent me on the facespace. 

Housekeeping tip of the week: In case you missed it in the weekend post. Carry cleaning supplies in a laundry basket as you go room to room. Fill the basket with stuff that belongs in other rooms, and put stuff away as you go along instead of running back and forth or having piles to come back to in each room. 

E-card of the week: 
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  1. heeelll to the yea for a yellow door! its going to be so cheerful :)

    my gf tried convincing me to switch to the OCM...maybe i'll have to give it a makes me nervous though. and i read something somewhere about castor oil promoting hair growth? and i don't really care to promote hair growth on ma face, any input?

  2. I cannot wait to see a bright yellow door on the Instagrams. It's gonna look great!!

    Oil on your face? This is a phenomenon I'm not sure I can get behind. It doesnt cause you any blackheads??? Or greasiness in general?

    Spaghetti arms.

  3. I think all the time about how I would like to just be a person wandering around saying clever things with a glass of (insert beverage here) in my hand. But I DO like my paycheck, so maybe it would be best to stay where I am?

  4. Godspeed to you & Stephen going to the Flyers game. Angels & lights. I do not like the 95- so many nuts!
    It's will be late, too. Oh, anyway, have fun.
    Really would love a 70 deg. day. Maybe next week. The low's at night, too, ugh. Thank God for the sun.
    Can't wait to see the yellow door.
    love your MOMMA

  5. Yellow is the color of balance... for a few years, I focused on yellowing up my life as I am a Scorpio, the antithesis of balance. Even made my bedroom yellow.
    Now I have moved on to red... not so balanced, but fun!

  6. Woohoo for a yellow door! Can't wait to see pictures!

    I'm going to add that book to my list since I need a new one!

    Have a great day:)

  7. haha dream job of the week...just yes!

  8. I need some more yellow in my life. Well, maybe I don't NEED it, but I'd like it.

    That's the best dream job I've ever heard!

  9. Ahhhh... Dirty Dancing was on Saturday night on MTV, and you know I was watching. Patrick was my first love. =) I wanting to be Baby so I could dance and have him look at me like he looked at her! HA!

  10. I love Dirty Dancing! One of the best movies ever.

    I am so excited for your yellow door!!! When is this going down?

  11. one of my fav things is when dirty dancing is on the tv and i happen to come across it...which means that i have to watch it. the other day it happened and i made my hubs watch it with me, even though he said that he doesn't like the movie but i think that's a lie because who DOESN'T like this movie?!

    and oil cleansing is the best!

  12. laughed out loud at the e-card, that's right on the money! I'd love if I could just walk around yelling 'hey jack' at people. GO FLYERS!! (tell the Schenn brothers, and Read, and Giroux, and Hartnell, and Talbot and basically everyone I said hi)

  13. Yay for the yellow door! I can't wait to see it. I love Dirty Dancing. but Footloose will always be my absolute favorite 80s movie. I've never seen Duck Dynasty! I'm so jealous of your Flyers game! We need an NHL team in Seattle sooooo bad.

  14. ooh! Love the bright yellow door. Pictures are a must :) So perfect for the coming weather. I should totally carry a laundry basket with the things that need to go other rooms. I'll give that a try this weekend when I'm cleaning :)

  15. I watched dirty dancing this weekend. jeremy had NEVER seen it. yeah, we are still together too!

  16. I am contemplating trying the oil cleansing method. You are the second person I have read about who uses this and liked it. I might have to bite the bullet and try it out.

    Also, the laundry basket tip for cleaning is genius. I am constantly trying to carry everything on one trip and inevitably forget something or drop something.


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