Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I put my Wednesday poop in piles, nice nice.

The Entertainment Pile
1. This is why I love Entertainment Weekly, and specifically The Bullseye. Do not cancel Happy Endings ABC!  Ya fools.

2. You know I hate going to the theater, but you better believe my ass will be in a seat when The Great Gatsby comes out, even though I don't normally watch movies of books either.  Leonardo DiCaprio plus one of my most beloved books is a must see before DVD.
3. I'm reading The Rosary Girls right now. It's set in Philadelphia. I always think it's cool when a book is set in your town or city, and you know where they're talking about when they mention places or addresses.

The Food and Drink Pile
1. Monday was the last free iced coffee/tea Monday at DD. I got my iced coffee in the morning and my iced tea in the afternoon. Then I went into mourning. 

2. Tuesday was nearly 80 degrees. I've been wanting frozen yogurt for an eternity and I finally got some at lunch.

The Weather Pile
1. This is perfect sleeping weather. Windows open, cool air with a hint of warmth to it. I love it. I could sleep for eleventy billion hours.

2. Welcome back, flip flops. Adieu, flip flops that got purged.

The Miscellaneous Poop Pile
1. The word poop always makes me laugh.

2. Last night Michelle and I made our triumphant return to zumba for the first time in a month and a half. My body was like, "Oh, hello. What do you think you're doing?" It's good to be back.

The E-card pile
1 and 2, bitch.

Peace in the east.

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  1. Ahhh... a post with poop, open windows, Leo, and frozen yogurt...

    I enjoyed 3 of the 4 this week. Yes, I too enjoy poop discussions.

  2. Mare, poop discussions are a staple in my circles.

  3. i have never watched happy ending sbut i do hear GREAT thigns about it. maybe i should start?
    i cannot wait for the great gatsby. i just re read the book with my anticipation.
    so freaking excited for slip flops, wore them last night!

  4. Woohoo for flip flops! Send some of that warm weather this was 16 degrees yesterday!

    Glad you made it back to zumba:)

  5. I talk about poop way more than someone my age without kids should.

    Also, I hate you for the nice weather. We have 100% chance of rain until the weekend, by backyard is a lake, and it is cold.

  6. I think you need to come to Alabama and we need to have a discussion about poop! Seriously, we have repeat offenders here at the office, and i need to figure out a way to keep them from pooping all day, every day here! =)

  7. You had me at poop of course.

    Good job getting back!

  8. Sometimes, I think we share a brain. That is all.

  9. * I didn't realize H.E was on the chopping block! But why not, I love it, so it will be cancelled. Story of my TV-loving life.
    * The Great Gatsby is my all-time favorite book. I can't tell you how many times I've read it. My dog is named Daisy--and yes, from the book. I hate the movies, but am looking forward to seeing this one!
    * I have on Flip Flops today...the are so old, but I love them. I love that I can wear them to work, too.
    * Still haven't made it to Zumba. Maybe Thursday night will be my night. Did get to the gym today.
    Happy Wednesday, friend! We're halfway to the weekend.
    Lulu and Daisy

  10. OMG, I wanna read The Great Gatsby again, now! And then I wanna go watch it. I'm draggin' hubs out with me, too! Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Just saw a GG preview last night. Looks amazing. I need to read The Great Gatsby again! One of my faves, too.
    Had a glorious morning walk, picked lovely wildflowers, thanked the universe for everyone, everything,everywhere.
    I absolutely ADORE this weather!
    Peace all over the universe.
    LOVE your MOMMA

  12. I'm excited for The Great Gatsby, too! This weekend we're going to see 42, because we're suckers for baseball movies and for the first time ever, Aaron wants to see a movie on its first weekend.

    I'm so happy about the warmer weather, but realized that I need a pedicure AND my arms are not ready for primetime (flabalicious).

  13. Zumba scares me. Bitches do love ecards. I had NO IDEA that The Great Gatsby was made into a movie... not a Leo fan thanks to Titanic...but it was an amazing book/story...

  14. Words cannot express how jealous I am of your 80 degree I look outside and it's sleeting. Sigh.

  15. Ugh. I love Happy Endings. It is one of my top five. If they cancel it, i will send them empty threats because, let's face it, I'm not that scary :)

  16. Ahhh, some e cards kills me, every time! I've never watched Happy Endings, but a lot of people have said they love it...

  17. I'm mad at your warm weather!!! ;-) I'm also super excited for The Great Gatsby! :-)

  18. Poop is a good word. I need to read the Great Gatsy again. Maybe I was too young, because I very clearly remember hating it.

  19. I was on board with everything you wrote, except for the Zumba. Never done Zumba.

  20. say whaaaaat?! they're thinking of canceling happy endings?!??!!

    and i'm ashamed that i've never read the great gatsby. it was never part of my high school reading list but i've heard great things about it!

  21. I am so ready for warmer weather! It made it to 72 over Easter weekend... only to rain everyday since. Such a tease!

  22. Poops. I love it.

    I also always read the bullseye first. And if Happy Endings gets cancelled SOMEONE is going to get a strongly worded email!

  23. I have 4 EWs sitting next to my bed. I've only read The Bullseye out of them. I kept annoyingly tweeting about Happy Endings today, urging everyone to watch it before it gets cancelled. And then I didn't watch it. I recorded it, but it's not the same. However, I was out getting ice cream. It's not 80 degrees (in fact it was like 40 and pouring down rain), but we needed it. It was my kids' first ice cream cone!


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