Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Engine Engine Number Nine Wednesday Wishes on the Line

I wish you all had lunch with Marla from Luck Fupus blog yesterday like I did, because she's fabulous. We don't live too far from each other and we finally met up for lunch at Continental Midtown and yakked it up for quite a while. The food was delicious and the company was great. If you're not reading Marla's blog, what are you waiting for?
Marla and me (why am I always hunching like a hunchback?), the awesome chopped salad, huge ass coffee, cheesecake, the iconic olive
I wish I was blind to photos of everyone's delicious looking frozen yogurt and various toppings on facebook/instagram/twitter/blogs, because every time I see these photos I am salivating. 

I wish my awesome reading streak would continue. These were my last three reads, and I mowed through them. Chanel Bonfire was difficult, but still not bad. Remember to check my Books Page to keep up with my reads. 

I wish people were more conscious of the environment, the waste they're putting out there, and their overall impact on the earth. 

I wish I could leave on the trip I just dreamed up for me and MFD tomorrow, but we probably won't get there until 2015: Carcassonne, Cinque Terre, Rome, Venice. I blame Gwen's travel posts for this new vacation plan. I asked MFD what his top three picks for Europe were. He has been blathering on about going to Carcassonne for years, it's on his top three list along with Venice and another city in Germany that doesn't fit in here. Rome is one of my top three, so a Mediterranean coast trip made sense. 

I wish I could work "cacaphony" and "visceral" into more conversations. Vocabulary is fun.

I wish L'Occitane would bring back Olive Harvest Body Milk. It pisses me off when companies discontinue products that are one of my obsessions. This was discontinued years ago and I'm still bitter today. You can't even get that shit on Ebay! Times are tough, you guys. 

I wish I was close personal friends with Stevie Nicks, and that I sang just like her. 

Hey Ren! When this hat flies in the air, you better get your butt in gear. Have a Footloose and fancy free Wednesday, everybody.

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  1. Best line EVER?
    "I wish I could work "cacophony" and "visceral" into more conversations. Vocabulary is fun."

    Words are wonderful!!!

  2. Visceral makes me think of gutting an animal-
    I wish Sam's would bring back their own caramel cashew patties. Best ever. Like a double cashew caramel turtle.
    I wish that everyone lived happily ever after.
    Going out to enjoy our warm '70's temps.
    See you tonight sometime with the quinoa and lemon squares.
    Love your MOMMA

  3. Oh my gosh, I know that girl in the picture with you!!!!! After CHOP, I went back to Brie's house, and I told her "I like conversation with Steph more than I like conversation with some people I've known for 15 years." HA!

    I wish we had someone keeping track of how many F-bombs we dropped during lunch.

  4. so awesome you and marla met up! i wish that i could eat whatever and lose weight but lately it seems its the opposite way around

  5. I wish I could have been with you for lunch so I could meet Marla AND have some of that delicious looking cheesecake!

    So therefore, I wish for the superpower of teleportation, which I don't think is a word but too bad.

  6. I'm not sure why, but I really want the next blate with you and Marla to be on video conferencing so I can join in on the fun! Looks like y'all had a blast! And you know I love a good blate!!! And pack me in your suitcase when you go on that trip. Please, and thank you! =) I'm on a huge reading kick now, too. You know beautiful disaster has the follow up book out. I can't remember the name, but it's under my books to read on good reads! =)

  7. looks like a fun blate.. and a delicious one at that- the cheesecake? YUM!

  8. That cheesecake looks delicious! I also wish teleportation was possible or how about just faster planes. What's with Europe being a 9 hour flight. It was a 9 hour flight in the 80's, aren't we better than we were in the 80's? If you do swing through Italy and Germany you have to give me a ring. Prague is one of the best cities in the world.

  9. Karen Klein-SchafferApril 24, 2013 at 12:59 PM

    My wish for this week and for always is that those making decisions that affect children, try to see it from the perspective of the children. Even if just a little bit.

    My wish for this week is for sunny weather with lots of "what happens in Sea Isle stays in Sea Isle" moments.

    My wish is that your blog goes viral and everyone will get to read the fun blog posts that you put out there.

    Love them all.

  10. Sometimes I randomly yell out "could you please attenuate the cacophony" ala Rory Gilmore. Because it's fun.

  11. i wanna sing like stevie nicks!

    annnd ... i got hooked on those stephanie plum (janet evanovich) books ... and they start sentences with "probably" as in ... "probably, i shouldn't have done that" instead of "i probably shouldn't have done that" ... and it was driving me APE SHIT.
    today i said it! i said, "probably, she didn't mean anything by it."

  12. Haha. The Blate looked super fun! Happy Wednesday

  13. @PJ - why aren't we teletransporting by now? Seriously. I think we're going to do Europe in thirds, this being the first third. I definitely would love to get to Prague in a few years and see you there!

    @Karen - you are too kind! Good luck with what happens in Sea Isle stays in Sea Isle this weekend - those are the best weekends!


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