Monday, March 4, 2013



1. A tale of two pugs
2. A trip to the library
3. Pizza delivery a la Evan
4. Dirty Dancing on VH1.


I got an unsigned birthday month card in the mail with no return address and a $20 Target gift card. I was totally bowled over. Thank you, whoever you are. Identify yourself, or know that your random act of kindness made my day. I was heading to Target anyway with my trusty Wawa coffee, and with the gift card I got two t-shirts and a new book.

1. A heap of mummery
2. Cold wings for breakfast
4. Pretzel bites delivery from my Sister Chung Arleen for lunch
5. A visit from Lil
6. A visit from a Jehovah's Witness
7. I put my big girl pants on and bought a new lap top, which MFD would normally do
8. Geege napping
9. Body of Proof viewing, magazine reading, and a manicure: Zoya Perrie.

Debbie brought Shamrock Shakes (my one and only of the season) and a Debbie Rae Designs initial bracelet for me. Jenn came over and we shot the shit all night. I love my girls!

AND. And and and. My BFF Laura and Chris got engaged. I am over the moon happy for them. Laura deserves the very best and Chris is so wonderful for her. They will have a beautiful life together. Even though she sent me this fabulous news IN A TEXT before calling me.

This ring requires a perpetually nice manicure. 

1. Gus loves to lick coffee cups
2. Lovely blue skies
3. Jenn & Debbie stopped by again and dropped a gift off for MFD from Dot
4. I missed Jill's annual shoe party, so I shopped via catalog (I got the white and tan stripes)

I also used the money we would've spent on going out for my birthday and did some online birthday shopping at Old Navy (chambray shirt and flats), MAC (lipstick in Twig) and Sephora (butter London trout pout, Clinique eyeliner in navy, Sephora mascara, and my free Fresh Sugar Lip Care birthday gift). Happy package delivery days soon. 

Lori came down to take care of MFD, and thank God she did. The Sunday Curse Continues...Gus lost a toenail and bled like mad all over the first floor. She fixed him up with a maxi pad, a rag and duct tape. Poor guy. Note to self: buy maxi pads and keep on hand for future emergencies.

We ordered Chinese, Lori delivered it to the invalid on his tray, and we called it a weekend. And Lori took the trash out so I didn't have to. That's love.

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  1. Poor Gus and his duct taped foot. Mingo used to lick coffee cups, too. SO happy for Laura!

  2. OH BOY.... what another fun weekend! =) And tell you bff... that ring is gorgeous!! And Geege licking the coffee cup is cracking me up! Poor baby Gus... give him kisses from me, and I hope his foot is better soon. Hope y'all have a great Monday!

  3. i went to get a library card a couple weekends ago, but i have yet to change my license over to a NY state one, so it was going to cost me $25 instead of free dollars since i had no proof that i was living in NY. thank you for reminding me that i need to get on that haha
    and i feel ya on the paw bleeding all over gods creation, we tried to clip titans nails and one of them bled and good lord it bled everywhere. at least next time i can just try to recreate your solution haha

  4. That ring is bananas! Congrats, Laura!

  5. Another bum weekend! What's twos is threes, so I advise you to not leave the house & not answer the door next weekend!

    (Love the nail color!)

  6. i saw dirty dancing on tv too.. i made hubs watch it LOL

  7. Hey love those shoes! How can I order them? Oh and not sure your mom told you but I ordered you Lemon Bars from Sweet Treats!

  8. Lori is an angel from heaven and a fairy Godmother to all of my kids and the best sister ever! Steph, Lori and I "talk" every single day via email, one of the joys of my life.
    Extremely blessed to have her.
    Laura's ring is absolutely STUNNING,SPECTACULAR,ETC! Beyond thrilled and happy for Laura and Chris. #ALLGOODTHINGSCOMETOTHOSEWHOWAIT
    That just popped into my head!
    Sending positive energy to send this storm thing to steer clear of us.
    Enjoy this sunny day. Love to all.
    Love your MOMMA

  9. Aww..your poor doggie!! Congrats to Laura, her ring is AMAZING!
    Happy Birthday Month, hope you celebrate for the whole month!! Why not??LOL!


  10. uhhh first- that ring is blinding! jeeezzz. and happy birthday month- random giftcards? sure! and yum chinese and pizza.

  11. A surprise Target card with no return addy? That would have made my year, how fun!
    And I always want to eat yummy things after reading your posts.

  12. Oooohhhh....did you get "Perks of Being a Wallflower"? So, so, so, so good. Quite possibly in my top 10! I am afraid to watch the movie because if they ruin the book I will have to go postal on a director!

  13. On, and also? Stress fighting is the worst- my hubs and I have it raised to an art form, LOL! I am glad you worked it out and hope that the stress says at a minimum! Sending you guys love!

  14. GUS!! OH NO!! Poor thing! Did he leave it alone? I hope so.

    Glad that you got a gift card to Red Heaven! Perfect birthday gift! And how fun to get packages in the mail?! I always get so excited! Let the birthday festivities continue....

  15. Okay, so you got a target gift card and didn't go buy that stripe top? Whaaaaaa????? That is so crazy that someone sent that to you!

  16. Shamrock shakes are the best shakes.

    Sounds (and looks) like a lovely weekend! Congrats to your friend. That ring is outta control gorgeous!

    Happy birthday month! I wish I could say it was me who sent the card, because that's a good idea.

  17. Just when things started looking good. You poor thing! I love the maxi pad. They have so many purposes lol! Aside from the pup situation, sounds like it was a pretty great weekend!

    You're friend's ring? Holy crap! Congrats to her.

    Annd I was just saying the other day that I've never had a shamrock shake. I think the color scares me haha.

    Thanks for linking up :D

  18. I love trips to the library! You've got a secret admirer! I've never had a shamrock shake. What is it? Chocolate mint? I'm scared. I'm jealous of all your online shopping. I'm still trying to freeze, though I did go a little crazy at ON and bought some nail polish.


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