Friday, April 26, 2013

F is for a lot of things, including FRIDAY

F is for fair weather work. It's going to be 67 and 68 and sunny on Saturday and Sunday. I'm focused on getting a few key items taken care of outside, like mulching flower beds, picking up sticks, and spray painting lanterns.

R is for Relay For Life. This week I put out a call on the facespace that I was $70 from my goal of $750. My awesome friends helped me out and put me at $905. Now I'm thinking, why not raise $95 more dollars to get to $1000 raised that goes to kicking cancer's ass? Grandmom, this year is for you! I hope no one else has to suffer, and I'll walk and raise money until that is the case. If any of you would like to donate, please visit my personal page by clicking here

I is for I always have trouble spelling apocalypse. Which is followed by the thought, "Why am I using the word apocalypse so much?"

D is for deal - I got all of these earrings 50% off from Kohl's this week, and buy earrings was on my Spring To Do List. BOOM. Shaka laka. 

A is for At the center of your being...

Y is for You bet your ass I'm ready for the weekend. Bring it. 

Linking up with Joy for The Friday Five.


  1. I have some fair weather work lined up too!

  2. LOLOL, the "I" statement. I'm dying! Why are you using the word apocalypse so much?

    But I always find that I can't spell "independent" correctly. I have no idea why.

    Happy Friday!

  3. ummm amazing almost $1,000!! this makes me very happy.

  4. Yellow lanterns are going to be awesome! And super congrats on the $905! When things like that happen, I am always reminded there is still GREAT in this world! Happy Friday!

  5. Whoop Whoop!!! I love it! I'm hoping you get to $1000!!! We always donate for our Relay for Life team! Thanks for linking up! And Happy Friday!!!

  6. LOL @ apocalypse (which I just struggled with myself)

    Love those earrings!

    Supposed to be nice here, too. Can't wait for some porch time. And maybe some weeding.

  7. those earrings are so great! I never think to look at jewelry at Kohls but you bet your ass i will next time!

  8. Hooray for the weekend! I love all your new earrings...especially those ones on top, in the middle!!

  9. Love that first quote about spring, and dirt. So true! ;-)

  10. I love that quote. I might steal it. The second one. The first one, I hate smelling like dirt. I'm too much of a priss :-(

    You are awesome for reaching beyond your fundraising goal!

    I spelled "meowpocalypse" wrong on the first round of buttons I made...

  11. I am both excited for and dreading working in the yard this weekend. We get to address the giant mud pit that is covered with a tarp where my in-laws ripped out our deck. Yay!

    I spell the word committee wrong all the damn time. I think I finally have it ingrained in my brain that it is two ts, two ms, two es.

  12. Wooo $1000 you go girl! You'll probably even be over, and that's pretty amazing.

  13. Lovely reading, as usual. Those earrings would make my earlobes be sitting on my shoulders.
    Enjoy this beautiful, warm, sunny weekend,everyone.

    love your MOMMA

  14. Cancer sucks! But those earrings don't! Have a great weekend!

  15. I'm so hoping the weather will be nice in Boston this weekend. I'm all over the cold crap we've had.

    That is awesome about the fundraising you've done for the Relay. Ours is in June!

  16. Way to go on raising money to kick Cancer's butt! My grandmother died when I was 15 of breast cancer. Cancer sucks!
    Lulu and Daisy


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