Friday, March 15, 2013

The Birthday Blog

I know, I know. You're thinking "I thought this girl's birthday was two weeks ago." I confuse people by celebrating all month. Today is my actual birthday. I celebrate the shit out of my birthday because it's the day that brought me into this life and I love it. So happy birthday to me!

I do not work on my birthday. Today I will be playing pretend. I will pretend that I'm a lady who lunches, a lady of leisure, a lady who gets massages in the morning, a lady who does some light shopping looking for nothing in particular, a lady who wears yoga pants all day. Dream day.

Forgive me in advance for the scandalously long post on a Friday.

The Friday Five
1. Big uproar over Google shutting down Google Reader. I'm pissed off about it, but then I found out that is going to pick up Google's slack. I logged into Feedly yesterday, it populated with my Google reader stuff, and BOOM. I was done. I suggest that for you die hard Reader fans. I'll be using that. I did add a social media feed icon to my buttons on the right for you to follow me on Blog Lovin' if you go that route. Either way, keep in touch after Google Reader says its final goodnight in July. How do you read blogs that you follow?

2. This week we tried the Cool Ranch Locos Tacos from Taco Hell. Meh.

3. Carol found this awesome DD card at Suburban Station. Alma mater, represent.

4. Time for a new old lady eye cream. I am 36 today after all. Fine lines, I see you. I'm coming for you. And Origins Plantscription anti-aging eye treatment is going to help me.

5. Duh, of course I bought myself new flats for my birthday. This is one of a few pairs. Stay tuned for the rest. I've been on the hunt for nude flats, and I love these from Old Navy. The word nude makes me laugh like an eight year old boy.

Birthday bonus - more birthday blasts from the past:
1. My first birthday
2. My surprise 30th
3. My ninth birthday? At Gamma's.
4. Walking over the Ben Franklin Bridge on my 35th last year.
5. More pink. Four or five?
6. We spent my 31st at the beach for the weekend, a surprise trip from MFD.
7. My drunken mess of a 33rd birthday party at home.. Blackberry, chilled, a lot of it. And Stella, endless bottles. I had a hangover for days. It was fun as hell.

Reveal Day for the Lucky Leprechaun Book & Polish Swap run by Fortune Favors the Brave, Lulu & Sweet Pea, and My Three Bittles. I swapped a book and a polish with Amy from Amy's Cooking Adventures. If you're in the market for some recipes, check her out! Amy sent me a book by one of her favorite authors and a purple Essie polish (Play Date) that's perfect for me since I love purple and perfect for spring. Thanks Amy! This was fun!

I celebrate my birthday ALL month, bitches. So next week, check back here for a little Favorite Things giveaway. After all, I want you to enjoy my birthday month too.


Linking up with my pal Joy at The Sowell Life for The Friday Five


  1. oh my goodness, those flats are beyond cute. A perfect gift for yourself. :) Great post, love. If you get a moment, I'd love if you'd enter my latest giveaway. xo

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day of leisure and the whole birthday weekend! xoxo

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday! Have a fabulous day--I mean month!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday, lovey!!!!!Enjoy today, and the entire rest of the month!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. Happy happy day!

    (and I don't understand the whole google reader thing... is that blogger?)

  6. Happy Birthday pretend Lady of Leisure. Hope every second is what you want them to be.

  7. happy birthday! and since you celebrate birthday week, and birthday month, i know you'll celebrate your day with a bang!! (my bf refuses to celebrate. it pains me to not make a huge deal out of birthdays, so im glad to know you go all out haha)
    enjoy your day!

  8. happy birthday lovely lady!

    what eliminated my fine lines around the eyes: organic argan oil. it even made my eczema on my neck go away!

  9. Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

  10. Happy Happy Birthday! Yeah for the yoga pants! Eat lots of cake, or your dessert of choice! I love the picture from your surprise 30th! Glad it was truly a surprise! Enjoy the day - and the weekend!

  11. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy today!!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!! hope it's the best ever.

  13. Everyone should celebrate their birthdays for a month. I totally do too! Ok, well maybe not everyone, because I'm selfish like that. But I love finding people who celebrate birthdays like I do. What a great idea for a swap, books and nail polish. I like those "nude" shoes!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love your naked - nude - flats. ;)

  15. happiest birthday to you! And also, Kohls has some SUPER CUTE nude flats that I am eyeing...they were on sale for $20 this week!

  16. cuteness,those flats are perfect!

    i adore that polish color!

    hard to go wrong with a NR/jd robb novel!

    happy birthday & weekend!

  17. Happy Birthday :)

    That little card is so cute - and love the polish. It's perfect for spring! Thank you for joining us for the swap!

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I hope you had/are having a happy, wonderful, awesome, fun birthday!!!!!!

    I've signed up for blog lovin' too. going to follow you now!

  20. Seriously! I just wrote a comment and then it didn't post. Hate when that happens. Anyways I just said hope you are having a happy, wonderful, fun, awesome birthday!!!!!

    I'm on blog lovin now too. Going to follow you now.

  21. Today is your actual birthday?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like it was full of wonderful things (you know how to celebrate!) and it was on a Friday on top of that! Glad to hear you celebrate all month . . . you still have two weeks left, yay!

  22. Anyone who celebrates the shit out of their birthday is a rockstar in my book!

    Happy Berfdayyyyyyy!!!

    And please...what the hell is all the fuss about with this "google reader" drama? I'm lost. Help.

  23. Happy (belated) Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and an amazing massage! xoxo

  24. Happy, Happy Birthday!! I celebrate for a whole month too! My Birthday is on the 31st, so it's super easy to celebrate for a month ;) Love the old school pics!

  25. Happy belated!

    A) I have Play Date. It's a great summer color.

    B) A UD DD card? I want one!!!

  26. Happy birthday (uh...again...uh, belated)!


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