Monday, March 25, 2013

the first spring weekend that was

Coach bingo! I didn't win a bag, but I did win vodka. Hey ohhhhhhh. Spending a Friday night in a church basement with friends in a BYOB situation with bingo boards in front of me was more fun than I thought it would be. I wasn't alone - the place was totally packed. And it was a fundraiser for a good cause - Uptown Stringband. Frank was calling the numbers and he may have a future as Bob Barker II. I hope he throws in a niner next time a la Tommy Boy.
After some hausfrauing, I got my iced coffee and headed an hour and a half north for girls' day. Dear Parkwood Dunkin Donuts: Why the hell do you put a sticker on the coffees? You are the only people who do it and it is so annoying and environmentally unfriendly.
Lunch at Shortway's  - a fabulous roast beast sandwich, tomato juice and vodker, and my longtime BFFs.
A tour of Laura's town, including a pop in at her new house to see Chris and the boys and drop some stuff off. I carried a Buddah like a baby and placed him in the appropriate place - facing the front door.
We went to David's Bridal to see Laura in the dress she likes - it was beautiful on her (the staircase photo is not the dress). Other people trying on dresses...not so much. We saw some hideous and unflattering things.
Couch and prosecco time. It's so nice to just sit around and talk about nothing.
Mexican at The Blue Moon.
Less than 24 hours later, I was back home, doing laundry and watching a retro Real World marathon. Even a short visit is good for the soul. I read some mags and lounged on the couch with MFD and los perros. Then I napped for two hours.
Weekly food prep - portioning out celery/grape tomatoes/strawberries, southwestern chicken salad for lunches. I omitted the corn because I don't think it has any value, and I used grape tomatoes because the grape tomatoes from Sam's are I kept the dressing on the side so it didn't get grody. I also stored the avocados with their pits and a bit of lemon juice so they didn't brown, and bagged the lettuce separately.
Sunday dinner: creamed spinach smothered chicken. It was very rich but good. Served with a side of white rice. Many pots = not good for a weeknight. Sunday dinner it is. 

Two episodes of The Good Wife and some magazines. Weekend: end scene.

How is it Easter week? How is there snow in the forecast on March 25? How did I not win the $320 million powerball? Why did I stay on the couch all night where the light was on and never get up to go to bed or at least to turn the light off, resulting in 30 minutes of sound sleep?

Questions for the universe.

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  1. That was quite a weekend! Glad you got to see your BFF's (wasn't it cancelled last time?) definitely looks like you had a drinkin good time!

    One day, you will inspire me to prepare meals for the week. But, not this week.

    I'm pissed about this snow. Fail.

  2. OMG that spinach chicken looks SO good!!!!!!!!!!!
    rich BUT good??? rich IS good!

  3. Hooray for a short but excellent visit!

    I can't freakin' believe this snow.

  4. Ha, I carried a Buddah. I carried a Buddah?

    Love your blog, found you on Bloglovin' Blog hop.

    With a name like Steph, I have to follow you!

    -Steph from A Geek In glasses!!!

  5. my eyes perked up when i read "napped for 2hrs". i wish i could do that!

    it's FINALLY starting to warm up here and by "warm up", i mean a balmy 3C. toronto weather sure is sucking these days. but i'll take 3C than -3 any day.

  6. man i love bingo. winning vodka is plain awesome.
    i have a phobia of david's bridal. not really but I do get freaked out by the sales people- they can be overwhelming. and that food looks finger licking good!

  7. Sounds like an awesome visit with your friends!

    That chicken looks delicious. Wow!

    Yeah I'm asking myself the same question about spring. (And the powerball haha)

  8. A beautiful time with your girls!!!
    That chicken looks to die for- will try it soon. Have a hambone in for soup- leftover cabbage, red skin potatoes, beans to add later.
    #GOODDAYFORSOUP The Healing Ocean Oasis will be opening about a month from today! Just seeing the water will make me happy. So grateful for it! Water=spiritual!
    Love your MOMMA

  9. What a weekend you had, girl! But it all looked like so much fun. And I just love Gus and Geege's pictures! Sweet babies!! Maybe the snow will bypass y'all, and spring will truly show it's face soon! Happy Monday! HOpe y'all have a great week!

  10. I LOVE your weekend - sounds like a total blast. Bingo fundraiser, I just want to put one of those on like right now!!

  11. David's Bridal can be a scary place, indeed.

  12. How do you get your avocados to stay so green!? I've tried the pit and lemon juice thing, and it didn't work for me...maybe because I had already mashed them into guacamole? Hmm.

  13. My SAHM sister texted me about an hour ago to tell me it was snowing. UGH! Just flurries, but FER REAL that makes me mad. My weekend, well, you read it already. Yours looks like so much more fun! Mine had more basketball and more beer.
    Happy Monday!

  14. BINGO??? You old grandma!! LOL! Love it! I used to play all the time before we had kids! And that picture of you comparing yourself to Baby cracked me up!! You are too much!

  15. Geezzzz... you were BUSY this past weekend!! And that pink dress... holy moly that is hideous!!!

  16. I'm pretty sure I'm too big of a puss to drink tomato juice and vodka, but mannn, I love me some tomato juice in beer!
    As always, I want to eat everything on this post.

  17. Gahhh I love Bingo. I need to play it more often.

    This looks like a really, really lovely weekend. My favorite part is the other people trying on wedding dresses. I could do that all day. HILARIOUS!

    I'm also bummed I miss the Real World marathon. I read a lot about it on twitter and kept forgetting!

  18. That sounds like such an amazing weekend. I love that you won vodka at a church bingo. :-)

  19. are those pretzel bites you are eating when playing bingo?? yum!! i love pretzel bites

  20. We played BINGO last year for a community fund raiser thing (it was for the dog park). We didn;t win anything. Except these crazy poop bag things. I would have much rather had vodka.

  21. You always have such great weekends! Alcohol, friends, Mexican food, puppy doesn't get better!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  22. Smellor! You went to the Blue Moon???? My brother and his wife both worked there and that's where they met and fell in lurve.

  23. Coach Bingo is amazing! Why don't we have that here! I'd be happy with some vodka too! Real World marathon? We don't get MTV2, is that where it was? I need to watch more live tv.

  24. What a fun time with your loved ones! I haven't played BINGO in years but I may have to soon. Looks like fun. That smothered chicken dish looks awesome too!


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