Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to throw a kick ass party

MFD and I do our fair share of entertaining. We love having framily over for special occasions or for no reason at all. I'd rather entertain than go out any day of the week.

I never get jacked up about having people over, whether it's two people for dinner, 20 people to watch the Flyers, 50 people for my birthday, or 100 people for our housewarming. There's a lot of things you can do to make party throwing stress-free. 

Food: set your menu at least two weeks before, do your shopping four or more days in advance, make as much as you can in advance starting three days before, and use post it notes on your counters and tables so you know that you have room for everything. Above all else, do not run out of food. That's a cardinal sin in my house. If people ask to bring something, let them! 

Booze: At the least, wine and beer. If you need to make a beer run mid party, make sure to do it before the distributors close. Ain't nobody got time to pay convenience takeout prices. Booze is also good to let other people bring - it saves them from making something, and it saves you from buying something. Entertaining is not cheap, and similar to the food mantra above, you do not want to run out.  

Props: A cardboard cut out of someone like Darren Daulton. Slap your friend's face who can't be there on a magazine cover and make people pose with it. Place bets on something. Employ funny cocktail napkins. Or just know that your funny friends will put empties in every cabinet that you have and call it a day. 

Accidents: Go into it knowing things may be dropped or spilled or broken. Be gracious. They're only things.

Hausfrauing: Don't go crazy. Pick up, vacuum, wipe down surfaces, and clean your bathrooms. The one thing I never do before a party: mopping floors, especially the kitchen. I spot clean it. I'm going to have to do it the next day anyway. 

Clean blankets: If someone's too drunk to drive home, give them a pillow, blanket, and a couch or the spare bed. Or at least a piece of floor. Everyone who comes to our parties always knows they should stay over if they can't drive home and many people plan on it. Bacon and eggs in the morning is optional.

Attitude: If you make it fun, it will be fun. As the host, you set the tone. Whatever happens, go with it! If a dance party breaks out, so be it. If people want to sit around on the couch and talk, let it be. The best times happen when you just roll with it. The most important ingredient to a party is awesome people. Surround yourself with people who bring something to the table, and I don't mean a covered dish, although that's nice too. 

What are your tips for throwing a fun and stress-free party?

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  1. You sound like you throw a fun party! I suppose my only non-budging rule is HAVE TOO MUCH BOOZE! I am proud to say that I have never run out of alcohol when entertaining. It's crucial!

  2. Yes times a thousand on not running out of food. That is the worst. My Italian grandmother who taught me how to cook would be rolling over in her grave if I ever ran out of food at an type of gathering. John is finally starting to understand why when I cook, I cook enough to feed the entire neighborhood when there are only 2 of us.

    As a guest, my cardinal rule is always always bring something, even if the host tells you no. I would never show up at someone's house without something like a dessert, bottle of wine, hostess gift, etc. and I judge people who do it at my house. Yes, I know I tell you not to bring anything, but you still SHOULD.

  3. Our Christmas party has become legendary. People will call and ask if we have it scheduled because they want to make sure they're in town. We do a lot of what you've mentioned. The post-it idea is brilliant and so simple, I'm definitely using that.

    I would always rather have way too much food than not enough. But I have to disagree with Carly about bringing something. If I tell you not to bring anything, I'm certainly not going to get mad when you don't bring something. At Christmas we always tell people not to, but we end up with more bottles of wine than I can count (which is not a bad thing at all!).

  4. Great post! I agree with you that if you can make it fun. There are many times when I have experienced this. Some parties have sucked and just by passing another round around and dancing it livened it right up! Thanks for linking up with Stephanie and I:)

  5. Agree w/Carly. Wine is always good. I am a sweet wine drinker, but provide dry! BUT,every professed DRY wine drinker will happily drink my very SWEET Asti Spumante. UGH. Enough ranting. Entertaining is MAJOR expensive. Buying groceries for 2 people is expensive! We will have little soiree's by the pool, and luckily most people bring stuff. My Stephanie always does & is a big help whenever we entertain.
    Pool is being opened today! YAY!
    love your MOMMA

  6. this is so true and awesome. totally agree. you shouldn't work yourself up over it and clean to'll just have to do it again. food and booze is definitely a must

  7. I desperately need to come to a party at your please. Yes, I just invited myself. it's cool. Hawkeye and I are great house guests. Well, I am. Hawkeye's just really cute, even when she's sleeping on your face at 6 am, I swear.
    I totally agree about letting guests bring stuff. Some of my friends are vegetarian, vegan, some dont drink beer, etc etc I'm always like...yeah. bring something, then you know you'll have at least 1 thing you like!

  8. Great blog Steph. I love your buffet with glass containers. Looks great! I use post its as well. My mom taught me to set up any tables day before with all of bowls and serving ware in its proper place. Right before guests come put food in the bowls and done!

  9. This is awesomeeee haha I'm stopping by from Thursaday Thoughts and I'm now following you!

    Love the dip in the martini glasss

  10. p.s. I totally thought I was following you before but apparently I wasn't haha

    anyway you're amazing :)

  11. YES!!! And now I'm wanting to come to one of your parties!!! =)

  12. Good ideas - especially the mopping. I always freak, but really who super checks out a floor during a party? Great ideas and very helpful for my upcoming hosting duty!

  13. Perfect party planning! My favorite is things will get broken--they are only things.
    Lulu and Daisy

  14. @Janice - Thanks! Same here, set the bowls out the day before and fill them right before the guests arrive!

  15. Great tips! I want to go to one of your parties!! :)

  16. Hi Lovely, love your awesome blog. I'm your newest follower from blog hop. Followed you via GFC,FB,Twitter,Pinterest & Bloglovin'.

    Feel free to visit, follow and leave comments @


  17. Haha I think you covered all the basics ;) We let people sleep over the last time we had a party and they cleaned the whole house before we woke up. It was AWESOME.


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